Do We Live In A Police State?

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15 August AUC 2776

I was researching whether we already lived in a police state or not. Looking at straight numbers I was not overly concerned, however, once I examined how those Federal police forces were used I decided we are without a doubt entering a police state. As I read reports contrasting the police of free societies with the Communist police forces written during the Cold War the contrast between the activities of our police then and the way they act today revealed a stark contrast. [See also: ]

Today, our Federal Law Enforcement has abandoned the limitations that we have always assumed were protecting our rights and legally limited policing and jurisdiction. Today, too many have embraced the behavior, tactics, and activities of the KGB, Stazi, and other Secret Police forces in Communist Tyrannies. Read on my friends as we consider the clear contrast between our police today and the law enforcement of the closing years of the twentieth century. This is important because so many people today don’t know what it was like then and how starkly things have changed today. As you read you will see that there used to be a clear distinction between dictatorships and the free republics, and that those distinctions seem to be fading fast. [For more on how this started see: ]

Note, as I was working on this study the FBI killed a 76(?) year old man in Utah who posted stupid and illegal threats on FB but who it is clear could not present a credible threat because he could not even get out of his chair without help let alone don a gilly suit and set up a snipers position to await the President’s arrival. Law Enforcement expects us to believe that because he had a wall of six firearms in his woodworking shop he was a budding geriatric terrorist with some type of walker that had a .50 caliber machine gun mount. Be real, he couldn’t even get out of his chair without help, and the FBI had visited him in March so they KNEW that he had a big mouth but was not a credible threat, still, they thought if they showed up with a score of agents in camo and body armor and a vehicle-mounted battering ram, used flash bangs, and shot him down, then dragged the body into the street (forever contaminating the “crime” scene,) and leaving it there for hours as a warning to anyone else who might post their extreme opinions on the internet they could “prove” it was a credible threat. Unfortunately, some people knew this guy from his church. Far from SEAL Sniper team material, this man had to drive across the street to go to church because he couldn’t walk that far. [See the video below of the interview with the man’s friend – whatever you may think of Glenn Beck it’s the only video I have seen, at the time of this writing, of someone who knew the victim.] [See also: ]

They are paid off, or simply too cowardly, to intercept the cartel soldiers in body armor and carrying machine guns that were photographed crossing the border this week and needed to find a target that could be tied with Trump somehow and also couldn’t fight back effectively. At least his blind son was in the hospital and not caught in the crossfire or he may have been “accidentally” shot too, convenient how there are no witnesses. This is worthy of the dictatorial death squads that used to eliminate priests, nuns, mayors, and other political enemies of the dictator in Central and South American countries during the 70s and 80s. [ see also: ]

Did I mention that the man in Utah was an elder in his church ward? While I have some issues with a churchman making such threats about anyone there is still the issue of credibility.

I find it rather comforting that they couldn’t find a real right-wing terrorist and had to frame some old guy who was the caregiver to his blind son. But they have already been caught “creating” a plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer and more and more evidence is coming out about the unprecedented amount of undercover agents that were in the crowd on January 6th we already know the FBI has no problem creating threats themselves when they can’t find them naturally.

On top of all this, the Leftist-dominated Feds are trying to prosecute the chief political rival of the left in the next election and, his legal counsel, the Democratic President is increasingly implicated in world-class corruption and bribes, and the American [In-]Justice Department is investigating religious institutions, political rivals, and unpleasant Facebook posts. Oh, the former President did have classified documents (fewer than VP Biden compromised,) but the documents by Trump were so sensitive that the FBI who conducted the raid set the documents on the floor took pictures of them, and PUBLISHED the pictures of those classified documents to prove how sensitive they were! And they think we are dense enough not to notice these things. That is the real insult…they think we are stupid. [See also: ]

By comparing the current actions of US Federal Law Enforcement with the USSR and GDR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the German Democratic Republic – two oppressive communist states from the Cold War that I was particularly familiar with – I can safely say that we are in the (at least,) preliminary stages of living in a tyranny. Read on for the facts. [ See also: ]

One of the most repressive Federal Police forces in one of the most repressive communist states of the 20th Century was the East German Stasi. And, of course, the quintessential secret police were the Soviet KGB and the militsia of the USSR.

When you compare this number of Communist Feds in the 1950s the Federal East German Stazi and VoPo with the population of East Germany you see a staggering 1 Federal cop for every 203 people. The VoPo or (Volkspolizei) numbered over 90,000 with 177,000 volunteers (read: paid informers) during the Cold War. No wonder that, during the Cold War the Stazi of East Germany had the most oppressive reputation of all.

When we look at the Soviet Union with the KGB, GRU, and Militsia the numbers are not so clear, it was, after all an oppressive closed society, and its records were not handed over to the Federal Republic of Germany as the GDR’s were. Closed, totalitarian societies tend to hide what their Federal Police are doing that is why we tend to call them “secret police” even though their existence is not secret at all.

When I can compare the numbers I could find for the USSR I found over 480,000 KGB and Militisia including 200,000 border guards which, when compared to their population was 1 per 553.

Now to compare it with America, the land of the free and the home of the brave where we live in a free and open society where the government is answerable to the people. We are an open society, right? It should be easy to find how many armed Federal Officers are in the United States – if I can find the figures for a totalitarian communist country it should be easy to find them in an open society … wrong.

The Federal Statistics reported that “in 2019 the US had 136,815 full-time Federal Law Enforcement Officers almost half in DHS – 15% of officers and 13% of supervisory personnel are female.” with another 701,000 state and local law enforcement. This means we have less than a third of the ratio of Federal agents to citizens. But hold on a minute.

As I have mentioned before my statistics instructor opened the first class for Statistics 101 at UNO with “If you want to lie to someone use statistics.” Therefore I am always cautious about statistics until I am sure that I know how they accumulated, the data they collected, and the exact parameters of their definitions. What I quickly found out was this total included FBI, US Customs, and about 80 agencies but it didn’t include the IRS or HHS and as I started to look up other agencies that I knew from professional experience were armed and had arrest authority I kept finding more that were not included in the Federal statistics.

Wait, IRS and HHS? Taxes and health workers? The IRS agent’s job description specifically says they “must be willing to use deadly force” and they have spent 85 million on militarized weapons and gear in the last year. Health and Human Services also has armed agents and forces in our government that are increasingly talking about the government having the authority to seize your kids to ensure they get their “gender-affirming care.” So if they can take your possessions and steal your kids then they count as secret police. Other agencies with armed agents, the ability to use deadly force, and arrest authority are impossible to pin down – and what do we do with agencies like BLM that a few years ago hired mercenaries to seize land and cattle from farmers in Arizona? They would never be part of any total.

The best ESTIMATE that I could find is that (in 2019) there were at least 200000 armed federal officers authorized to use deadly force against US Citizens. This does not include the recent surge in IRS agents that were hired this year, does not include the military – which is increasingly being used outside of its legal purviews for domestic activities, and other agencies that I didn’t look at.

This all came to one agent per 1,641 citizens and that didn’t sound too bad to me. I was beginning to think, despite the fact that our government is not as “open” as it’s supposed to be, maybe all of this is just more overblown propaganda by the media to polarize society.

Until I started looking at how police forces were used in republics and in totalitarian societies.

First, why should we care?

The founding fathers and every generation up through the 1990s knew that totalitarian societies that have no checks and balances invariably drift to greater and greater abuses. Leftist society today somehow simultaneously asks us to believe that cops kill blacks for no reason and that we should give up our guns and trust the government to protect us – that Trump was a Nazi dictatorship and we are ruled by patriarchal totalitarian oppressors but that we should blindly obey whatever the government tells us is for our own good. Worse, Leftists are in such a cult they see no problems with this just as fanatics on Team Red and Team Blue never admit that anyone on their team can do any wrong. As my Drill Sergeant used to say…stupid people shouldn’t breed – and while fanatics may not be stupid they have stopped thinking so they might as well be. [See also: ]

So, let’s look at how totalitarian governments act. I have already mentioned the death squads of Central and South American dictatorships that hunted down those guilty of “wrong think” in the last half of the twentieth century. But let’s look at the communist “workers’ paradise” specifically; because, as I have shown before, modern Leftists espouse Neo-Marxist beliefs at every level, therefore, it would be naïve to assume that when they take power they will act differently from every other Marxist-Leninist who has had power in the past. “This time will be different!” Give me a break – does anyone seriously believe that?

In one year from 1937-38 over 750,000 citizens of Soviet Russia were executed by the Soviet Secret Police. It would be nice if that was exceptional but it was not. Communist regimes were responsible for murdering over 100 million of their citizens in the 20th Century, far exceeding the total killed by Nazis, and yet, somehow, we are told to believe that Nazis were bad and Communists are good. In actuality, Nazis were bad and Communists were and are worse.

By 1953 over 2,750.000 Soviet citizens were imprisoned in jail or forced labor camps called Gulags – [See any writings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and ] by the Soviet secret police and an equal number were in internal exile.

Further, they had over 300 agents/spies in deep cover in the US Govt by 1945 who were directly responsible for suppressing the information regarding the excesses and murders of our Soviet “allies” in World War II of German and East European leaders in areas they controlled and in stopping our army so Soviet Communists could seize Berlin and what was later called East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and the Warsaw Pact countries and silencing voices such as Patton and German generals that pointed to communists as being a common enemy. In the early 1940s, some German soldiers were confused as to why the rest of the West wasn’t helping them destroy the communists, at least according to their diaries.

I will be offering several quotes from a report during the Cold War by “The Soviet Police (Militsiia): Agents of Political and Social Control by Louise Shelley a report by the National Council on Soviet and East European Research. – 1988.” (Any page numbers after the following quotes are from this document.)

One of the things that caught my eye was the view of police in the Western Democracies compared to the Soviet Secret police they wrote that while the police of Western Democracies were “free of political functions” and “maintains domestic order and controls crime” this was contrasted with the Soviet Federal Police who were “the militsiia an imperfect instrument of social control striving to maintain Party power and suppress political, social and economic deviance” (Both of these quotes were from p.3 of the report.] So, does that still fit today?

The report noted that “In ’18th and 19th century France and Prussia the police were unspecialized: they were authorized to use force, but simultaneously served as general instruments of social control” [p.3] though it pointed out that these were the police of Imperial governments and not free republics. The report drew comparisons between the Soviet Federal Police and the police of empires of the past that uncomfortably speak to changes in policing occurring in America and the republics of the West today:

“Although the contemporary Soviet militsiia is specialized, a characteristic of modern-day policing, its range of functions is in many ways more reminiscent of the 18th and 19th-century mode than that of industrialized democracies [p.3-4]” of what was then considered to be the “free world.” A distinction that is not so clear today as it was in the last decades of the twentieth century and before.

The report continued: “Although political and economic power is retained by a political party rather than a hereditary nobility, the consequences for policing are similar. Broad regulatory functions must be granted to armed police because voluntary compliance can not be ensured in a complex non-democratic society.[p.4-5]” Just as today police are granted greater power because the legitimacy of the present government is coming increasingly into question and obedience – which used to be granted a government that everyone recognized as legitimate – is no longer a given. In such a situation “Policing can not be privatized because the Party’s monopoly over the means of production and economic policy must be safeguarded [p5]” therefore “In the Soviet Union, all policing is in the hands of the centralized military and KGB (secret police), in guard services, or volunteer and auxiliary groups supervised by the Party or the State” [p.4]

This report was written in 1988 when there was a natural inquiry as to if Soviet totalitarian control was less stringent during a period of “Glasnost” as confrontations between the USSR and the Reagan administration had reached a point where the Soviets began to back off – unable to compete militarily against the might of the West. It examined what were then recent confrontations with demonstrators in the USSR and brutal takedowns by police and concluded that despite changes in international behavior they were still totalitarian within their borders. The report concluded by drawing, what were then, clear distinctions between the police of the free republics and the police of totalitarian communist societies. As you read it ask yourself if these distinctions are still as clear today as they were for those who lived in the latter part of the twentieth century who wrote this report.

“The militsiia’s current political and economic functions, however, set it apart from most Western police forces. Among its important political functions are: monitoring of the public at elections to detect anti-Soviet comments, the licensing and control of printing presses, searches and confinement of dissidents, [and dissident opinions,] and the dispersion and arrest of peaceful demonstrators. Most of these are considered inappropriate activities for ordinary police in democratic societies.” [p.7]

We have rights that are enshrined in the Bill of Rights and are the basis of our free society. Yet law enforcement continuously paints those who exercise their rights as “extremists.” I remember a man shot and killed in Nebraska a few years ago where the police displayed a hunting knife, machete, three firearms, and a couple hundred rounds of ammunition as “proof” that the man they shot was a dangerous terrorist. Similarly, they showed that this geriatric disabled “terrorist” had six rifles (I think anyone who has less than six firearms either doesn’t hunt or doesn’t understand that different calibers and weapons serve different purposes). [See this about “conspiracies”: ]Just as bogus videos on YouTube purport to show the “best” weapon when what is the best weapon depends on the skills of the homeowner, what the weapon will be used for, the layout of the home, property, and the environment where the weapon will be used, and a myriad of other requirements.) Please understand, the man was very unwise. Making threats is illegal but unrestrained police response is not a characteristic of free societies. And it is disturbing that law enforcement uses possession of weapons and ammunition (all of which are rights under the Constitution,) as “evidence” that a person is dangerous. Such activities are reminiscent of policing by innuendo which used to be a contrast between the police of free and totalitarian societies. [See also: ]

So, with the persecution of their political rivals, conspiracy with social media companies to suppress opinions contrary to government rhetoric, suppression of facts by law enforcement that might incriminate members of the Left, unequal enforcement, and killing of an elderly disabled man who couldn’t walk across the street for making threats he could never fulfill, persecution of demonstrators on January 6 while rioters of preceding years were never prosecuted, and too many other situations to list here. [See and ] They all envision a double standard of justice, freedoms, and enforcement between those who support the Neo-Marxist Leftist party vs. those who do not I need to ask:

Are the police of Western Democracies and the US still “free of political functions” and restrict their actions to maintaining “domestic order” and controlling crime?

Here are two videos regarding corruption of the Federal Police the first is an interview with Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and the second is about the death of Craig Robertson in Utah:

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