What Should We Think About the Israel Gaza War?


What’s the real deal with Israel and the war in Gaza and how should we be thinking about it? It is a complex situation and further confused by people who have a vested interest in the politics, economics, banking, and spending surrounding the situation. Those five companies that control over 80% of our news services make it harder to find the truth, shout out to Vanguard, Blackrock, and the others.

Before we go too far please send a link to this site to someone who has complained that there is no truth in the news anymore.

First, we must consider that Israelis are the indigenous people there just as Europeans are the indigenous people of Europe. It is other races that are the “colonizers.” Israel’s kings ruled over Judah and Samaria (the lands we now call Palestine,) when Pharoah ruled over Egypt. They continued to rule under the Romans after the Romans conquered their kingdoms. (See below.) Why are third world countries praised as indigenous peoples while indigenous peoples who don’t fit in their desired outcome do not?

Once we realize this, we then must take it in perspective. The attack on Israel on October 7th killed a greater portion of their population than the fall of the Twin Towers on September 11th killed Americans. THAT launched America into a twenty-year long war to stamp out terrorism. For America to do ANYTHING other than be totally supportive is the very model of hypocrisy. Further, the attacks on October 7th were much more egregious than the attacks on America were. Read on.

The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is made up of Muslim, Druze, Jew, and Pagan, gay and straight. Tel Aviv, the administrative capital of Israel has the largest gay parade in the Middle East, in fact it has the only gay parade in the Middle East because all of the Muslim countries that surround Israel would kill the participants if they tried to parade there because homosexuality is an affront to Islam. Israel is the only free country in the Western style that is in the Middle East. There is more.

As I said, September 11th killed almost 3,000 (out of a population of more than 285 million,) when the planes crashed into the Twin Towers; while Israel lost 1,139 – 1400 (out of a population of less than 10 million.) Considering that the US invaded at least two countries and fought a war for twenty years trying to stamp out terrorists Israel has every right to defend itself and hunt down HAMAS and it’s only been a few months. Further, the attacks on October 7th were more horrendous, personal, and rabid. It is Israel that deserves our sympathy in this war, read on.

HAMAS is evil. That is a word you don’t see in the news very often today but I use it in its absolute sense.

Did you know HAMAS terrorists videotaped and posted their crimes on the web? They were proud of them. Have you bothered to see what they did? I did and I can never un-see it. It would take a book to cover all their crimes. They roasted a child in an oven as their parents (tied to chairs,) had to watch and hear the screams of their child as they begged for mercy and the terrorists laughed. HAMAS terrorists tied on 80-year-old woman in her wheelchair and burned her alive; they cut a preborn child from its mother’s womb while she was still alive and showed it to her and then killed it before her eyes. The statements from the team that prepares Jews for burial have revealed much of the horrors, the faces of the dead were contorted so that even without the signs of maiming, torture, and mutilation they could tell these people had been tortured alive. Some bodies were missing their lower parts and others were missing other parts and limbs. Women were raped until they bled from their privates. It is not Israel that should be compared to Nazis and the holocaust but HAMAS. Yet the media today is full of liars, and evil seems to be in charge. The immorality today in government and business reminds me of the decadence before the fall of Rome. But all empires fall eventually. I just thought America would last longer. Maybe we would have if we had listened to the founders and taught their words to our children. [See a small collection of books for Patriots that I compiled on this reading list.]

At first, they thought they had more children’s bodies than they actually did. It was a mistake made because the burned and mutilated bodies were missing so much mass, they assumed it had to be a child. I saw a video of a circle of grown men tormenting a Jewish toddler in diapers. It was confused because it didn’t look like it had ever experienced cruelty before. Finally, all it could do was sit down and cry while the terrorists laughed. There is more, if you have the stomach for it you can search the videos.

In my opinion anyone who supports these actions should be tried for capital offenses as an accomplice. Anyone in America supporting them should be exiled from America because, if they can excuse these actions they are not American. They have no part in the dream that was America nor in the promise of the founders.

“From the River to the Sea” is in HAMAS founding document and it includes the whole state of Israel. In other words it is a call for genocide because it leaves NO place for the Jews Anyone who actively calls for genocide is calling for illegal violence and that is the one exception to free speech in this country. You cannot call for the murder of others.

Remember, it was the genocide of World War II that killed six million Jews that inspired the United Nations to establish the state of Israel. 5 times they have proposed dividing the state into Muslim and Jewish states (the two state solution.) In each case the Muslims are the ones who refused. They want NO place for any Jew anywhere in the world let alone in the Middle East. Jews have been persecuted and killed in nearly every country of the Earth. They deserve one small place in this world where they can live in relative security. Yet, even here Israel has been attacked repeatedly by the nations that surround it.

Further, the news and those who cry apartheid are lying. There is no other way to say it (yes that includes the United Nations but since the UN is dominated by dictatorships lying is nothing new to them (see my last blog post The Promise of the Future Betrayed By the Present). Did you know that a minister of Israel was removed from his position by order of a Supreme Court Judge not too long ago? Did you know that Supreme Court Judge was Muslim? In an apartheid state the “oppressed people” cannot advance to the highest positions in the judicial system. If they did it would be impossible to maintain the “oppression.”

Here is in interview of Muslim citizens of Israel, one thing I have heard is that Muslims are freer that Jews. Muslims can live anywhere, in a Jewish neighborhood or a Muslim neighborhood. If Jews tried to move into a Muslim neighborhood, they might be murdered. Israel depends on the support of its entire population to survive. Everyone is subject to military service male and female, Jew, Muslim, Druze, Bedouin, or pagan. Here is Sophia Shramko a Muslim Woman whose father was a colonel in the IDF.

There is also a Bedouin brigade fighting in Gaza because HAMAS murdered not only Jews on October 7th but Bedouin’s as well and the Bedouin’s code of honor call upon them to avenge their brethren. One Kibbutz was defended by two Israeli soldiers who were Muslim, and they held off a group of up to 70 terrorists so the population could get to safety. Jews and Muslims have an 80-year history of working together in Israel but nowhere else in the Middle East. I am amazed that are news agencies so persistently obfuscate the facts that it is not Jews that are invading Gaza it is the Israeli Defense Force of Jews and Muslims who are defending the security of Israel where they live, who are invading Gaza. All of these can be found on youtube Israel TV and other channels (if you avoid mainstream propaganda.) To get pictures of dead in Israel from October 7 I had to search multiple pages on three different search engines because all I got were pictures of dead palestinians. Finally, Mozilla Firefox at least gave me a few pictures of dead Israelis amidst the destruction in Gaza when I searched specifically for “deaths in Israel on October 7.” This constant skewing of our news on every topic by search engines is an enemy of freedom.

I have never in my life seen a country try so hard to avoid civilian casualties. In all of my studies of military history there is no other account of a country calling civilians in a target zone by phone and telling them to leave because they will open fire in ten minutes. Israeli intelligence does that. I have seen videos of Gazans complaining it wasn’t enough time when no other army in the world would give them ANY warning whatsoever.

Israel for weeks prior to invasion called on civilians to move to the South of Gaza because most of their terrorist targets were in north Gaza. They had more than three weeks to do this before Israel attacked and Israel broadcast this warning on News, radio, TV, and by phone calls direct to people. They have opened up safety corridors to the south of Gaza for people to escape even now. But HAMAS is sniping and ambushing families that dare to try to escape because they actively use the people for cover.

Hamas ripped up water mains to make rockets, ignoring the people’s need for fresh water, and when Israel moved in their engineers began repairing the waterworks (but HAMAS fired at them and tried to stop the repairs). After they were repaired HAMAS blew them up. This was not the water to supply the Israeli army it was the water that was to supply their own people!

My analysis shows that the army of Israel is the most moral army on the Earth…ever. America certainly has never been that careful of civilian casualties…witness the Fire-bombing of Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki in World War II, and the destruction of Atlanta and other cities, crops and livestock when the Union Army invaded the South during the War Between the States.

As usual, people have lost the script confused by a myriad of news agencies who play on their emotions. Because they have no coherent worldview (see of natures god post) they are manipulated and prodded by skilled operators who want a specific pollitical result from them. Our news services have been anti-Israel ever since the 5 major conglomerates came to dominate 90% of our news.

This is exactly why the founding fathers did NOT want everyone voting. They wanted a Republic and not a Democracy, democracy is mob rule. They knew that less than half of the people would actually research and try to understand the facts and significance of an event and how it would play out in the long run. They were absolutely right. They also believed that our Republic could only be maintained by an educated electorate and and armed populace, thanks to the failure of public schools there is no educated electorate for several generations now and the right to bear arms bears many restrictions.

I was watching an old Spiderman cartoon with my son that came out in the 70s. Spiderman was joking in the 70s about the failure of the public schools to effectively educate. Do I need to point out it is worse now? Centralization in Washington has totally failed us in the education department.

What really happened on On October 7th, 2023, Israel was attacked by ruthless terrorists who were more evil and more cruel than even the stories that we have of Auschwitz, and Treblinka. The problems with numbers are not because Israel is lying as much as things are always confused as things happen, even more so when your people are left in pieces or in a pile of ashes, (are these ashes from one person or two?) All my life I have heard people wonder how so many could stand by and allow Jews to be slaughtered and burned in ovens in concentration camps. Yet today the streets are filled by Americans who are supporting and calling for more horrendous crimes than the Nazis ever dreamed of. Don’t be one of them.

No peace, No negotiation, and No recognition of Israel. This is the official Palestinian stance. You cannot make peace with such people. And what is the difference between civilians and HAMAS in Gaza. These make you wonder: Abduction of Jewish Woman by Civilian Mob not HAMAS; Douglas Murray campaigns for the truth to keep things in context here, and this raises some questions about coexistence Get Them Out;

Here are some educational videos that cut through the propaganda (again, I did not write this article based on these videos. I did the in-depth intelligence analysis and investigation I have been trained to do as a trained intelligence operative of the United States. I selected these videos because they give the best overview of the facts. I do not necessarily agree with every nuance and statement in them but they are the best I could find for summaries for you to be educated on the matter.)

Scroll through the articles on the IDF site and you will see an unprecedented number of announcements to the civilians in Gaza for their safety such as the IDF continues to Move Residents South for their Protection; HAMAS confesses to using human shields; HAMAS attacks IDF Troops Trying to Open Salah-a-din Humanitarian Route for Civilians; HAMAS Continues to Prevent IDF’s Evacuation of Palestinian Civilians to Safety. And more on HAMAS use of using schools, playgrounds, and Hospitals as Shields. Here is the IDF News Site, and Israel7 News, both regular sources of news for me. Israel has one of the premier intelligence agencies in the world and I regularly follow them as well as Germany, France, and India for intelligence information, and to ensure I have the other side I watch Al Jazeera. I know that most cannot do this. It is my own situation that allows me the time to do this in depth research.

And, if you fear that I only looked at Israeli sources here is an article from Palestinian Watch, a Muslim channel (but again, I want you to have the most accurate information and I will use whatever source I need to here is the Hezbollah site: HAMAS Spokesman We Are Leading Palestinians to Death; and here is the site from Palestinian Watch: “We Love Death More than You Love Life” “The Price Will Be High Sons of Zion… All of Palestine is Ours. There is nothing for you here but DEATH,” [The all caps are mine. Take a look at this. I am not cherry picking. These words are everywhere if you will look. Since I follow both Israeli channels and Al Jazeera and others I know this. Do we really need any better example that we are in a battle against nihilism and death. Contrast this with Jesus words, “I come that you might have life and have it abundantly.” We truly are in a war of good versus evil, whether you believe in a spiritual reality or whether you are a radical materialist this nihilism is contrary to every survival instinct humanity possesses and the harbingers of these philosophies will destroy humanity. (See my upcoming blog on Would the World Be Better Off Without Humanity?)]

Additional information of the situation in the Middle East involving Israel and Gaza:

What is the situation in Israel? Sorting out propaganda from facts – this gives a good history of the many attempts at a Two State Solution that Israel has always agreed to, but Palestinians reject because they want no place for Jews:

Here is the Ayn Rand Institutes summary of the modern argument but it doesn’t discuss the ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, it does put context into a popular meme used in the Palestinian propaganda, it is especially useful in teaching you how to recognize propaganda and political twisting of information:

Here is a summary from WION (an Indian channel called One World News) this is not as complete as Encounter Books above but gives another view and starts with the ancient Jewish Kingdoms:

It is interesting to note that the Arab-Israeli Wars are not used for training in the US Army War College? Why? Because there are not strategic or tactical lessons that we can draw from them because there is no way Israel should have won all these conflicts. The military history interests me, especially because it doesn’t make logical sense that the People of Israel should win. We have to ask; did they win because it is the land God promised them? THAT is a question you won’t ever see on the news or in these videos about the military situation (except they talk about 29,000 Israeli “troops” when they were nearly all untrained civilian militia – however the Israelis, many of whom were refugees from WWII and some of which were from concentration camps, felt they were fighting for their very existence.):

Here you can find a video on the 6 Day War of 1967; here are two on the 1973 War at the Sinai Front and the Golan Heights Front. This is an interesting video When One Tank Saved Israel.

If you want to get the feel of the 1948 war this movie is good with former greats like John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, and Yul Brenner. If you don’t like documentaries look up Cast A Giant Shadow on your favorite streaming service.

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