Don’t Be Fooled About Conspiracy Theories!

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For over 60 years it has been common for media to use the label “conspiracy theory” in their reports. Let’s take a look at what that truly is and what it means.

The legal definition is clear. And I think it is time that someone tells you because the media won’t because it is too useful to them. A charge of “conspiracy” is tacked on to charges whenever they can if there is more than one suspect involved. Why? Because conspiracy is one of the easiest charges to make stick. If you can convict one person in the group of malfeasance you can convict everyone else in the group of conspiracy. Conspiracy has such a low bar of truth that it would be surprising if ANYTHING that you could imagine does not meet the legal definition of a conspiracy.

All it takes to have a conspiracy is for a group of people to discuss wrongdoing and then for one person in that group to take a single, overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. Even a Google search counts.

For instance. At a media conference leaders of various media companies sit around and talk about how a specific person is a problem and they don’t want him to be president. They muse that they should do “something” to prevent it. Later, one person in that group decides to color the photos of that candidate a Cheeto color orange to make him look less appealing. All persons who were in that discussion could then be charged with legal “conspiracy” because they talked about interfering with the public perception of a candidate in an election and one of them actually did something. Of course, if many people took some action the case would even be stronger. This action would be a conspiracy.

Let’s take another example. Suppose business leaders, politicians, and other government officials got together someplace, it could be anyplace, maybe even Davos, and discussed the direction they felt the world should be going and how they could manipulate public opinion and covertly influence national governments and businesses to take actions that the public didn’t agree with but that they could covertly implement due to their positions of authority. Afterward, they all go home and, in agreement with the accepted consensus and presentations they received, they do what they can, however they can, and in whatever official position they have to make those policies become a reality. All the time bypassing official government policy and decision-making to bring their covert (or overt but illegitimate) vision into reality. This too is a conspiracy.

There could be others too. Maybe people could talk about how a virus probably escaped from a lab but it would raise inconvenient questions so they need to suppress discussion, or how certain actions were mandated by the government even though they knew those actions would not do what they promised. These too would be conspiracies.

Too many people have the utterly ignorant idea that a “conspiracy” means that a secret cabal has met in a cigar-smoke-filled basement of a mafia-owned restaurant and with much mustache twirling and evil laughter developed a step-by-step plan for accomplishing a task, assigning each person specific duties to bring about their evil plan. But this vision only exists in the minds of people who watch too many movies and who don’t understand how the real world works.

A conspiracy is accomplished when any group of people discusses something that they want to do and any people who were party to that discussion do something to make it happen. They don’t have to plan it out, they don’t even have to tell each other what they are going to do. A conspiracy is real as soon as they talk about it, and at least one person acts on it; even if they just gather information to learn more. It is a conspiracy whether it is done by government officials, Twitter employees, oil companies, organized crime, or even Saruman or Thanos.

“Conspiracy Theory” has been used repeatedly since the 1960s to discourage people from looking into issues and appears to have been first used to keep people from looking into the JFK assassination. It has now become the media and government equivalent of the great Wizard of Oz begging people to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” The bizarre thing is that the mass of NPCs – what some would call “sheeple,” blindly obey, ask no further questions, and laugh at the people who do.

Such empty accusations of “conspiracy theory” can only deter those who don’t understand how the world actually works, are so gullible that they will do whatever the TV or internet tells them to do, or who are too cowardly to “look behind the curtain.” See Lies do not become us

Such people are so easily manipulated that they are a threat to any democratic republic and it is the reason why the founding fathers didn’t want uneducated or uninvolved people to be voting. Universal Suffrage becomes a tool of tyrants who are in control of the media when they can manipulate the votes of the uninformed and uneducated in the way they want. The US has always erred on the side of allowing more people to vote rather than less and in a society that is well-educated in history and cultural values that is a good plan. In our society, it is destroying us because our education system has been steadily decaying for the past 150 years. [See ]

Conformity rather than freedom, cowardice rather than courage, and blind obedience rather than thinking for yourself are the chief values in post modern society, and that is what the schools condition and teach. [See ]

In the past the media has dismissed the Bilderberg Group, Davos, the plans of the WEF, the lab leak theory, and a multitude of other concepts as “conspiracy theories.” A disturbing amount of those “conspiracy theories” have been subsequently proven to be true. But still I repeatedly see “conspiracy theory” being thrown around as a devisive comment and it is perpetuated by people who don’t have the understanding, curiousity, or courage to actually look at the facts themselves and investigate the matter. Then, to highlight their gullibility, they mock others who actually do. I remember my father repeating the saying, “’Tis better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

We live in a world where the media has become the problem and is no longer the defender of the public and its citizens. No longer does the media expose corruption but they actively conceal it. [See ]

I often see such fools commenting on Facebook, Youtube, and other media posts when it is clear that they did not read the material and insist on foolishly exposing their ignorance by commenting anyway. Sometimes, I see people even more foolish who try to engage them in conversation. But, in general, I advise people to follow the advice of not wrestling in the mud with pigs. You both get dirty but the pig enjoys it. The Bible describes a similar sentiment when it advises “Do not throw pearls before swine.” In other words, just as a pig has no use for pearls so do fools have no use for wisdom and, in case you disn’t get the message from that verse the Bible gets even more blunt and says “Answer not a fool according to his folly.” Fools are more concerned with “being accepted” so they say what they think “everyone knows” which is usually what they have heard in media and they are incapable of discussing matters beyond that. If their vacant repitition of these soundbytes doesn’t convince you they become angry and attack you because they can think no farther than beyond what they have been told.

So next time the media or government dismisses something as a Conspiracy Theory, rather than obediently obeying and ignoring what you are told to ignore, I advise you to take notice and look more closely at it. Just like the charges of racism and other “-isms” it is too often used as a smoke screen to hide wrongdoing and deflect the majority of voters from even looking at the matter. It is sad that these tactics still work after being so overused.

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