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We have a government that is hell bent on removing the last remnants of our rights. After the Patriot Act was passed, so many years ago, I commented to a Captain friend of mine that “Everything is now in place for a President to become dictator. All we need is someone with the will to do it.” While I don’t think Biden has the presence of mind to implement this his unseen handlers clearly do. With the most recently signed bills and executive orders it seems we are there…in a Communist style surveillance state where they control our bank accounts and can surveil all US citizens.

I remember contacting a talk show about a Congressional Hearing they were talking about (I had spoken to them before on air but this time, knowing what I would say, I was told they had “moved on” and they were not talking about that topic anymore). Clapper, head of CIA at the time (and an active communist in Gus Hall’s campaigns for the Presidency in the 80s as the Communist Party candidate – that was before they decided that they had to work through the Democratic Party if they really wanted power but back then there were true liberals who never would have allowed them to get this far.) Anyway, he said that the American Intelligence Agencies did not routinely collect information on US citizens. This was true but misleading and I was going to expose it. [For more on lies and corruption see: https://sabersedge.online/live-not-by-lies-vote-for-truth ]

He was using the technical definition of “collect information” used by intelligence agencies. This is not classified – obviously I cannot and will not share classified information that I was privy too. However, what he said, although accurate, was not truthful and not what the average person heard. By the intelligence definition information is not “collected” until it has been gathered, stored, analyzed, and THEN put into an “intelligence product” i.e. report or investigation. Therefore Clapper, and other intelligence officials have been saying all along that, although they gather and store every email, phone conversation, surveillance video, and other information about us in their massive facility (measured in square miles,) of servers and data banks they have not analyzed all of the information and investigated every American. I think they probably would if they had the personnel and time to go through all of it. However, since they have the data base in their greedy little hands they can put anyone’s name into the search engine at any time and spit out a complete report on any one of us.

Thanks to the Patriot Act and other “anti-terrorist” acts (all of which have been extended so that the term terrorist can be applied to any American or Foreigner that the government wishes to investigate – whether they are what the public would have called a “terrorist” or not,) allows them to investigate anyone that they can get a judge (or in some cases a supervisor,) to sign off on.

I realize that most of you have never conducted police or intelligence investigations but every agency maintains a “list” of judges (although it may just be kept in the heads of supervisors,) that will grant a search warrant for any pathetic excuse for an investigation. Therefore, the protections we have that nothing can be done “without a search warrant” in the constitution (like so many other Constitutional assurances,) has been rendered impotent. Sure, you might be able to fight a search warrant that didn’t have probable cause in court – after your rights have been violated and you have been put in handcuffs and your dog shot by intruders – if you have the money to keep the government in court long enough to overcome their delaying tactics to get a result in your favor – but the government knows that very few people can support the endless litigation and appeals that the government can implement (paid for with our tax dollars,) to keep a case going. I’m sure you remember General Flynn? Generals retire with a fair amount of money. They are quite comfortable, however the government apparatus investigating him ensured that they financially ruined him with legal fees for daring to resist. They do that more than you know, they finally got him to “confess” by threatening to go after his children in the same way if he didn’t. (KGB or Stazi anyone?) So, that guarantee protecting us against unauthorized search and seizure? It can only be assured if you are a multi-millionaire. [For an example of this see: https://sabersedge.online/law-order-corruption-and-lies ]

They can get a judge to sign off on a questionable search, just by “cherry picking” a judge that won’t ask a lot of questions and assumes the police are always right. They can then search your house unreasonably knowing that you have no recourse unless you can afford to take the government to court and keep it there long enough to find a judge who will enforce the law. The Feds do this with more impunity than local police because they have nearly unlimited financial coffers to pay for their litigation, and the government really doesn’t like losing their cases.

I have not seen this in the news, you might say. No, not generally. Yet even when I was an active agent in the 80s we already had paid operatives working in every major newspaper, radio, and television news room so that we could squash any story we wanted. According to publicly available information it is more pronounced now then it was then as more and more stories come out where news agencies and social media are regularly meeting with the press to manipulate what is shared.

This doesn’t mean that all the press is corrupt. If bribe money doesn’t work they can appeal to their patriotism and survival: “Your country needs your help on this. If we expose this story it will help our enemies. You may even become a target personally.” Ah, “may” is such a useful word isn’t it? [For more on media corruption see: https://sabersedge.online/propaganda-lies-corruption-and-psychopaths ]

What we have with the recent executive orders (like Executive Order 14067 on surveillance of US persons,) politicization of the Feds (read the Durham Report – don’t listen to what the media says about it), and bills signed into law that no mainstream media has even mentioned (you are supposed to be able to read these for thirty days online before congress votes on them but, increasingly, they don’t post them at all denying Americans everywhere oversight on our government), we now have a surveillance state where the government can lock up the bank accounts and credit cards of anyone they “suspect” of malfeasance.

Those actions, which they accuse us of – thanks to the Patriot Act and others, never even need to be named you can be locked up, without charges, for an indefinite time or they can just put you on a list and your bank cards, credit cards, and all your financial accounts are locked up until they “complete” their investigation. And, because they want to be “thorough” those investigations can take a long time (or maybe just long enough for the bank to foreclose on your house and for you to lose your cars – unless you would like to cooperate and confess?). So you had best not say anything the government won’t like. Toe the line. Be a “good citizen” (in the CCP’s context of being a good citizen as to being a “loyal member of the party,”) and everything will go well with you.

We still have time to speak out. We still have time to elect officials that will hold the government accountable but it is waning fast. You will be silenced if you even intimate that there could be fraud in our elections. That is interesting since it is probable that there has been some degree of fraud somewhere in an election in every election since the 1800s and every election I remember someone, somewhere, has been elected for voter fraud. Some states have passed laws to make that less likely but someone is fighting against election integrity which tells me that the same someone has been playing fast and loose with our election results. After all, what legitimate candidate would oppose free and fare elections. Today, however, the Democratic Party accuses any attempt to change elections (even those that are obviously making it easier to vote,) as being attempts at “Jim Crow.” And because most people blindly accept what they see on the news they get away with these lies to preserve their corruption.

Long ago (in Bush Junior’s campaign,) I learned to read the entire speech of a candidate rather than listen to what someone else said they said. Thus I knew when the media was lying about George Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Biden. And, to be clear, some media was lying about all of them. MSNBC, CNN, and others lied regularly about Bush and Trump and Fox lied regularly about Obama and Biden. If you still trust any of them then you probably are not reading my posts because I use my intel analysis skills to dig up the truth and the truth is not popular. Just as I have corrected lies about Trump and Bush I corrected them about Obama and quoted the actual text of the speech to counter their lies.

It is said that a lie can make it half way around the world before the truth has put its boots on.

The corrupt players in politics have done well at marginalizing anyone who cares about their country and how politics play out – they are, after all the same thing. As my poli-sci teacher said “Politics is about the distribution of power and resources” and both are extremely important to corrupt people but they are equally important to you because it is your life and your money! To cover up their corruption they have convinced good Americans that it is “impolite” to discuss your political views so that they can squash conversation among those who would otherwise care about their country. They have been using that to suppress information for a long long time. [ See also: https://sabersedge.online/admitted-goals-of-marxists-in-america ]

I used to marvel at old movies that showed people gathering for dinner and then retiring into the parlor to argue politics. That was before the lie they spread that if you don’t agree with me you are evil. A lie that has always been prevalent among the Know Nothings of America. That was when Americans knew that ALL politics, Federal, State, and Local was infinitely important because it determined how we live. But now the last few generations are clueless. They look to the Federal government and President to change everything unknowing that it is local governments that have more say over how they live than the Federal and, that if the Federal government does have more say, it is probably unconstitutional. America is far ranging and one of the largest countries in the world. The idea that the government in Washington could make laws that make sense for a rancher in Montana, a farmer in Kansas, and a corporate executive in New York and the way they live is ludicrous. However, more and more young people expect Washington to “fix” their problems without realizing that when they do they ruin the lives of others with laws that (although they may make sense somewhere,) cannot bring justice everywhere.

More and more the Supreme Court has recognized the distinctiveness of the States. State power was given the final word in the Constitution so that we would not all be the same. So that people with differing beliefs could live in different states and we could still be part of the same Union. Much has been said about the “unfairness” of the electoral college but no one points out that Abraham Lincoln was elected by the Electoral College because he only had a little over a third of the popular vote. For a long time after the Civil War there was a war against State Rights and autonomy but now we have gone to the other extreme. Federal control can be a form of tyranny and, if you read the writings of Jefferson Davis you know that it was at the forefront of people’s minds before 1900. There is something to be said fo the idea that the American Civil War was the idea of a Washington Centric Republic against the idea of a Jeffersonian Republic. America has always been diverse with people believing different things and, until recently, it was OK.

The whole “American Experiment,” we were taught in school, was about people being able to live as they wanted, say what they wanted, and think how they wanted. This was an anathema to totalitarian countries everywhere and they actively tried to undermine those beliefs in America.

America was a block to world government not because us all working together is bad but because no other country recognized individual rights as thoroughly as we did. People didn’t trust the UN because most of the votes in the UN are wielding by totalitarian dictators for their own purposes. I for one, would like to see a World Government on the same lines as the early colonies. Where we gather together for the Common Defence, and mutual well being but leave each nation-state to itself for how it chooses to live, its cultural mores, and its laws. But no one who advocates world government wants such a decentralized power base. They all want to control everything from one city in the world. Perhaps they haven’t traveled and seen how different people and cultures are in the world? We all care about our families and friends – that is common ground for all of us – but how we do that varies. What we understand as good for us also varies because we live differently in different places.

Freedom requires debate. American power was not built on Central control. The founders, whether knowingly or not, were building a “swarm.” A swarm of stinging insects can kill the most powerful bear or lion. The American Experiment relied on a moral, educated people, who understood history and who openly discussed politics and political differences, to govern themselves at the lowest level possible – locally – and that in time of trouble Federal troops and militia troops would “swarm” the enemy with armed free men and women to sting the tyrant to death.

Back then the tyrants were all outside the US.

It is common for people to point to the powerful technologies employed by the US military. They are powerful. Have you ever fired a TOW missile? I have. And there are more powerful ones today. Still, these weapons are overpowering in their region. Like a bear or a bull they careen into an area and smash everything (good and bad.) Yet they cannot be used anywhere that you want to save the land or its resources because they wreck a lot of destruction. You cannot use them in population centers easily. You need boots on the ground. That is why our casualties were so high in Afghanistan. It wasn’t because we didn’t have tech (we did and we left it for the terrorists when we left.) But you cannot maintain control of the ground without ground forces and, as primitive societies have proven time and time again, they can be swarmed.

In the same way political tyrants and bulls can be swarmed by the mass of the people. But only if we all act and strive to understand what is happening, organize those who are like minded, and act every week (instead of just once every four years,) to keep us free.

We need to be active politically, discuss our views, expose corruption, and gather around us those who think like we do so we can increase our effectiveness in reform. We need to let the powerful and corrupt tyrants in our society that they cannot rule with impunity. That we know there is a right and a wrong and we will hold them to that which is right. That is the only peaceful way to fix this country. Re-establish our moral values, fix our education system, and stand inexorably for freedom.

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