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Voting is a Citizen’s Duty; But Vote Smart Don’t Just Vote Because of a Letter After Someone’s Name – WYFSHTY LESSON III

A Citizen’s duty is to vote, but we need to vote smart. It is not just an election we are voting for but the future so every election is important not just the election for president. If we don’t vote in every election we give up our rights to choose how we are going to live and leave it in the hands of someone else to decide. Voting for someone just because they have a party affiliation or we recognize the name can do more harm than good. My Dad and Mom told me to be sure I knew who I was voting for and what they wanted to do and if I wasn’t sure then skip that person on the list.

As citizens, we are morally required to vote to protect the ideals and society on which this country was founded and ensure we are empowering people by our vote who will keep our Republic in trust for future generations. There is a saying that politicians think about the next election; statesmen think about the next generation.

I remember when I was young my folks getting ready to vote. My Mom was an Independent and my Dad was a Republican but they both voted their conscience and refused to vote for anyone just because they belonged to one party or the other. They would look at what the candidates had put in the paper and review the questionnaires filled out for the League of Women Voters. Every election the League of Women Voters sent out questionnaires to be filled out by candidates about their position and views and printed the responses in the newspaper.

“Watch out for candidates who won’t answer these questions and for those who talk a lot but don’t really say anything in their response, and just use a bunch of meaningless or vague words,” my Dad would say. “Those are candidates you have to watch out for because if they won’t take a stand then you can’t trust what they will do.” A lot of candidates will say anything to get elected so you need to watch their voting and what they say after getting in to see if they are really doing what you thought they would do. For that reason, candidates who cannot be trusted will not want to put into print what they believe. The League of Women Voters have a website now but they still may have a section in local newspapers. Know who you are voting for and why!

Voting was always a special day in our house and we kids knew that it was important even if we were too little to understand why.

If a candidate wrote a book, my folks would read it. They would talk about if the candidates up for re-election had done what they said they were going to do. But they didn’t talk about who they were going to vote for. My wife and I talk about candidates too. We read what they say on various websites and watch them closely after going into office. After we vote we generally ask how the other voted. We usually vote the same way – except that I almost voted for Barack Obama the first time because I thought it would be neat to have a black President. Then I realized if I voted for someone because of their race THAT was racist. So, as I told my wife, “He might make a good president when he gets some experience but for now, he hasn’t done anything, really; and he has missed most of the votes in the Senate – or sometimes just voted ‘Present.’ We need a President who is more than just ‘present.’”

By the end of his first term, I knew I wouldn’t vote for him again. Still, Fox News said all sorts of things about his inauguration speech, but I learned never to trust what someone else says about their opponent. However, I never let the news tell me what a politician is saying I want to hear it directly from them (thanks Dad.) So, I got online, as I always do, and read the entire speech. I told my conservative friends, “He had a good inauguration speech. Give him a chance and see if he does it.” But he didn’t. That is, however, a good lesson. Don’t let the news tell you what a politician says. The news is owned by an oligarch with lots of money and they say what the owner wants them to say or they get fired.

The best example of why you shouldn’t trust the news was shown to us when Donald J. Trump was president. The all-time low of American news service was the Russia hoax and the “Nazis” are “Very fine people” lie. As usual, I didn’t trust the news and I looked up the speech. As all thinking people have discovered, you can’t trust what you hear on TV. Trump never said what the news lied about and said that he said. What he said was, “There were very fine people on both sides of the debate over that statue. Except for the Nazis. Those people have to be condemned categorically.” But, there are still people out there who have been duped and never once bothered to check to see if they have been lied to. As if a President would ever have said Nazis were “very fine people.” These people not only allowed themselves to be lied to but they continue to listen to the sources that lied to them. I hate being lied to and when the extent of these lies came out, I stopped listening to any news service that was complicit in those lies. They were either incompetent and didn’t check their sources or they were intentionally lying to the American people and as such, they don’t deserve my respect or my time.

There is an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

I only listen to them now to see what lies the sheeple are listening to. Because sheeple will listen to anything they are told to listen to and condemn anything they are told to condemn. I had a farmer who raised sheep tell me, after church one time, “You know pastor,” he said, “Jesus was always calling his followers sheep…that wasn’t a compliment. I have raised sheep for years. They are stupid.” There may be a lesson for that for us. Jesus loved even the sheeple. I was at a funeral for an aunt the other day and I felt that God told me not to hate people who have been deceived. Still, as Americans, we are responsible for our decisions and who we place in government. And who we choose to listen to.

So don’t vote a straight party ticket. Make sure you know who you are voting for and what they believe and that you agree with them because they will have control over your life and how you live.

Another thing my Dad said:

Always vote in person. I don’t care if it’s raining, or snowing, or hot as hades. The people who built this country did so in all kinds of weather and some gave their lives for it. The least you can do is go stand in line to cast your vote in person if you are able. Naturally, when you’re stationed overseas you will have to get an absentee ballot. But voting in person is the least you can do. It also reminds you that you are not alone. We are all Americans and stand or fall together no matter who is in charge. Voting in person reminds you that none of us are in this alone.

I remember my father and mother taking me with them to vote when I was little until I was old enough to stay home alone. We took our kids with us to vote whenever we could and then we went out to dinner or at least have ice cream. In High School, I homeschooled my oldest son for the last two years. As part of that, I took my son with me to vote. I asked to make sure I could then I took him into the voting booth with me and I explained how to read the ballot we had special initiatives so I had him read each of those as well. Then I let him watch me as I marked my ballot and then as we dropped it in the ballot box.

I have always opposed electric voting machines and I will tell you why later this week.

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