The Bank Failures; Do They Herald Our Future?

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The recent bank failures and ending of trading look familiar to any student of history. But it is important to not panic as part of the herd. I have long predicted that the path we were on would lead to a collapse if not corrected. That is not a divine prophecy but common sense. No finite group of persons can long spend more than they bring in without meeting disaster, as we have done. So far our “elite” have been protected by the safeguards erected for the common folk preventing them from learning their lessons.

In 2008 banks overextended, in part because government regulations required them to extend credit to “bad risks” in the hopes of helping people who were not financially sound to acquire homes. Too many of these defaulted on their debts and the housing market collapsed. The government said that they were “too big to fail” and were afraid it would start a cascade reaction so they intervened. Spending billions of the taxes they confiscated from our paychecks to support the elite and the corporations. In return, they sent each of us a couple of thousand dollars back for the tens of thousands that they have taken from us directly. This defines the generosity of the government. Take a lot and give back a little. It is a dynamic the founders of America and most republics were familiar with.

This time they perceived the same thing. They again proclaimed the bank “too big to fail” (or perhaps too big and important to be allowed to learn the lessons spawned by their greed and risk-taking.) The government hoped that by stepping in and stopping trading, as well as guaranteeing the loans over 250,000$ (which is the legal guarantee of depositor insurance – to insure the common person is not wiped out) the FDIC is, instead, using their insurance to bail out the ill-conceived investments and practices of Silicon Valley Bank and the multi-million dollar investors as opposed to the little guy that it was designed to protect. Once again the financial community, through paternalistic government, has been saved from their own greed and stupidity. They will not learn if they don’t have to face the hard lessons. They will do it again.

However, with the government stepping in they may stop a run on the banks. There seems to be a large number of people who are willing to follow whatever the government and media tell them to believe. This is in keeping with what Bernays, the father of propaganda and advertising, said in his book Propaganda. That many people act without engaging their own critical thought and they can be controlled by the media. That was true in the past when access to information could be controlled. It is not at all clear that they will be able to maintain control the same way now. As the internet opens up new access to information so it gives media and government new avenues to propagandize and control the masses. If you have read Le Bon’s book The Crowd it would be apparent why. The crowd responds emotionally and conservatively following what they are told as part of their emotional need for security as part of the herd. If the herd panics they will panic, if the herd stands still they will stand still. If the herd dies, they will die.

The opening words on page one of Propaganda by Edward Bernays the father of modern advertising and propaganda

The initial panic and “run on banks” was a herd response. Hopefully, it can be stopped by another herd response fostered by government messages of calm and confidence. That is what our government hopes. But our government itself is insolvent. It cannot keep bailing out the affectations and risks taken by the rich. Silicon Valley Bank was an investment bank it specialized in tech businesses. Its crashing is a warning sign for the insolvency of the entire tech economy. It bears watching but you don’t want to panic. After the initial panic where things and prices will spike (after the herd response,) things balance out and the panic slacks off. Sooner or later everything will crash but this is one of the first warning signs that have broken into the public consciousness (note it is not the first warning sign but one of the first that have been noticed by the general populace,) which is notoriously slow in recognizing the obvious. The fall will come and all too fast. However, I don’t believe this is it. Rather, it is a sign to everyone that the “engine light” of our economy has come on. If we don’t respond to it and get it repaired the engine will cease up and break down. Unfortunately, our current administration does not have the business acumen of the last administration. They seem completely clueless about economic matters. It is not surprising.

We now have a president who Democratic strategists described as being “on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue in the last 50 years.” Is probably not going to fair very well domestically either. Of course, the herd, who elected him, never actually looked at who they were voting for. They fell into the trap of voting against something and not voting for anything. As such, they got nothing. The entire country will pay for their short-sightedness. Hopefully, their short-sightedness extends to believing that the government has a handle on everything and that the bank run will not lead us into another great depression. The invisible leaders that Bernays spoke of in his book: Propaganda has led us into a grave situation.

My advice remains the same, Freedom Troopers, do not panic. However, continue to prepare for a very hard time upcoming. Ensure you can feed your family if the banks do collapse. Have the weapons you need to defend your security and the heat and air you need to live in comfort. Water, food, vitamins, and security, are key to your survival in the upcoming years. Enough to augment what you cannot buy as the network of supply that we have built continues to break. Since the youth seem to think that socialist planning is the “way out” we may be guaranteed to live a life of want since our abundance was provided not by socialist planning but by capitalist innovation. As it is, such innovation may be dead. As I write this in the wee hours of the morning of the 15th there are still matters to be determined but I understand, although I have not yet confirmed, that the Risk Assessment Officer of SVB was busy organizing a Trans Pride Event as the bank was failing. More certain is that the ranking officers of the bank were busy selling off their stock in the bank during the 24 hours before the government take over and that they had time to pay their top employees their annual bonuses before the takeover. More will become apparent if people dig; probably enough to absolve them of any sympathy which people may have at present.

The corruption of our society continues, as does the shortsightedness.

Another thing that continues is the refusal of the rich and powerful to face their own mistakes. They have been bailed out repeatedly by the US Government – which operates on our tax dollars. In other words, the bailouts are being done with the resources that were taken from us because those are the only resources it has. One way or another, directly or indirectly, the cost is once again upon the shoulders of the poor and middle class. And the robbing of the treasury continues. This is, as I have pointed out, what the elite do in every case when they believe a country to be failing…they rob the treasury and line their own pockets. It appears that the executives of this bank tried to do this by selling off their stock and issuing themselves their own bonuses; even as the government is doing this by using the FDIC (designed to protect the little guy,) to bail out the mistakes of the rich. The nanny state, toxic femininity, the devouring mother archetype of psychology, which is not allowing its “children” to learn the lessons of their greed and mistakes; refusing to allow them the growth that is gained by painful failure.

Life is a struggle. We all face them. When we are not allowed to learn the lessons of our failure and our struggles we fail to learn; we fail to grow. We remain perpetual children and never accumulate the strength we need to survive. Over the centuries, as in our genetic manipulations of dogs and so many other creatures, we create a genetic, spiritual, and physical weakness in our people and society. A fragile caricature of what we were meant to be. People can only reach their potential through growth and we grow through overcoming obstacles. Obstacles that our society, as societies that have fallen before us, increasingly attempted to shield their people from.

As the saying goes: “Hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men, weak men make hard times.” This is where we are. On the lower path of the circle where weak and misguided men and women have once more brought hard times upon us. As they always do.

But I don’t write for the weak, the sheep who simply accept their fate. I write for those who are ready to face the future, overcome the struggles of life, and build a new world on the solid foundations of the past. A foundation from which we can reach into a brighter future that the people who came before us can only imagine. But it is a future that we must fight for. And we will.

Freedom Troopers, you will be among the determined warriors who will lead us into the future after the collapse of what did not need to collapse and the fall of that which did not need to fall. Remember, the end of what we know is not the end but simply the birth pangs of the future. Cling to the foundational beliefs of our society, as known in the 18th and 19th centuries as a foundation for our future. It will still serve us as a firm foundation to stand on as we face the trials the present and the future hold for us. Trials and challenges that we will overcome, each in turn, to build the future and allow us to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Before we close we need to address the housekeeping issues. I appreciate each of my readers, and I see the study corp of readers. However I don’t appreciate what the algorithms seem to be doing. My readership steadily increases but every time it reaches thousands it seems to be throttled back to dozens. I adjust the way the site interacts with search engines and it grows again only to be throttled back once again. For that, I need to rely on you, my readers to like and share. (Readers I like to call Freedom Troopers since freedom and effectiveness is what we discuss and troopers are the soldiers of the cavalry. Repeatedly, in movies I grew up with the cavalry rode over the hill in the nick of time to save the day. Perhaps that is why Theoden, King of Rohan and his riders are my favorite characters in the Lord of the Rings. When I was dying from my liver failure and needed encouragement I listened the to the music list on my youtube playlist and repeatedly watched Captain America and the Avengers and the charge of the Rohirrim in the Lord of the Rings. With that encouragement I could face the decay of my failing body. Now science and medicine have given me a new life and it is science and medicine that will brighten our future. But only if it is in service of the values and ideals upon which our society was founded and grounded.) Pass on SabersEdge.Online, tell those you know that you found an interesting site with interesting ideas and bypass the algorithms. Meanwhile, I am working on a way to expand SabersEdge Association and our network through finances we have accessed from my retirement. For now, I need your help to support and spread SabersEdge.Online as you are able.

Together, we at SabersEdge will move into a new stage in the coming months allowing us to better coordinate and learn from one another as we seek to move into the future. Not the future that the Marxists and self-proclaimed elitists are building for us where we are all nameless numbers in a materialistic consumerist dystopia that slowly devours the resources of the planet – including the human resources. But, instead, a future that the Lions, Sheepdogs, Wolves, and other Warriors among us are ready and able to build. I know they are out there. We have more veterans in the community than we have ever had since World War II. Despite what people generalize about the “younger generations” it is these very younger generations that defended American ideals in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last twenty years. Further, throughout America the world people are playing games that speak to the warrior and heroic nature inside them as well as those that speak to the narcissistic sociopaths inside of us. Those whose hearts stir at the heroic must overcome the sociopaths that seek to define our future. Their future is the dystopia of science fiction, cyberpunk, and the apocalyptic. For their path includes a ruinous devouring of resources. Even their solutions require a continuing waste of resources in grand manipulation of the environment that always carries with it unintended consequences. They seek to continue the hubris that brought us to this point. So, why should we trust the very same elitist industrialists who have brought us to the brink of economic and environmental destruction to “save” the future for us. I, for one, do not trust them to take us into the future. But we can do it. The veterans of the past and the heroes of the future. Together we can build a future that is worth living in. So say we all.

Ride and fear no darkness!

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