Lies of Black and White That We’re Told

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I have heard this lie perpetuated over and over in my life. It is that white kids don’t have to be warned about how to deal with police so they don’t get shot. Perhaps for the children of the millionaires who have become our ruling class of politicians, this is true but for us, common folk any father worth his salt has warned his children how NOT to get shot when dealing with police. My father told me and I told each of my kids, male, and female as soon as they learned to drive and thus dramatically increased their chance of encountering police in middle America.

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The traffic stop is the most dangerous activity for any police officer. Every officer knows that most officers who are shot are shot during routine traffic stops. This is because an officer never knows who he or she is stopping. It could be someone who just committed a murder, robbed a bank, or is planning a terrorist attack. The officer has no way of knowing but a perpetrator, who is planning or has executed evil in the past, will tend to be paranoid and fear that the authorities are “on” to them. To such a person, when s/he sees the blue and red lights behind him or her they could easily panic and decide they or need to kill the officer before they are caught. Even though the officer may have no way of knowing that the car that was traveling 5 miles over the speed limit, failed to come to a complete stop, or has a turn signal that doesn’t work is being driven by a desperate killer the killer knows who they are and is on edge.

For this reason, police officers who make traffic stops have reason to be on edge. They study the vehicle and occupants even while they are still moving and even more so once they have stopped. They watch the hands of those they stop very closely and they have no way of knowing whether the person they just pulled over is reaching for their ID or registration or if they are reaching for their firearm.

When you are pulled over in a traffic stop you KNOW that the person who is approaching your car with a badge has a loaded firearm. My Dad always stressed to me that it was a period of stress for both you and the officer but since the officer has a gun you don’t want to do anything to make them more nervous than they already are. Any mistake you make can be fixed EXCEPT a mistake that might cause an officer to panic and fire their gun, potentially killing you. My Dad told me, my sister, and each of my brothers when we are stopped to sit perfectly still with our hands fully visible on the steering wheel at the ten and two o’clock positions. Sit still, and don’t do anything until you are told to, and above all be polite to the man with the gun, do not be rude, confrontational, or angry – even if you think it’s unfair. If you live through the encounter you can try to deal with any unfairness later.

Even though you know what the officer will ask, “Can I see your driver’s license and registration?” DON’T be “helpful” and try to get it ready for them. As I said the officer has no way of knowing if you are reaching for your ID or a 9mm pistol. You don’t want an officer who had a bad day, his or her spouse just kicked them out, their dad died, or they just got chewed out by their supervisor to jump to any conclusions about what you may be doing. Perhaps they just got out of training concerning “high-risk” traffic stops. The point is you have no way of knowing and it’s not worth your life. Just wait for instructions and do what you are told slowly and calmly.

“Be polite, be calm, do what you are told, and come home safe.” That is what my father told me and what I have told my sons. It is what any father would tell his children if he has any knowledge of how the world works and that life is for keeps. Yet I continuously hear the lie, especially from Democrats, that white people don’t need to hear “the talk.” Bull crap. Most people that police shoot are Caucasian! That is a fact that anyone who actually looks up the data finds out immediately. Perhaps Joe Biden doesn’t need to tell his son to be careful because he has been a senator or presidential candidate most of his life. He has enough shady money in his coffers that he probably owns the cops in his neighborhood. Perhaps HE doesn’t have to have “the talk” with his son (although considering his son’s activities he should warn him to be polite and compliant and not to run when the police come to arrest him,) because he knows our criminal justice system doesn’t apply to rich Democrats or Republicans. But the rest of us, if we want our kids to come home to us alive and to someday give us grandchildren we sure as hell better have “the talk” with our kids no matter if they are white, black, red, yellow, blue, or Klingon (probably especially if our kids are Klingon since they have a bit of a temper.) Politicians, with their armed bodyguards and millions of dollars, may live in a protected world where they can lie with impunity but in the real world lies can be deadly. Warriors don’t lie because lies and obfuscation can kill. [For more on political lies see also: ]

So, next time you hear this lie out of the lips of our politicians I hope that you had a good father who told you the truth about how to behave during a traffic stop so that you did not become a statistic. No father wants to bury his children, that isn’t the way it’s supposed to go. But to help prevent that from happening we fathers need to prepare our children for the life that they will live and the realities that they may face. Now, it may be (since my father was in World War II and most of my friends are veterans,) that we have a more practical take on life and civilian fathers are stupid and naïve and have no clue what it’s like to be in a position of authority with a gun, potentially facing bad guys with a gun. But anyone who thinks about it should warn their kids because it is something they will face in life.

But then, I followed my father into the army and my instinct now is to run toward the sound of gunfire and help get people out of the line of fire and not away from it – at least once my family is safe. But I was also trained to not die for stupid reasons and being shot in a routine traffic stop is a stupid reason. To panic and run from police is to be shot for a stupid reason as the officer can shoot to stop a “fleeing felon.” I don’t want to be or have any of my kids to be confused with a fleeing felon. Even if one of us was a felon better to spend a bit of jail time than to be killed. I appreciate my father’s training on how to respond and make it through my contacts with police officers safely and I hope your father gave you the same training when he taught you to drive. It is all a matter of understanding consequences and dangers and that is what fathers are supposed to get us ready to face. The daily struggles of life. They are supposed to help us ensure that we are ready so that regular occurrences do not become fatal tragedies that could have been avoided. [See also: ]

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