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A parent’s job is to protect their children and to wisely watch over their growth until they can find their own way in the world. Our society, however, is failing to develop responsible adults who can face the trials and struggles of life effectively. Why is that?

Although this is part of What Your Father Should Have Taught You this is more about what my parents, Child Psychology at UNL, and being a parent and grandparent taught me.

I believe there are many reasons why our society is failing. I would say that the chief among them is that we accept lies as truth. But also it is because many baby boomers, and later generations, failed to do for their children what their fathers did for them. Children learn by interacting with adults. They learn best if held on the lap of a loving adult, when small, and through direct interaction. They do not optimally learn by interacting with electronic devices. The World War Two generation understood what it meant to be an adult and the importance of parental interaction with small children. Men knew what it meant to be a man and women knew what it meant to be a woman so maybe, in that clarity, they were able to pass that on to their children. They did not need biology degrees to tell them because they have thousands of years of experience in watching boys and girls grow into men and women. This generation had faith and hope despite having gone through the worst war in history. They were stronger than we are today. They dared to face the future; whatever it may hold, they passed it on to their children. Who then relied overwhelmingly on daycare to raise their children. And, unfortunately, too much of our society – as I will show in the coming weeks – has been developed by Neo-Marxist philosophy without us even knowing it.

Children who don’t have regular interaction with a caring and loving adult suffer neglect, which is a form of toxic stress that harms child development (shout out to parents who use electronic babysitters to wake up – I have never understood why a parent would have less than 15 minutes a day direct interaction with their children. I have always found my children to be fascinating and loved to play with them, talk with them, and take them to the park). A child who experiences toxic stress (such as parental neglect,) has their alert system for detecting harm constantly set on high. Is it any wonder that we have a society with a victim mentality? Is it any wonder that it is worse in cities where both parents have to work to pay for their housing? Yet rather than deal with these neglect and abuse issues, we are told the children have fundamental problems based on confused gender roles. Rather than confusion based upon the failure to interact with adults, we are told that this confusion stems internally from the child (convenient since it absolves the parent of responsibility.) It also absolves the confused parents whose interaction with their children actively confused their gender roles.

I remember reading a Child Psychologist who wrote a book, the Alchemy of Love and Lust. Despite the racy title, it had many good observations. In the introduction, she said that she was a child of the sixties and that she was determined that her little boys would not be socially conditioned. They would have trucks and blocks to build but also dolls available to play with. She said they DID play with dolls and used them as weapons. This made her look at the biology involved in her child’s development and she learned about the testosterone surges that create a developing male. (This is very concerning when so many of our plastics, pesticides, and foods contain chemicals that have been proven to suppress testosterone development in our children – at the time they need it. Yet, we are told, this gender dysphoria comes from the child and not from a chemical imbalance – conveniently absolving the plastics, pharmaceutical, and other industries from possible malfeasance.)

There is much said today about “soy boys” and their lack of manliness. But I hear nothing about holding corporations responsible for the hormones they give animals, nor the pesticides and chemicals that get in our food from preservatives and packaging that suppress testosterone. Over my life, I have noticed that in America at least, whatever is wrong with society something other than the mega-corporations is blamed. Conversely, some people blame them for everything, and others only blame them when it is convenient for them to do so. We need scientists to be honest in their findings but that will always be difficult when they need money to do their studies and, to keep their money, they need to produce results that keep the corporations who sponsor the studies happy.

Meanwhile media, who are also owned by major corporations, silence any questions that doctors and scientists raise regarding the way we do things and the chemicals that we, and our children, are constantly exposed to. In this regard we have a problem the World War II generation didn’t. The WWII generation still relied, predominantly, on natural foods that were organically grown. We do not. In fact our government actively intervenes in hindering us from acquiring them directly – acting on behalf of our corporate overlords who want to maintain dominance of the food supply, its production, and the dollars that are so produced for them.

I have seen estimates that if even ten percent of our food supply was provided by local farmers it would break the hold of mega-corporations on our food distribution system. I have not looked into those percentages to determine if there is truth there.

I go into all this to point out that raising children is complex and parents need to be up to the complexity and not take children for granted; but also with the realization that no parent is ready for the responsibilities of parenting. It is a learn-as-you-go phenomenon – which is why the more children you have the better your chances of getting it right along the line. Children are work but there is nothing that brings me more joy in my life than watching my children grow and seeing them, in turn, raise their children. The work is worth it and it saddens me that so many people have either no children or only two. I have noticed in history that so many of the great figures came from large families and truly successful and brilliant among these figures were NOT one of the first two children born to the family. This is not scientific, and in my family, my oldest sister was one of the smartest people I have known in my life. Still, I was over thirty when I finally asked her “Why are you always competing with me?” and she responded, “Because you are so much smarter than I am.” “Irrelevant, if that is even true,” I responded. “Because you have, and will always have, almost twenty years’ worth of more knowledge accumulated than I do.” And, I must add, that I believe my close relationship with my sister and her discussing things with me, encouraging me, and taking me to libraries and bookstores (and above all throwing the Hobbit in my lap when I was in 1st Grade and telling me to read that – then teaching me how to use a dictionary since I couldn’t yet read that but was too stubborn to give up on it,) was key to my own mental development.

I remember, before I was in first grade, my father worked from sunrise to after sunset and my mother would get me up when my dad left for work and when he got home to spend a little time with him – because otherwise I never would have seen my father. I remember being pre-school and wanting to be a dog, in fact I said I was a dog, and barked. I wanted my serial put on the floor so I could eat it like a dog and my Dad told my mom to do that. I quickly found out that, despite my active imagination, I could not eat like a dog and my whole face got covered with milk. My Dad and Mom always encouraged my imagination but they watched over me to ensure that my imagination didn’t get me in trouble. It was, after all, their job to protect me.

I now know from Child Psychology classes I took at UNL that a young child doesn’t even know the difference between “make-believe” and reality. That is one reason they don’t make good witnesses in the legal system. They tend to believe what they are told and their parents have a great deal of influence in what they believe is true and what is not. In fact, the human brain is not fully developed in its capacities until the mid-twenties. Perhaps that is why some political parties rely on the votes of younger voters because they are more easily duped than older ones. For myself, I have come to doubt whether anyone should vote or have adult privileges until they are 21 for a variety of reasons (unless they are soldiers – I think it would be wrong for us to send kids to war and not give them a voice in it. Also, in my experience, soldiers get a rude awakening and see life more clearly than people who haven’t gotten out from under the protection of their parents. Although this is not universal.)

Teachers, unfortunately, do not help us toward a balanced understanding of life and responsibility as they used to. Rather, they are mass producing the unthinking mediocrity that is best suited to a life of obedient wage slavery to the corporations and government, fortunately, I had Mr. R. Michael Troester, Stan Sibley, Gunnar Overgard, Mrs. Ulstrom and Mrs. Sawyer, and Judy Bogle who all taught me to inquire and question. But my youngest son only had one teacher in Junior High who taught him to do that and he quit because of all the crap that he faced from the administration.

Child Psychology has long ago established that small children do not fully understand the difference between make-believe and reality. Indeed, this very fact is behind the idea that children should not be tried as adults. The parent must protect their children until they are mature enough to make good decisions on their own.

When does the mind gain the ability to determine what is true from what is imagined? According to Child Psychology, the young child cannot do this until he is older, indeed the brain does not fully develop until a person is in their mid-twenties. Therefore how can children be allowed to make decisions that will permanently affect their lives? They shouldn’t. That is why they have parents. The parent must protect their children until their children can stand on their own and make good decisions.

So, today, I am aghast that so many parents are not protecting their children from making permanent changes to their bodies before they have the full cognitive development to make permanent decisions. Yes, I am talking about that leftist euphemism for sterilizing our children and permanently denying them orgasms which they call “gender affirming care.” And its not just surgery that destroys our children. As they are growing estrogen and testosterone perform vital rolls in child development. Of course children can’t know if they are a man or a woman yet because they are not yet either.

I, personally, have always been fond of sex and orgasms and I cannot imagine a parent denying their children from ever having that pleasure. A person who has an artificial vagina built will never again have an orgasm and the “vagina” can only serve as an object of someone else’s pleasure. When I was growing up such a prospect would have horrified people that their only existence was to be used by another. I think of, what I see, as the tragedy of Jazz Jennings who now says, “I don’t feel like myself.” and “I don’t know who I am.” His/Her mother having transitioned him at an early age into a girl has given him non-working female parts and forever removed her/his ability to procreate or have orgasms. And its mother did so before Jazz ever had the cognitive development to fully understand what was happening to HIM (and I use him because he had male body parts at the time.) The media is actively suppressing all of the stories of the problems of these transitions even as they actively suppressed the issues around the vaccination programs because, I believe, the medical and pharmaceutical industries make billions on these surgeries and if they can get the government to pay for them they can prey upon the ignorant and poor to get more of them done.

Where are the parents who are to protect their child and give them a safe place to imagine. For boys to wear a dress, play with a doll, use make-up or try out other things without permanently affecting their life in unchangeable ways? Parents and doctors need to be held accountable for performing irreprable harm on children who are not yet old enough to make permanent decisions. In a society where we have a juvenile justice system protects kids from consequences until they are 18 we are now forcing permanent consequences upon children who question gender roles. Like so much in our society today this makes no sense.

Youth kill or riot in Chicago and we are told that we should not demonize them and they are not responsible. But then we are told that young children can make permanent decisions as to their gender identity. In the 1960s and 70s there were a lot of studies responding to leftist and Marxist ideas that all the problems of life were socially conditioned. These studies conclusively proved it was not nature or nurture that determined who we are but both. In that respect parents have a sacred duty to protect their children and ensure that they are taught properly. Giving up those responsibilities to the State only proves you never should have had children in the first place. It used to be that when youth got pregnant they had to grow up fast – that had downsides but has worked for thousands of years with the help of an extended family. Now youth never seem to have to grow up and are either protected from consequences by helicopter parents so they never grow, or they are neglected so that they suffer from neglect and toxic stress and see everything as a threat to their life and livelihood for the rest of their life.

Like so much in the world. Life is about balance. A balance that our current society knows nothing about This is not only a war on the West but a nihilistic war on life itself that some have described as a Death Cult – whose origins I will explore in upcoming blogs.

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