We Are Subject To Universal Laws; Denial Has Consequences

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There is an order of existence with a Universal character. We are all subject to natural laws, life truths, and the Wisdom of the ages.

Scientists found, in Frontiers of Continuity c1990, that there was an order and pattern to existence that stretched from the micro-verse to the macro-verse and that they were seeing the same underlying patterns over and over again and that such patterns were not random but, indeed, were evidence of intelligent design. This same intelligent design orders all creation through its natural laws that Ayurveda calls the life truths that humanity and the rest of the universe are subject to.

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In Frontiers of Continuity, a difficult book was written by scientists and which I obtained years ago from the Science Book Club,* documented reasons that scientists were coming to believe in intelligent design. Not all scientists, but many who dealt with the largest and smallest scales of the study were seeing a pattern that ran through all existence that indicated intelligent design. It was a pattern repeated too often to be random. This design also orders the Natural Laws that govern all of us and that have been apparent to practitioners of Wisdom for thousands of years.

Jordan Peterson, a very intelligent this must be admitted by any honest observer who is not slave to an ideology that bears hostility to all knowledge that contradicts it, noted that without the existence of God there is no reason for the universe to make sense or for people to have rights. Perhaps this is why communist regimes have been so deadly and brutal everywhere it has been tried. Dr. Peterson said that there is no a priori reason to assume the world makes sense without the idea of creation and intelligent design. Therefore the underlying belief in God’s creation was necessary for the ideas of science and individual liberty to take hold. Without creation ordering the world, without our own existence being in the Divine Image (Imago Dei), there is no reason individual rights or opinions should be important and, if you believe in a random universe, no a priori reason to assume the world makes sense. Therefore, both assumptions underlie the very foundations of Western Society. That is the society that is responsible for the greatest advancements in science, living conditions, rights, and social change in the history of the world.

It is also the society that feels most keenly the injustice of the world and has allowed an ideology of guilt to take hold that now threatens to destroy everything we have built in the last 3000 years.

These fundamental laws of life, the Life-Truths spoken of in Ayurveda, and the Natural Laws spoken of by America’s founding fathers and the European scholars they drew ideas from, are laws that bind all of the Natural World. And despite our Hubris that claims otherwise, we are part of that world. Friedriche n in his book Medical Logic (Beitrage zur Physiologie des gesunden und kranken Organismus Friedrich Oesterlen (1843)) wrote (in English translation):

The same laws that govern the course of the stars, which make plants grow and animals fight for life, also govern men. Every man is subject to the inexorable pressure of the Life-Truths. Human and natural laws are identical. Those who deviate from these laws perish. Everything is in motion; everything is eternal change because everything is alive. Who lives according to the laws of nature lives morally.

This is not new knowledge. We have known it since the Greeks only in the untethered meanderings of modern social science we have not only forgotten but rejected our very nature as a human organism. If it weren’t for clear minds like Jordan Peterson I would doubt that we could call it a science at all because increasingly the elite of our society is denying the natural order.

I have heard the hubris of the scientists who said America controls the weather. True, we can cause rain or stop it. However, these scientists ignore that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction.’ When they precipitate rain in one place they cause drought in another, when they stop rain in one place they cause floods in another. In their warped understanding, they are in control because the Elite have not compassion for the common people of humanity who suffer. They are only concerned in maintaining their power and profit.

Before the Western Republics can reclaim their liberty, before we can re-assert our control as a people and return to a government that is “of, by, and for the people” as our founding documents established, we must first all accept that the Elite are only concerned with their power and profit and there are too many in government and media that will lie, steal, suppress, oppress, and manipulate everything they need to in order to maintain their power and authority and further their warped dogma that denies the very laws of nature; the life-laws that govern all existence.

Thomas Jefferson recognized that we were subject to the Natural Laws, the Life Truths, and Natural order when he wrote:

* I don’t have the bibliographic information since I have not yet unpacked that box and a search yielded every book but that one. I will post it here when I find it and, as I often do, edit posts when more information becomes available – unless it warrants a complete rewrite (which so far has not happened). —I don’t wish this book on anyone without a science degree. The few I loaned it to had trouble reading it, I have enough for a minor in science but I was limited to only claiming two minors on my undergraduate from a half dozen or so that I could have chosen from. You see, I didn’t graduate from undergraduate school until my Anthropology professor told me to see him about a paper I wrote him in my Introduction to Anthropology class, “This is Masters level work,” he said when I did see him, “You really need to graduate and intensify your studies.” “But there are so many fields I haven’t learned yet!” I answered. I was taking 15+ hours in every field that interested me from Physics, Astronomy, and Biology to Military Science, Business, Criminal Justice, Philosophy, Political Science, English, and History. When I looked at my hours I had the most in Political Science and Political Philosophy so I claimed my degree in that graduating with over 320 hours of undergraduate credits that didn’t include hours of academic credits I had earned during my military service that didn’t apply at my university. I was like my Political Science professor Colonel Dyer, the more I learned the more questions I had. I would love to read: Ideology in a Global Age: Continuity and Change (Frontiers of Globalization) by R. Sorborski, 2013 but at over 70$ I cannot justify buying such a book. I would love to follow the advice of Erasmus, “When I get a little money I buy books, with what is left I buy food and clothes.” But I digress.

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