Capitalism is Not the Problem, Amorality is the Problem

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Amoral Communism or amoral capitalism are not real choices and there are other options. We need to face the facts of where our problems are really coming from. We have lost our identity. We have lost our morality. We have lost our grounding in the past that told us who we are and showed clearly the massive contribution made by Western Civilization to the benefit of the whole world. We can turn back to those roots without reproducing the wrongs that were committed.

I had a rough year, the year the CCP virus spread through the world. I call it the CCP virus because, whatever its creation, it was the CCP that quarantined Wuhan from the rest of China but continued to allow flights out of Wuhan into the rest of the world. By whatever measure, that is the very definition of bio-warfare. Yet the media and elite who have so much invested in China remain silent even as these same elites tried to cover up Stalinist and Maoist atrocities. Anyway, I caught Covid in March of 2020 and was hospitalized and given oxygen treatments, they drained my lungs of fluid three times that year, but it caused my liver to completely fail. I went into the hospital for stays of a couple of days to ten days 27 times in 2020 and I went to the emergency room many more times but was stabilized and sent home. I went there enough that nurses who were rotated through all of the hospitals in the city knew me by sight. The cavalry hat and feather probably helped identify me.

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We have a generation that is too young to have experienced the terrors of the communist state. But even during the Cold War, there was a strong element that denied that mass murder was occurring. As people risked their lives to flee these totalitarian societies to the Western Republics there were “scholars” and actresses who insisted that none of this was happening.

To post this on FB they remove it and threaten to ban me but I can post it on my own site. They censor the truth to please their Chinese investors and customers as they would rather make profits than stand for what is right. It is a disgusting trend in Western Capitalism today.

I mention this because through my hospital stays I had many wonderful nurses. One of them was a refugee from Viet Nam. Her father had been in a re-education camp for seven years then after he was released the family fled to America. I posted this on my FB and some idiot who had no understanding of what a “re-education” camp was said that every country is free to educate its people as it wants. Ignorance abounds and this person clearly didn’t understand that most people who entered these re-education camps never made it back to their families. Yet this woman was a nurse in Lincoln NE and our country is blessed by her presence. She volunteered to work in the Covid ward when things got bad and there was no vaccine so I didn’t see her once they made a ward for them. I was never hospitalized or bothered by Covid again after I caught it so early.

Another nurse had escaped Cambodia when Pol Pot’s regime was murdering so many Cambodians. She lost both her parents and all but one of her siblings (who had fled to America already,) to the Communist regime. They came in the night, and sometimes during the day to take her family members one by one and interrogate and torture them in the camps. They never came out again. When she got word they were coming for her she fled. She told me she crawled on her hands and knees over rocks, through thorny bushes, and minefields to escape from the Communist regime in Cambodia and she did not understand why Americans were holding up communist fists and signs and demonstrating so. Did they not know what communists did? I have heard this from so many legal immigrants ( I am a retired immigration officer, among my many hats.) Americans today seem to be wholly ignorant of the very promises that the world sees when they see our flag and symbols. Dinesh Desouza is only one naturalized American citizen with this view but nearly all seem to have it. They see the United States morphing into a communist country even as, some of them, had seen their country do so in the past. In their country, too many stood by and did nothing and the communists seized power and began arresting and killing all opposition to their rule.

For the first time in my life, I have seen America attack their political opposition using the FBI as secret police. I know that Abraham Lincoln did the same in the 1800s but this is the first time in my lifetime I have seen it. Maybe if we understood history better we wouldn’t be seeing something similar happen again.

And please spare me the argument that it is just a different economic choice that took the communist nations into space. I also served as a counterintelligence agent and we all knew that the communists made it into space by stealing our technology, even as China steals it today. You can find pictures of parts manufactured in communist countries that were copied down to the US Patent number. When I was an agent desktop computers from a store called Radio Shack were on our technology transfer list to not sell to communist nations. People balked, “It’s just a computer they already have computers it does no harm to sell them one of mine.” At the time we could not tell them, because it was classified, that there was a chip in those computers that we used in our missile guidance systems. Businesses sold the Russians the secrets of our missiles for a few bucks profit. It is not surprising. Khrushchev said that the Americans will sell us the rope to hang them with echoing Lenin before him.

“Capitalists will sell us the rope by which we hang them.” – Vladimir Ilych Lenin

Capitalism is not the problem. Immorality and amorality are the problems. People pursue profits at the expense of our national security, our health, the environment, and our very integrity and it is not the fault of capitalism it is what I call “amoral capitalism” that doesn’t care to know right from wrong. We have confused capitalism with Free Enterprise. They are not the same. In the 1800s it was obvious that the Robber Barons and Banksters would do anything if they weren’t restrained. They built monopolies to crush all opposition and even hired gunmen to shoot and terrorize workers of rival businesses. These robber barons crushed any chance of competition while it was still young.

It is forgotten by too many today that some of the richest families in the West got there by ill-gotten gains. The Kennedy’s from bootlegging and families like the Rockefellers were so hated that they hired a public relations company to improve their image. They proved that public opinion could be bought because now they are not known for the lives they ruined but for the money they have given to charities.

The amoral capitalists will always destroy competition because they have no interest in Free Enterprise. They “work” with government agencies to develop a web of regulations to “protect us” that actually protect the profits of mega-corporations because only the established corporations can maintain the paperwork and lawyers necessary to navigate our business laws. If you look at any government agency from the Department of Defense, to the Department of State to the Food and Drug Administration you will see a plethora of names that have worked for or will work for mega-corporations. They work to protect those monied and elite interests for their benefit. Without regard to what happens to future generations or the poor and middle class of this one.

While they feverishly work to build their web of protective regulations and laws the simultaneously support groups that advocate removing ALL laws that regulate business. Knowing that, when the time comes they can block the removal of regulations and laws that protect them while removing the laws that restrain them. This is not a mystery. It is obvious to anyone who has closely watched the development of laws and regulations in this country. And since I have spent the majority of my adult life working for the government and dealing with law I, for one, have noticed.

But those who raise the cry for Free Enterprise and removal of regulations ignore the fact that we have historically had a powerful constraint upon capitalism in the West. It was our moral sense of right and wrong. Emile Durkheim was echoing great minds of ancient Republics when he said that “When morals are sufficient laws are unnecessary, but when morals are insufficient, laws are not enough.” The same was said by our founders who claimed that only a moral people could govern themselves justly. We see today that this is true.

There have always been robber barons who ran roughshod over others. The difference was that in the past they were the exception and today they are the rule. We have lost our moral sense but communism is not the answer. I believe that the answer lies in returning to our roots and remember who we are. Not returning to a perfect time but learning the lessons of imperfect times long past for this imperfect time today.

Communism is not an alternative. India pulled itself up out of poverty through capitalism and though there are great dichotomies of wealth and poverty still, more have made it out of poverty there than ever before. We no longer say, as my mom used to when I didn’t want to eat my vegetables “Think of all the poor starving children in India.” China too delayed its fall by introducing elements of capitalism into its corrosive communist system. Meanwhile, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are not socialist states they are capitalist states who pay for their extensive social safety net by the profits of capitalism. Yet these states now are losing this safety net because they have allowed unrestrained immigration that has increased the burden to the point where the profits don’t cover the need. And, as Venezuela has proved, to continue to tax businesses and the rich to constantly expand benefits ultimately backfires and destroys the very cash cow they are milking. Perhaps we are approaching that as our store shelves start to look like the shelves of communist countries and become barer and barer.

Like everything actions have consequences and ignoring the wisdom and experiences of the past is leading us to ruin. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, everything we do has a trade-off. We need to wake up to that. The Bible says “God will not be mocked.” We are all subject to these natural laws and cycles of life. The Life-Truths that govern all existence and our interaction with each other and with the world itself. Someday, it will be “Time to pay the piper.” That time is coming fast.

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