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Today, not in Nazi Germany but in the streets of America and London Jews are afraid to go outside their homes. They are afraid to go to school or work because they are being harassed, attacked, beaten, crippled, and killed in fact, if you collect the accounts, you can document more cases than preceded the Crystal Nacht in Nazi Germany. And no matter what the government of a country chooses to do politically advocating the punishment of an entire race for their actions is racism at best, political terrorism at worst.

Benjamin Franklin said in, Emblematical Representations, ca. 1774 that – “The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy.” Welcome Freedom Troopers. We have our annual payment for our website next month and I really need your help. If you can send help please send a check to the SabersEdge Foundation, c/o Editor Daniel Brakhage, PO Box 433, Leavenworth, KS 66048. I am on a fixed income and even a little bit would help. If you don’t know what to do to stop or slow the decay of America and spread the truth this is a place where any donation you can make would make a big difference and also give me much needed encouragement in a world that wants to silence us.

As such, Islamist countries fare poorly while the Bedouins, Druzi, Muslims, and others who live in Israel do so by choice. As one woman said (a Muslim daughter who became an actress and model in Israel,) “I could have become none of these things in the country of my birth. If my mother hadn’t left my father and fled to Israel, I would have been married at 14.” A Palestinian, who was an Israeli citizen, said that he had more freedom than a Jew. As a Muslim he could live freely in a Jewish or in a Muslim neighborhood. However, if a Jew moved into a Muslim neighborhood he and his family would be in danger. These interviews are at the end if you want to see them, and they are but a drop in the bucket of Muslim Israelis who have spoken out against the terrorists attacking Israel.

Anti-Semitism has been common in the world. The first Jew to have a high-ranking position in American Government was Judah P. Benjamin. He was the Jewish Secretary of State of the Confederate States of America (the only country of their own that Southerners ever had – the one that people only know of as rascist, despite free black millionaires and slave owners, the Jewish Secretary of State, and the fact that five Native American tribes had representation in the Congress of the CSA. Yet, all most of the world knows about the South of the Civil War is what the conquerors wanted them to remember. We are taught caricatures of the Confederacy and Nazi Germany and pretend that it is history. What Americans know is the propaganda used to justify the destruction of what had been the richest states in the Union before the war. Jews are not the only prejudices that we have learned. History is indeed, written by the victors and, much to my dismay as I dug deeper into it, the version we are taught is not immune to that.

Likewise, after Ulysses S. Grant gained control of the Vicksburg region he expelled all the Jews from Federal jurisdiction because they were “undesirable.” [See, When General Grant Expelled the Jews by Jonathan Sarna which is about Grant’s General Order 11 expelling the Jews. We might also point out that order was absolutely no impediment to being elected overwhelmingly as President of the United States. Despite that, we have one of the milder histories of racial persecution of the various countries who have racial laws, the only racial law we have today is that you cannot discriminate based upon race.]

Further, our World War II history conveniently forgets that Hitler’s Final Solution was just that. It wasn’t the first one he tried. First, he encouraged Jews to emigrate, and many did, including Albert Einstein. Then he tried to expel hundreds of thousands at a time. He tried to send them to England, France, and the US where even the President of the United States refused to receive them. They didn’t want the Jews in their country either. Interesting how most of our World War Histories ignore that.

No one has liked the Jews. That is why, perhaps more than any other nation, they need their homeland.

We have letters from Egyptian Pharoahs complaining of the Habiru/Hebrews in Judea, Samaria, and Israel (the ancient homeland of what is now Israel that predates even the Roman and Athenian Empires.) The Jews were the first people who were enslaved because of their race in ancient Egypt. Later, they were conquered and enslaved by Babylon with both Babylon and Rome destroying their Jewish Temple (Rome in 64 AD) and scattering the Jewish people. As God observed in the Old Testament. They are a stubborn and stiff-necked people and don’t give up easily. [Their Stubbornness is clearly shown in the movie with Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, and Walter Brennan called Cast a Giant Shadow. You have to excuse some of the bravado of the movie, it was filmed closer to the event and everyone in the movie actually remembered the concentration camp horrors they had witnessed in WWII. At the time the whole World acknowledged the Jews needed their homeland back – after thousands of years – so they could never be exterminated again. Actually, at the time even Arabs supported it. Some saying “Good, get them all in one place so we can exterminate them more efficiently. We might also put out that the war college and strategic instruction of warfare in the US largely ignores Arab Israeli conflict because there is no way the Israelis should have won their battles. You cannot teach a usable strategy as “God will protect his chosen.” Of course they don’t say that, they just ignore it as “having no usable lessons.”]

As for World War II, another thing you won’t find in our History Books was what my father told me. He saw me reading a biography of Rommel the Desert Fox when I was just starting Jr. High School/Middle School and sat down and said, “You know, the Jews thought that the sun rose and set in Rommel’s b*tt.” That was not something I expected to hear so I responded with a very intellectual response, “Huh?” “Yeah, during World War II the Jews in my unit had posters of Rommel the Desert Fox up in their barracks rooms. It was odd since he was the enemy and everyone commented on it.” “Why would they do that Dad?” “Isn’t it in your book? Rommel had standing orders to send the Jews he captured in the American Army to Germany for the concentration camps. He didn’t do it. He separated the Jews from the other American and British Prisoners and then gave them their rifles on the condition that they took them to Israel and Judah to fight against the British for their own homeland. It made sense. He was turning former enemies into allies and causing trouble for the British as well. He even transported them as close as he could get them. At least that is what we were told. They were getting letters from other Jews in Israel, before Israel became a state again.” No. That was not in any of the histories of Rommel or the Africa Korps that I have read.

Their indigenous homeland, proven over and over again by archaeology is Israel. There are hundreds of Islamist countries but in all the world there is only one indigenous Jewish homeland and and that is Israel. That is the ancient homeland of the Jews, and they were driven from their land thousands of years ago by Egyptian, Babylonian, and even Roman colonizers. These are facts that cannot be disputed by ANY HONEST and EDUCATED person.

Today, we have Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and radical Islamists have all publicly stated that they consider themselves at war with the Little Satan (Israel), and the Big Satan (America and the West). America doesn’t like to be hated though, so we either ignore it and hope (against the facts of history,) that it will go away or worse – we side with our enemy in a frantic effort to win approval. That is a sure sign of a people who has become so cut off from nature that they no longer even have a healthy survival instinct.

In the world we are in today, Iran sent a letter (published by Tousi TV, being Persian he is a good source of information about the Islamic occupiers controlling Iran from within Iran – not a neutral source – but a good one,) calling for these demonstrations and providing monetary support (it is obvious that these Little Gaza’s have foreign money behind them). Students are not only representing the interests of foreign powers that openly call for the extermination of Jews but they are flying their flags. Terrorist flags of a terrorist regime that was ELECTED by the Gazans to rule over them. And let’s spare ourselves the mindless babbling of “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Whatever you cause, if you blow up school buses, ties fathers and sons together and burn them alive, film yourself frying babies in ovens and microwaves in front of their parents, and burn old people alive in their wheelchairs, you are not a frakkin’ freedom fighter you are a monster.

IN ALL of these things the Gazans were so PROUD of their hatred for Jews that they filmed themselves doing it and then showed a collection of the footage to cheering crowds in Gaza on big screens. You can find it on the dark web if you have a strong stomach. But the youth on our campuses – you know the ones who are getting “elite” degrees and expect to be in charge of the rest of us – are so stupid that in this age of the internet they don’t even know what river or what sea they are trying to purge Jews from. They don’t know what Intifada means (it is war against Jews – not just a War against Israel but to exterminate an entire people,) they don’t look up anything. I was talking to a college age black man I worked with who “had Palestinian friends” and didn’t know any of this stuff. When I said it was all over the news and easy to find on the internet he replied, “I don’t really do politics.” Check next Tuesday’s blog for more on what happens if “you don’t do politics.”

Let me be clear. Politics is what decides how much money is taken from you, how much money you will spend on gas and groceries, and how you and your children and your friends are going to live. You are paying more at the grocery store, because of an energy policy that is based upon fantasy and hysteria.

Palestine is ruled by the terrorist organization Hamas – which was elected by the majority of Palestinians after Israel pulled out in 2005. If you don’t know Israel left Gaza to its own people in 2005. They abandoned the 21 Jewish Settlements in Gaza and the Israeli government forcibly (in some cases,) removed all Jews from Palestine and left the Gazans a huge internationally exporting flour business and thriving greenhouses that produced food as a way to “jump start” the Gazan economy. The Gazans – not terrorists but Gazans – burned and destroyed all these businesses because “anything touched by Jews was contaminated.” If you actually listen to Palestinians who have fled Gaza under the terrorist rule you would know that anyone left in Gaza supports the terrorists or has to pretend to because those who opposed have left. You see Gaza is not a concentration camp. It has a border with Egypt and a long coastline where people can leave. I know youth today were not educated properly, that is not their fault, but you have to be a special kind of stupid to actually think that people could voluntarily leave the Nazi and Communist concentration camps, or that you can have a concentration camp with no guards (remember all the Israelis left Gaza in 2005.) [More on this can be found in: What Should We Think About the Israel Gaza War? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

So, in free elections Gazans voted for terrorist rule, not all of them but most of them. It is not the Jews who are calling for genocide of Palestinians, it is the Palestinians who call for the genocide of Jews – and not just in Israel but everywhere – that is why Jews in London and America have been afraid…duh.

So we have students flying the Palestinian flag, a terrorist flag of a group “at war” with America and American values – not the flag of some oppressed people but a terrorist flag – often the same students who have burned the American Flag.

I ask you: Is this not giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war? Is that not the Constitutional definition of treason? At the very least the State Department and/or Justice Department should charge them with the Federal charge of “being unregistered agents of a foreign power.” But our government has become so lost and so corrupt and so cowardly that it cannot even make the decisions that it needs to make for its own survival.

Any nation that cannot do what it needs to do to survive deserves its death in the annals of history. Our leaders have betrayed the vision of America. A vision that is still applicable and can still breathe life into this country but not until we wrest control from the radical materialists who consider us nothing but useful idiots and cogs in their industrial wheel or tools of their Communist revolutionary agenda. There are precious few countries in the world who have been able to defeat a Communist insurgency that has gained control of this many institutions, as it has in the West, and NO examples of a country that was able to defeat such insurgency and revolutionaries while simultaneously fighting Islamic terrorists, foreign military insurgents, and a general malaise and corruption of its citizenry.

As the man once said, As in all periods of crisis there are the Patriots, the Lukewarm, and the Traitors. And if the lukewarm continue to make the decisions the Traitors will win.

The college demonstrations the “little Gaza’s” are an influx of radical Islamic hate regime values to the US and Canada. When you hear “From the River to the Sea” you need to understand that they are saying “Israel must be destroyed! When Hitler killed six million Jews it was not enough!” That is a substantive (and not literal,) translation of what they are saying. It is right in their founding documents. They are clear. There is no room for questioning it because Palestinians and the terrorist group HAMAS that they elected to be in charge (can you imagine placing terrorists in charge in America – and spare me the babbling of the ignorant who don’t know what other nations are like because they not only wallow in but treasure their own ignorance.) Palestinians have ALWAYS rejected the two state solution and the number of Jews in Arab countries has steadily declined since this strain of Islamic Hate came into dominance. Also, let’s be clear. It is not a hijacking of Islam. It is a legitimate view of Islam drawn from the teachings of Islam and the life of Mohammed. There are a lot of people trying to obscure that fact.

Zionism is the belief that the Jews should have a nation. Not that they should rule the world but that they deserve their own homeland. To be a Zionist is to support the existence of the State of Israel. In Israel, Jew, Bedouin, Druze, and Muslim, all serve together in the Israeli Defense Force and all of them defended Israel and lost their lives on October 7th.

Hamas, the popularly elected government of Gaza, openly calls for the elimination not only of the Jewish state but the eradication of all Jews everywhere (read their website if you doubt me – you see I actually look at sources and don’t just repeat what others are saying which is why Google hates me). I documented some of this in my discussions about October 7th – the attack in which terrorist gangs of the Hamas government murdered over 1200 Israeli’s (both Jews and Bedouin Arab citizens of Israel,) – the attacks which Israel responded to by invading Gaza. Again, I will mention that on that day a much greater percentage of Israelis were killed than Americans were killed in the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and we invaded and held control over two countries in response to that. [For more on October 7th See: What Should We Think About the Israel Gaza War? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth]

The hypocrisy and ignorance of American students of the Ivy League would baffle previous generations. And these are the schools that our leaders are drawn from? In my mind, that explains a lot. We have been led by these self-absorbed, ignorant, narcissists for quite some time in this country. They brought us the lockdowns of 2020 – 2022, the poisoning of the food on the shelves of our supermarkets with unproven fillers and dyes, and the creation of a system that is so fragile that FEMA itself estimates that if there is a major Carrington Event or high level EMP over the US that 90% of the population of the US will die in the first year following the event. This has been known to be true for decades and for decades our “leaders” have done NOTHING about it to fix it or to save American lives. In fact, by raising fuel prices they are already trying to kill off the poorest people and those poor people are not even a “blip” on the radar of the elite. [Check next week on To Help the Poor.]

Now this same self-absorbed cowardly “ruling class” is preventing a whole race of people from college classes and grounds because of their race. This is no different than the racists of the early 20th Century in Nazi Germany and in the US. The only difference between the racism against blacks we found in America and the racism on campuses today is that they are not saying “Go to the Back of the bus!” they are denying Jews the right to even ride the bus. They aren’t saying, “use the black water fountain” they are saying, “You can’t even drink at our water fountain, Hitler didn’t kill enough of you!” This is a hatred that far too many Islamic countries teach in their schools, their cartoons, and their religious education of their children and it is completely incompatible with Western Values.

This should never have even be allowed a voice in America or Canada. I don’t support laws against hate speech and people have a right to say bad things, even stupid things, but when people are calling for action killing others then that is advocating for murder and promoting murder is not legal. Similarly, celebrating an organization who bragged and videoed not only burning elderly alive in their wheelchairs but putting babies in microwaves while their parents were forced to watch is much worse than any presumed-historically ignorant-colonialist fantasy? Such evil not only should be illegal, the only civilized response would be eradicating it utterly – I guess that would make Israel the only civilized nation because it is the only one eradicating the barbarians – while America and Europe are welcoming in millions who don’t support freedom, liberty, and are perfectly happy with killing LGBT people. This is not to speak against Islam (although the dominant form of Islam is culpable as well,) but against Hamas and the murderous regime in Iran that has subjugated and dominated Persia and Persians since the CIA allowed our ally the Shah to be violently deposed by a religious fanatic. (If America, Europe, and England were fair and just then, just as we hung the Nazis at Nuremberg for allowing the genocide of the jews in Nazi Germany we should also hang those advocating the genocide of Jews today.

Let me be clear. I am not Jewish. I have no Jewish blood whatsoever. In fact I am German and Scotch-Irish. My grandparents on my father’s side came from Germany. I don’t hate Jews. I don’t hate Islam. I DO hate hypocrites.

And let us further torpedo the ignorance that claims “genocide” and “colonization” of Gaza. Israel withdrew from Gaza twenty-some years ago because it was not in their security interest to keep a presence there. When they withdrew they made all Jews leave with them and left the Palestinians a vibrant economy of agricultural greenhouses and a flour packaging and processing plant that was exporting and making a substantial profit to help them jump start their own economy. These facilities the Palestinians, smashed, destroyed, and burned into ruin because they didn’t want anything “contaminated by jews.” These are not acts of genocide. Israel, as the interviews will show is in no way an apatheid state. If you have heard that you are being lied to by people who don’t understand what true apartheid was.

If there is any genocide going on in the Levant it is the murder of Jews. Israel invaded Gaza – after it had been gone for two decades – because Hamas murdered a greater proportion of its population that we lost on September 11th when Islamic terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center and killed over 3,000 people in this country. Throughout the past 2 decades, and longer, Hamas and other terrorist organizations regularly fired missiles, sent suicide bombers, and murderous gunmen into Israel to kill Jews.

Each and every attack on Gaza was preceded by an attack on Jews and Israel did not even respond to most of the attacks they absorbed. There is only one side that wants peace and a two-party solution and that is Israel. From the River to the Sea is not a call for a two-state solution. It is not even a call for the eradication of Israel. It is a call for the death of all Jews from the river to the Sea “as a good start.” Hamas and Hezbollah are clear on their websites that the eradication of Jews from the Levant must be followed by the genocide of Jews everywhere.

We have wasted billions on the university system in the US if our students don’t even know these simple truths. And how could they when so many genuine scholars have been replaced by ideological QUACKADEMICS. The demonstrators, apparently, have not even watched the body-cam footage of the terrorists themselves as the “innocent” people of Gaza threw rocks, fists, and kicks, at the hostages brought back from Israel and cheered the terrorists on as they launched their attacks. Even a video I watched of a Jewish rape shelter – when they had a chance to let the world know what had happened to Jewish women they wimped out and said “its just too horrible to give voice to.” At the same time the very same person said “the world doesn’t understand.” I am disgusted with that Jewish woman too because she had a chance to MAKE people understand and was more interesting in spouting her own virtue at not being willing to repeat the atrocities.

And lets be clear. Murdering babies and elderly in wheel chairs is not and never has been considered respectable behavior in war. It is NOT freedom fighting and if that is the kind of freedom they believe in then I want nothing to do with it. (I am not saying that it has not been done I am saying it was always frowned upon in all respectable circles.) And it does not matter if their were hundreds of murdered babies or ONLY dozens. Anyone who tries to make the argument that it was ONLY dozens is already a moral wastrel that has no business leading any government or business in America.

Saying that an entire race should die and an entire race is evil THAT is genocide and advocating genocide is advocating an act that is illegal in the international community of nations. It is one thing we supposedly agree on. Yet our future “leaders,” the children of the “elite” of this country, are becoming the Nazis murderers my parents warned me about and that my Dad went to war to stop in World War II, and my sons went to war to stop after September 11th. They have all been betrayed by the leaders in Washington today.

Thomas Jefferson said that there is no remedy to evil once it has taken hold in a government or society. It must be rooted out in its entirety. What are you doing to root it out? You need to gather friends who think like you and talk about this. The fight starts in local elections and mobilizing the vote and supporting speakers who can make a difference and not in just commenting on Facebook. You may not be able to speak in public, make videos, or serve in government but you can support someone who can.

Even if there were not Islamic and hereditary hatred of Jews to contend with in this country the actions necessary to cure communist cultic indoctrination would take extreme acts necessary to deprogram brainwashed people and that has been proven to be only partially successful – if successful at all. And it is only successful on those who have not been fully indoctrinated. As Yuri Bezmenov says the Communist idealists that are created in their indoctrination cannot be reasoned with and can no longer see facts (even if they are presented,) for this reason the first act of a Communist government is to kill or imprison the “useful idiots” who brought them to power before they bring trouble to the Communist regime itself. Our government is too weak to do that – it may be that Western Culture has become too weak to do that. If so the greatest civilization the world has ever seen will fall.

Have we come to the point that we need a Cincinnatus to be elected dictator and then give up the reigns of power when he has restored order? For the first time in my life I would say yes, as my observations are about 5 to 10 years ahead of the general consensus that means it will be 5-10 years before America as a whole realizes that. If it takes that long that means it will be too late to save America. We will see what happens. We have been asleep in the Western World for too long and mistakenly trusted to leaders who did not have the best interests of ourselves or our country at heart. They only sought to empower and enrich themselves and cared not for the price that had to be paid for their own advancement. These are the leaders of our political class today. This is why Donald Trump is so attractive to so many. Whatever else he maybe it is clear that he is not of the political class that has turned our government into a stinking swamp and cesspool of corruption.

We either need to take action to save America or learn to read Chinese and Arabic and admit to the world that Americans have become too pampered and weak to even rule themselves. IF thise is the case I guess that we will see whether its communists or Islamic extremists who takes over first. They are not good bedfellows as China is an enemy of Islam and Islam is an enemy of Communists but they are together in toppling the Western Powers. When they are done fighting us they will resume killing each other.

We can sleepwalk into racism and tyranny but we cannot sleepwalk into freedom.

Our enemies knew that it would be part of the process of toppling the West and that is why these encampments are funded by the enemies of America and the West. We all need to wake up to what is happening before the “normalcy bias kills us all and destroys the very fabric of Western society, culture, philosophy, art, and religion because when it goes the World will enter a Dark Age far worse than the one that followed the fall of Rome.

Racism is the real enemy for America and it always has been (anti-semitism is perhaps the oldest racism of all,) because racism and neo-Marxist radicals are the chief enemy of the West. They can destroy the West because our nations cannot survive without respect for diversity and the individual; and we have let the cancer grow until it cannot be peacefully operated on and removed. As Yuri Bezmenov said, once infected and fully in the cult of these beliefs the person cannot be brought out of it. Facts do not work. Re-education does not work. Like any cult even if you hire a de-programmer the rate of return to the cult is high. This racism has taken a culturally and racist neo-Marxist form that is destroying the West. And will complete that destruction if it is not stopped.

It will depend on all of us.

We must do what we can and wake up as many as we can to join us.

We must stop sleepwalking into tyranny.

Here ends the article on the oldest racism and its threat to America and the West.

OF further interest a response to the racists by NYPD and two videos:

Here is a response by the NYPD to campus radicals that is well worth reading and was covered on Megan Kelly. At the end are the testimonies of some Arabs living in Israel who fled the Islamic regimes they were born in because Israel is the only free country in the Middle East where women have autonomy and gays can live safely.

From: You Have to Read the NYPD’s Mic Drop Response to a Columbia Student Group’s Anti-Israel Letter – Megyn Kelly video:

The very lengthy diatribe began by calling out Columbia President Minouche Shafik for “bringing the NYPD onto campus to forcibly disperse and brutalize our classmates protesting genocide” – including her decision to recruit the police after a group of agitators barricaded themselves inside Hamilton Hall late last month. 

Megyn pulled a few “highlights” from the missive sent by students:

Our team of legal observers tried to enter campus repeatedly… As night fell, we remained stuck outside, facing a wall of riot police, unable to bear witness to the violence that was about to unfold. We felt a deep dread knowing that without any witnesses, the police could do whatever they pleased. This moment eerily echoed the telecommunications blackouts Israel has imposed on Gaza… 

The police unleashed violence upon the unarmed students… One was thrown down a staircase and knocked unconscious. At least one cop fired his gun inside… All protesters… were arrested. In prison, some had their hijabs ripped off by cops. Many were denied water… Some have been hospitalized.”

NYPD response to Megan Kelly Show regarding above letter: discuss the facts: The allegations outlined by this Columbia Law student group are scurrilous, deceitful, and have absolutely no basis in reality. The writers are in league with the unruly mob that broke into Columbia’s historic Hamilton Hall, shattering glass with hammers and barricading entrances with vending machines, large garbage cans, and hefty furniture. The protesters illegally locked themselves inside, securing the doors with clamps and heavy-duty bike locks and chains. They disabled interior surveillance cameras so that their criminality could not be documented. And when Columbia’s administrators finally asked the NYPD to regain control of the campus they had lost, our police officers did so swiftly, professionally, and effectively. And they did so, fully aware of the severe, potential risks posed to their own safety by those inside.

Every police officer on the scene that night had a working body-worn camera, and everything was recorded. Also recorded – by a demonstrator filming the resistance efforts outside before police breached Hamilton Hall – was a protester dramatically rolling himself down the wide front steps. His flop of a performance was worth, at minimum, a yellow card from a professional soccer referee or, at most, a gold statue from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. At the end of the night, no injuries had been seen or reported during or after the removal of the trespassers. It was just another of the student group’s demonstrably false claims.

The men and women of the NYPD take their public-safety role in society very seriously. We safeguard hundreds of peaceful protests and rallies each year in New York City. We have more experience protecting and facilitating First Amendment rights than any other municipal police department in the nation. What we learned a long time ago is that reversing the roles between offender and victim is a tactic often employed by professional demonstrators and their sympathizers (the same method exploited by sex offenders and perpetrators of domestic violence). It is an insidious form of psychological manipulation – “gaslighting” – usually displayed through hyperbolic statements like those detailed in this group’s email. 

Simply put: On the night of April 30, the charges brought against those who refused to leave Columbia ranged from burglary to criminal mischief to trespassing. And one plain fact remains: Those arrested at Hamilton Hall were not victims. And despite their urgent imploring to the contrary, they never will be.

BBC admits Gaza figures were misleading (

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