Society and Our Children Are Under Attack!

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It is no secret that every aspect of our society is under attack. Why is this? Most people don’t really seem to want to know, but if you do, read on.

The very foundations of our society are under relentless attack from a bewildering range of sources. This viral attack has mutated and corrupted the body of society. I am working on a series to help you identify the rhetoric and propaganda infecting our society and their true source. This is why they all sound similar in their construction. They have used Marxist Theory to attack every aspect of our society – as the Neo-Marxists told them to do. Woke is Marxism altered to attack the body of the West, destroy freedom, destroy our rights, and force us all to think in the revolutionary Marxist mindset. I present this video today because it is the best summary of modern Marxism and how it has infected our education system, identity politics, queer theory, critical race theory, and other modern woke movements that are all the children of Marxism. It has been so successful that our children have adopted the language of the Neo-Marxist revolutionaries and even Fox News has surrendered and adopted the language of change. Most people don’t understand the power of language but the left certainly does as they change ours.

If we don’t recognize and understand this our society will be completely swept from the earth. There is a saying that a society or culture can die in three generations. If you have lost your grandparents’ values, society has been broken. The values and virtues that held society together are gone because there is no longer any living memory of them. This is what Marxism has done. It took control of our higher education in the 60s and 70s, infected our government bureaucracy, and began dismantling all of the institutions and foundations of our society. The boomers were too busy looking at the USSR to recognize that the enemy was already here. When the USSR fell they declared we had won the cold war. But we didn’t. Like a rattlesnake that bit us as it was dying we celebrated the death of the snake without realizing that the poison that would kill us already coursed through our veins.

It is not too late. There are books whereby we can regain the Roman, Nordic, and Western philosophies that built the highly successful Western culture. As online sources are being steadily purged of counter-revolutionary ideas books still hold the truth. There is also an online archive that, currently, still holds materials that the Progs have removed from your Google searches. But the malaise of society works in the enemy’s favor, the very demoralization that they have caused is helping them to achieve their victory even as they turn the truth on its head and blame society itself for the decay they are engineering.

This is for you to understand the overarching theme of what is happening to our children and society. Please watch it, stop it, take notes, use it as a text, and understand what is happening. I will continue to do my part to make it intelligible to you in the coming weeks as I break down the fallacies of Marxist thought and show you how their rhetoric has morphed to infect our current speech, attitudes, politics, law, and dialogue.

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