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I saw this meme: “Two things that don’t hang themselves: Christmas Decorations and Jeffrey Epstein”…my thoughts on why I have come to believe that statement is true and there is a video at the end that has significant information in including an interview of Tucker Carlson with Jeffrey Epstein’s brother and additional testimony and evidence. As an investigator who has worked as both a federal agent and in private security, I thought that the information that came out about the Jeffrey Epstein “suicide” was so flakey I couldn’t believe they were so bold as to do this. Worse, it was like they didn’t even try to make it believable once they did. They were either totally incompetent, they simply didn’t care, or there was the unthinkable idea that, whoever they were, they actually wanted us all to know that they could kill people even in high security Federal Prison without any retribution. Those were my thoughts at the time. They haven’t changed with investigation and the more I learn the more I am convinced that there are serious implications for all of us in this situation that will have a lasting impact on how we live and our relation to government and each other.

The most obvious problem was that Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” happened a couple days before he had a bail hearing. It was suspected that, at the bail hearing, Epstein would put forward his “non-prosecution/immunity agreement with the Federal government to prove he wasn’t a flight risk and that they should drop the charges. Why would you commit suicide when you had such a good case to get out of jail? This immunity agreement was the whole reason he came back from Paris willingly without having to be extradited by the courts.

This “immunity/non-prosecution agreement” with the Feds – is an agreement the government often makes when they want to get the testimony of someone that will lead to the prosecutions and hopefully the conviction of others who committed significant crimes. If they are dealing with a witness against very dangerous organizations (like organized crime,) it’s not uncommon to put them in Federal Custody to protect them from harm. Jeffrey Epstein was put in one of the most secure prisons in the United States.

The most obvious reason someone would want him dead prior to a hearing was if someone didn’t want him to testify. Presumably because the potential witness could incriminate and destroy the careers of powerful people. But that would not be “suicide” it would be murder. But is that what happened? Epstein was under Federal Protection?

People under Federal Protection have been killed before, even in Federal Prison. Usually it is because federal officers, for some incompetent or corrupt reason, place the potential witness in the general population and do nothing to protect him. Then, the organized crime organization that wants him dead gets word to someone in the prison population that they already have ties with to accomplish the task. They then might “accidentally” get in a fight with the potential witness and kill him “in self-defense.” Later, when the corrupt prison officials are asked why the witness was in the general population and why officers didn’t keep him safe, they make some ridiculous excuse that falls just short of admitting they are too corrupt or too stupid to actually hold the position “of trust and responsibility with the United States Government” that they are in.

One of the ways to prevent such a killing is to place the potential witness in solitary or on suicide watch to separate them from the general population and keep them under close watch and protection. That prevents a fellow inmate with mob connections from killing your witness before they have a chance to testify. In solitary and isolation only medical personnel and other prison officials can gain access to the potential witness.

When incarceration and protection are done right, and there is no corruption, no one can get such a witness in prison, and they have to try an assassination as he moves from the prison to the courtroom. That creates its own problems as such an act is not easily swept under the rug.

In Jeffrey Epstein’s case no one should have been able to get to him unless the government either did it or if officers of the government allowed someone to do it. For that to happen it could lead one to believe that the Federal Officials in New York who were involved were “on the take” or criminal in their own right. (Not that taking bribes to allow someone to be killed isn’t criminal but there is a slight difference if the government stood aside and let organized crime do it or if the government is the criminal organization that did it.) At the very least the guards who were on duty were guilty of dereliction of duty.

In case you don’t know, law enforcement, military, government officers in the bureaucracy, and elected officials all take an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. That is the Constitution and NOT the government. This is because the government’s only legal existence is based upon the “consent of the governed” and the rule of law. All law and authority in this country is based upon the US Constitution. Anything, against the constitution is null and void, that is one of the roles of the Supreme Court to ensure that laws and actions are in accordance to the US Constitution. It is upon the Constitution and the Consent of the Governed that all just governance in this country rest.

To get at someone in Federal Prison who is in solitary or suicide watch, you would have to be able to subvert the honor and the oaths of Federal Officers to allow you to accomplish any malfeasance under their watch, let alone accomplish a murder.

At the time Jeffrey Epstein was arrested I figured that it was to protect him from a powerful family or organization that might want him dead. Maybe one that had once had political roots in the Arkansas governor’s office and who had a long history of people dying in their vicinity along their political trail. If that was the case, the government failed to provide adequate protections and got no testimony. Those were my thoughts at the time. But now I think this has to be bigger than one powerful political or criminal family. Let’s look at the exact situation more closely.

Epstein was in Federal Prison as a high security inmate but not in isolation. He was in a cell block with seven other cells. It is said that he attempted suicide once before, but he was attacked by his cellmate and did not attempt suicide. That is just what they are saying. After that he was in a cell block but also on suicide watch. This meant he was supposed to be under near constant surveillance and isolated from the general prison population. Only someone very powerful in the government or someone who had the money and power to corrupt federal officials of the government would have had a chance to get at him.

So, Eppstein was on suicide watch which requires heightened surveillance from the general population. Generally, someone is required to check on him every 15 minutes (at most). That is a difficult nut to crack and it would take money, power, and ruthlessness to pull all the strings that had to be pulled to “get” him. Is that even possible?

If this was a murder who are the suspects? What is the motive? Who would benefit from having Jeffey Epstein silenced? And who was it that allegedly left the doors to the individual cells in that cell block unlocked?

The suspects could be any of a myriad of officials, celebrities, businessmen, princelings, and politicians whose careers could be dramatically ended if it was revealed that they had sex with minors. This could include organizations that might have their standing severely harmed by revelations that their executives or leaders were involved in such an operation. A long time ago movies were advertised as being “with a cast of thousands.” That was back when they couldn’t computer generate believable armies on the computer. This case could be said to have a suspect list of thousands, or at least hundreds. And they could be very rich and powerful suspects indeed.

However, you not only need motive to be a suspect you need to have the ability to do (or attempt,) the crime, and there also needs to be a crime and not just a suicide.

When someone is on suicide watch they take away their sheets, their shoelaces, their belt, and anything else that they could commit self bodily harm with so that they cannot do it. For some reason this prison failed to follow accepted procedure for this one particular in-mate and he had sheets. Never mind that we have over a hundred years of history with examples of people trying to hang themselves with sheets. So why did they leave him his sheets? No one asked.

Further, the video surveillance in the prison just happened to fail at the time of the “suicide”? If there were a history of problems with the cameras, then this might be plausible – although then we would have to ask about the incompetence of the prison official who placed him in an area where cameras were malfunctioning…especially since so many powerful people would potentially want him dead. However, there was no history of the camera’s unreliability, and it has worked fine since. So, we are to believe that it just happened that it failed right at that time? It’s a coincidence?

There is a back-up for the camera systems though so this failure would not have been fatal. On suicide watch the guards are to make regular, direct and in person visual observation of the person on suicide watch. However, the guards testified that they had both fallen asleep for an hour that had “coincidentally” included the time of the murder…I’m sorry, I meant to say “suicide.”

Inigo Montoya used this line many times in the movie A Princess Bride

There are no good investigators who trust coincidences. Any coincidence is investigated to ensure that it is, indeed, a coincidence and not evidence. But in the Eppstein case this was not done.

Maybe it is a good time for me to say that I am neither sick nor suicidal and I haven’t had a car accident in decades. In high school we were asked to choose a motto for our family – it was in a history class where we discussed the noble families all had family mottos or sayings that define their family – and we were to pick one that defined ours. I chose DVM SPIRO SPERO which is Latin for “Where There is Life There is Hope” because that is what I believe. No matter how bad things get as long as there is life there are options. I will never kill myself and my heart is strong. My VA Doctor during my stress test, said that they had to get the treadmill up to a maximum incline and maximum speed to get my heart rate up enough to fulfill the needs of the test. He said that I have the heart and fitness of a much younger man. So, if I suddenly have an accident or die from a “sudden illness” there is something shady going on. Our best defense is in working together to bring us back on track. So please become a Freedom Trooper by writing to us at and recommend this article to someone who might be interested in this topic.

So, we are to believe that the guards charged with keeping him alive and safely imprisoned slept through the…suicide? I guess that is another coincidence. I know they didn’t have a record of sleeping on duty or they would have already been fired. So, the one time they fell asleep just “happened” to be the very time that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide? More coincidences I suppose…

So, when someone commits suicide, everything is left as it is until EMT’s arrive, they then take the body to the hospital where they are pronounced dead, after that the coroners confirm the death and that is pretty much it. There is no need for any investigation because the coroners confirmed the suicide, and the evidence backs it up. However, the coroners who actually examined the body said it looked like a homicide, and not a suicide. You cannot accuse the Federal Coroners of New York city of being corrupt!

Oh, wait, they were over-ruled by their superior in the coroner’s office who said it was definitely a suicide even though she had never seen the body and, as far as I know, never visited the crime scene.

And what about the body?

We cannot be sure because facts are hard to come by. Not only did they fail to check on Epstein every 15 minutes but he was dead at least two hours by the time he was “found.” Initially there was no informatin about how he was found. Apparently, someone disturbed the crime scene and removed Epstein from the cell, took him to the Prison infirmary, cut off his prison garb and put him in a hospital gown. The EMT’s who were called (we don’t know what was said because 911 “lost” the tape of the phone call from the prison.) Why did they cut off and dispose of his prison suit? Was there evidence on there that would help the coroners determine what really happened? Generally, the dead body would be transported as is directly from where they were found. But the EMT’s were taken to the infirmary and not the site of the crime. This was a direct violation of policy. Eventually, when enough people raised a stink they gave a statement that someone found Epstein in a sitting position hanging from the top bunk with his butt only a couple of inches off the floor? Is that even possible? I would think you would have to have tremendous will-power to keep from bringing your legs up under you to keep you from strangling, and his hands were supposedly free as well. People who survive suicide attempts often report they felt they had made a mistake just as they jumped off the building or pulled the trigger and wished at that moment they could take it back. That is why people often set up a chair and kick it out of the way so they cannot change their mind. I guess it’s just another coincidence that this was one of the few people who had the will to do it that way? And that the guards – who didn’t check him every 15 minutes and left him alone for a 2 hour period (at least,) moved the body and hopelessly contaminated the crime scene by moving the body. Then someone decided that they had to get rid of the prison uniform and put him in a hospital gown? All of this is beyond the realm of probability. Also, why did they refuse to comment on the matter for so long if it was “clearly” a suicide. None of this is likely and it becomes even less so when we get the testimony of the coroner below.

Below is a video of a Tucker Carlson interview with Epstein’s brother. It is very interesting. One of the clips from it that I thought was notable was a coroner saying that Jeffrey Epstein had three bones in his neck broken from the force of the strangulation. The coroner said in over a thousand autopsies of prison suicides he has never seen a case where all three bones had been broken by a suicide. Also, the marks on the neck were in the middle of the neck, if Epstein’s weight was on the rope from hanging the marks would have been up around the jawline because the jawbone would have been what was keeping the rope in place and supporting the weight. All of the evidence points to murder and conspiracy to commit murder as well as conspiracy to cover up the murder after the event.

Did I mention that the two guards who were working and swore under oath that they were sleeping were charged with “lying under oath” on this matter because their testimony was fundamentally unbelievable and didn’t coincide with facts.

Did I mention also that these sleepy officers were pardoned for lying under oath by government officials of the United States.

Why is that? I have done security virtually all of my adult life and the hallmark of security is to be dependable and trustworthy. Anyone who falls asleep on guard duty is generally fired, or moved to someplace whose contract is so inconsequential that no one cares. Beyond that is lying under oath “dependable and trustworthy”? I suppose it is if you are a criminal organization and they are lying to protect the organization that they belong to. What kind of government do we have where lying under oath about a “suicide/suspected homicide” means you are a “trustworthy” or “dependable” member of the Federal Government? That sounds more like the oath of omerta taken by members of the Mafia or some other organized crime syndicate and not an oath to “preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Not only were these guards pardoned for “lying under oath” but at least one of these guards actually still works for the Federal Government. Maybe the other one has a conscience? Information from the guards is hard to find. So, in order to keep his job someone had to decide that this guard, who lied under oath about a possible murder, slept on guard duty, and failed to make the prescribed suicide watch checks on a prisoner resulting in that prisoner’s death performed acceptable service to the Federal government so that the Federal government continues to employ him? Think about that for a minute. Who can still believe this was a suicide?

Of course, one person could not have accomplished this alone. This is a crime that would require accomplices which could include the head coroner, the guards on duty, the killer, all the people who allowed the killer access, the judge who pardoned the guards, and we will probably never know who else. Therefore, this had to be a conspiracy.

As a reminder a conspiracy is a legal term where two or more people discuss an illegal act and at least one of those persons takes an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. When I use conspiracy, it is in the legal sense and not in the sense of some sensational conspiracy of all the leaders of the world meeting together in a smokey room and working with the Illuminati to destroy us all. But in this case there had to be several moving parts and the involvement of more than one person. That is the very definition of a conspiracy.

Grand Admiral Thrawn was a character in Star Wars that first appeared in the novels of Timothy Zahn in his sequel trilogy of books on Star Wars.

So, although it is obvious that this had to be a conspiracy on some level there are a lot of suspects who would have wanted it done but very few had the power and influence to have done it. I think it is clear that all of his clients benefited by Epstein’s death but that doesn’t mean they were all involved in a mass conspiracy to kill him. Who had the power and influence to both get access to Jeffrey Epstein and also protect the guards who were supposed to guard him after they got in trouble and get the head of the coroner’s office to arbitrarily change the verdict of the examining doctors?

I had hopes that Attorney General Bill Barr would step in and order someone to investigate and reveal the corruption hiding in the darkness. Perhaps he could have started setting things right and uncover the culprits and put names to them. However, as you will see his “investigation” did not restore my confidence in government nor did it give me reason to believe the government was innocent in this matter.

What of the Attorney General of the United States? The highest law enforcement official in the land what did he do when people began crying foul and accusing this of being a murder? He personally watched one surveillance tape of the hallway outside and then lied and said that he declared it a suicide because the examining medical personnel said it was. Do you remember that the video surveillance “failed” right at the critical time of the suicide itself? Do you remember that the examining medical personnel declared it a murder? So, after watching that he declared it a suicide and lied about why. Since when does the Attorney General personally investigate suicides? If you can call that an investigation. It is not much of an investigation in my mind. Especially, considering the implications of the “suicide” and the situation surrounding it.

Perhaps you have seen crime shows where they “loop the image” of an empty hallway or room while they are doing the crime? In my experience in intelligence much of the spywork shown on TV is old techniques and they can do even better in real life. Since it was declared a “suicide” there was no investigation to see if anything like that had been done…or if security had been breached for access the cell block. Nor have they checked to see if the cell doors were left open and if so who did it. Nor have they checked to see who was in those other cells and if they had contact with the outside. The list of uninvestigated questions is even longer than I have put out here!

In fact, because it was officially declared a suicide there was no investigation at all!

But, if this is the case then what does it say, if our government is so corrupt that they have to murder a man before his trial to protect the people in government and the highest law official in the land looks the other way? If that’s not the case it is no better if some other organization has enough sway in our government that they can get the Government to lie and coverup the incident. Do we even have justice in this country anymore? We once did.

And what was the purpose of Jeffrey Epstein in regard to our leaders? Why did he have so much money? Who was funding this resort island? Did his clients pay millions to visit? It doesn’t appear so. It appears that they were “guests.”

One person said there was always someone about with a camera. I remember telling people, when I saw a picture of Bill Clinton, on Epstein’s island and wearing a dress, that it looks like one of those organized crime operations where they take pictures or film of people in compromising positions so that they can black mail them if they don’t do what they are told. Is that the basis of our government and the powerful movers and shakers in our society now? If so, there are some who are moving and shaking with minors in a way that is illegal and immoral.

Also, why would someone appeal to the Israeli government to keep the US from releasing lists of names involved with Epstein’s Island? They were appealed to in the matter of the recent list that came out last week. A list that President Donald Trump was NOT on. The pieces to this conspiracy are many and varied. And there are a lot of questions for which we are getting no believable answers. We may never know now.

What would it mean that our government – or non-government organizations that had strong influence in our government and others – arranged this network of underage prostitution and who-knows-what-else as a service or “honey-trap” for leaders of world governments, businesses, film, or other celebrity or leaders as a way of building a web of corruption and control? Grand Admiral Thrawn where are you? Has our Republic truly fallen?

Is there really some mastermind of control somewhere? Vanguard? Blackrock? WEF? or some murky black-hearted monster psychopath who cares for neither the sanctity of life nor his (or her) conscience as long as it brings them power? Or is it just our own corruption? Either way is a bit unsettling but whatever is going on there is something definitely wrong with this picture.

I had a friend who still had a TOP SECRET, clearance with access to Sensitive Compartmented Information and he told me “Dan, its not like it used to be. It’s almost like they give clearances now only to people who they think will keep their mouth shut and classification is as much to hide illegal operations as it is to protect our freedom.” That was told to me at the turn of the century around 2006 or so. At the time I thought: “I hope it’s not that bad.” But with everything going on I am sure he was right and it has now gotten so bad that a myriad of problems are becoming noticeable to the public at large.

And further, there have to be people who were not involved in the island directly who knew or know what is going on and no one is speaking out. If Epstein was killed I understand their reticence. Standing up and doing the right hand is hard when all you have to worry about is derision. But there are people who know the answers to these riddles!

I guess it is not surprising. The silent majority has trusted the government and let it run on automatic for too long. In the process our leaders have abused our trust and the corruption is so deep that I feel sorry for any honest representative who goes to Washington. They must feel like they are in a constant state of seige in a hostile environment where all around them reeks of corruption and malfeasance. That is the government of the United States of America today.

What kind of government allows the murder of witnesses in prison before they can speak in court? The kings of England did that (a few of them in the Middle Ages anyway where being imprisoned in the Tower of London was essentially a death sentence, as often as not.) Of course, Soviet communists had Gulags where they kill or work to death millions of Russians. Today, the Chinese are exterminating minorities and those who won’t comply with the directives of the Communist Party leaders, including the Uighurs and followers of the Fulan Gong religion. All while our government remains silent.

It is too bad that some people think that the government of the United States is actually a reflection of what America is and who Americans are. It is not anymore. We have been betrayed. There is truly something noxious in America that is surrounding us with its stench and leaving a bad taste in our mouths. Even though it was predicted by the founders that our government would slowly become corrupt if we were not always on guard none of us want to see it in our time. Although we may see it today we don’t have to accept it. Here is the video interview on Epstein, please come back after you watch it or skip it and come back when you are done.

Are we still a free nation? We certainly are not “one nation, under god.” There was a time when if you asked an American to make a “loyalty oath” or “pledge of allegiance” they would have been insulted that you had even questioned their loyalty by asking them. But that was in the 1800s when Americans were Americans but also Virginians, Wisconsonites, Carolinans, Georgians, Iowans, Pennsylvanians, etc; when a man’s word was legally binding. There were those in the South who believed they were not fighting for slavery but against a government in Washington that was becoming a leviathan of power and corruption. Men like General Robert E Lee (who married the granddaughter of George Washington), believed that the South was asserting the original constitution and state sovereignty against a dark the dark and growing forces of robber barons and government that wanted tyrannical control. Whether they were right or not is beyond the scope of this article. But some would say we fought against a corrupt Washington once before, and with where we have found ourselves now in history whose to say it didn’t start that long ago.

Note that Jefferson Davis said this in a speech in 1808, 52 years before the start of our first Civil War.

I believe the promise of liberty began to unwind after the Civil War with the consolidation of power in Washington proceeding far beyond what was envisioned originally but the roots go back as far as the very discussions about the constitution. But America is not defined by the corruption that infects the body politic or by its failures in the past but by the ideals upon which we were founded.

We cannot let the promise of America be overwhelmed by the greed of Empire. I hope that you will join SabersEdge as a trooper through either Patreon or sending an email to If you are not ready to do that then please send our link and recommend us to someone you know who might be interested.

We must find our voice and gird our loins for the struggle to take our country back from cowardly bureaucrats and those who hide behind lies and half-truths while ruining the very country that gave them their wealth. We must let everyone in our friend group, family, our work, and the world know that we are not defined by the failings of the government which has stollen the reins of power from the people themselves. We are defined by the principles and ideals upon which this country was founded, and our voices and actions must be the bleach that wipes away the mold and corruption of the “swamp” whose actions disgust all real Americans.

Real Americans are not defined by skin color or what party they belong to they are defined by their belief in the promise upon which America was founded. The Stars and Stripes and the liberty and ideals it represents transcend the failures and shortcomings of our Republic and continue to burn as an ideal to be strived for as outlined below:

This is a modern language representation of the core of the US Declaration of Independence.

It makes me sick that so many corrupt officials are associated with the stars and stripes and the ideals that so many have lived and died for. How could “we the people” have allowed our government to become a betrayal of the ideals and everything that the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Constitution were founded upon?

As long as a free people live and bear arms and refuse to bend the knee to tyranny liberty will prevail.

We must jettison from all positions of power those who do not have the torch of liberty burning in their hearts and who would turn us into a tyranny of automatons who are only cogs in a machine. We are more than that and we must resist their machinations by our thoughts words and deeds using civil disobedience where necessary to oppose tyranny. As our founders said, resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

We need to find the same determination to prevail against injustice that our founders had when they gathered on Lexington Green or in the meeting houses of Philadelphia. I do not encourage civil war or secession but the drastic reform of our government to bring it back in alignment with our ideals and founding documents. The task is ours. If we fail, we curse future generations to a darkness that most Americans cannot even conceive. Therefore, we cannot compromise our ideals but must hold firm to the revolutionary fervor that empowered the Americans of 1776 and bear the torch of liberty into the darkness that threatens us.


  1. This video is something I came across after I had finished this article. It has many interesting points. I probably wouldn’t have used it in my article anyway because it includes vague accusations of guilt by association. Still, it raises interesting points of consideration and includes some facts about his island that I did not even cover above: (if you have trouble copying it to your browser leave a comment and I will move this up to the blog where I can make it clickable.

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