Don’t Mess With Texas – Is this the Start of a New Civil War in America?

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There is a lot of hype about Civil War in America. It sells papers, magazines, and gets clicks. I get paid nothing for my work here so I will tell you the truth as I see it. Civil War will only come to Texas and us if the Biden Administration is incompetent, bumbling, and utterly clueless. I know that some of you may not find that very comforting. I haven’t gone into the Constitutional angle explaining the legal affairs because I have already written a lot focusing on the actions and opinions of the Border Patrol and Texas. If ya’ll want me to I can explain those factors of law. Just leave a comment or email me at and I will respond. Welcome Freedom Troopers and, if you would take a moment to recommend SabersEdge.Online to someone I would appreciate it. The algorithm pushes us so far down if you search SabersEdge.Online that it will be pages before anyone finds it, if ever. Still, we have hundreds of followers but we can always use more. Just copy the URL and cut and paste. I will even give it to you here: Don’t Mess With Texas – Is this the Start of a New Civil War in America? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth

Now as one of my fav Youtubers “Doc Rich” would say: “Let’s dive in.”

I have heard an awful lot of people say “We’ll never have another Civil War here.” Let’s talk to those people first. These are the same people who look at me dumbfounded when I say the United States is not going to exist forever. All nations, even the mighty Rome which lived for over 1000 years eventually fell that is a fact. But this group doesn’t want to even think of such things and will dismiss it out of hand.

This “it will never happen here” is what we call “The Normalcy Bias.” Everyone has it to some extent. IN short it is the assumption that everything is going to go on pretty much as it always has and nothing dramatic will happen in our lives. On the good side this allows us to make plans for our business, the kids placement in a conservative college, and planning for that big watch party for the game on the weekend. This is so strong in some people it becomes denial. I remember talking to one woman (who was otherwise reasonably intelligent,) about why she didn’t save up food and resources for a rainy day. I pointed out that grocery stores only have 3 days of food in it and a major disaster could very well disrupt supply lines for weeks. Yet she did nothing to prepare for this. I ran through all the possible disasters that were possible in our area and even mentioned less likely scenarios. Her response made me understand why people cling to their normalcy bias to the point of denial and ignorance. She said, “I can’t look at the world like that. If I admitted to myself that these disasters could strike without warning I would be so paralyzed with fear that I couldn’t do anything!” As she said that I suddenly remembered a movie I watched as a teenager. It was about a nuclear holocaust. In the movie the Soviet Union and the US were moving inexorably toward war. The man on the farm was busy piling dirt up over the windows of the basement so that it would help keep radiation out and doing other things to stock up on food for his livestock if they had to stay in a barn until fall out passed. He gave his wife a list of things to do to get food and clothes ready for them and the children while he did the outside stuff. He came in and found that his wife hadn’t done anything. She yelled at him that nothing was going to happen and all this talk was just foolishness. He finally helped his oldest daughter to get the stuff ready while his wife scoffed and stomped out. In the movie the missiles started flying and they had only minutes to get in their make shift bomb shelter and the father yelled for everyone to go downstairs. They got down and it was just him and his kids. He went frantically through the house looking for his wife and found her making the beds and tydying up upstairs. She was denying anything was happening as the first A-Bomb could be seen exploding on the horizon. He struck his wife and knocked her out and carried her downstairs. But, as they family tried to survive the horror of nuclear war the wife refused to believe it. She ended up dying because she exposed herself to radiation when she tried to run away from the bomb shelter. I had a similar event happen when my wife and I were caught in a hail storm. A piece of hail hit the window of the car so hard you could see the glass vibrate and give a little. It cracked the windshield of the car. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my wife reach for the door and I grabbed her by a fistful of shirt and used my drill sergeant trained command voice ordering her to not move from her seat. We talked about it afterwards. All she wanted to do was get out of the car in her panic and run to the woods that were 100 yards off. This would have been deadly because of the size of some of the hail. But at least she knew it. And once I grabbed her she was able to over-ride the urge of her emotions to run.

From the Cavalry to Counterintelligence to Homeland Security my entire life has been about being ready for the things everyone hopes never happens. About being ready for anything don’t forget to recommend us to a couple friends who may find this content interesting.

As for the normalcy bias everyone should know that even after Confederate guns fired on Fort Sumter and Major Anderson surrendered the fort to the CSA most people didn’t believe there would be a war and if there was there would be one battle and it would be done. As the Civil War approached most people thought that the South would bluster and the Abolitionists would rage and then cooler heads would prevail and everything would go on as before. It was inconceivable to most Americans that there would be a war even after the southern states had seceded and called up 100,000 men for their defense and Lincoln called up 75,000 men to “put down the rebellion.” It was unthinkable then that American would fight American. In fact, at the first battle of Manassas in Virginia people from Washington DC came out with their picnic lunches and telescopes to watch the battle from the hills. It was quite a gay affair…until the Union army came fleeing back in a rout toward Washington then they just added to the confusion and panic.

If we face a new war among ourselves, I believe it will be because someone in the government has misread the situation and does something stupid believing that Texas will “just back down.” There is a reason people say, “Don’t mess with Texas.” Let’s hope it isn’t prophetic.

This is a long article because it is a complex matter that has a long history. You can also see the post Don’t Mess With Texas – Civil War in America – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth. Which has the letter that Governor Abbott sent to the White House, that should be read by everyone, and I highlighted parts that I thought were worth special attention.

The Normalcy bias allows the great mass of humanity to continue to function at their daily jobs even after a war has started. From that standpoint it is good because during war we still need all the services that we need in peacetime. Someone needs to do the everyday jobs. But when the normalcy bias becomes a denial and nervous breakdown like in the movie I spoke of, it can get you killed.

First, let me say that if you want to really know what is happening then Bing and Google are not your friends. They are great search engines if you want to be fed propaganda and have a twisted and radical view of what is going on in the world. You need to remember how these two search engines are hopelessly interwoven with the elites and their control of the mainline media in this country. Trying to find specific documents that I knew were out there and listed by name on the search bar still produced pages and pages of news feeds that they wanted me to hear and buried the documents that I actually wanted in favor of their propaganda. I cannot overstate the need to avoid these two search engines if you care about truth or even balanced reporting. I have said it before but when the Confederate Statue thing was going on I tested Google with something that I knew was politically incorrect. I typed a search “donations in support of Confederate Statues” in the search bar. I had to go through 8 pages of how to donate to African American statues remembering slavery before I finally found what I had asked for. IT wasn’t that Google didn’t understand what I was looking for it was that Google didn’t want me to find what I was looking for. They know that 98% of the population doesn’t look beyond the first page so they “shadow ban” sites that they find distasteful and shunt them off to farther down in the algorithm. Only the things they want said are easily found.

Along with that, please help us out here and send SabersEdge.Online to a friend or someone whom you believe may be interested on our content. If your not sure send it with a non-committal “this looked interesting.” But we are operating on a shoestring budget here so if you would help us out by telling a friend it would be great. You can always contact us through if you have a question and you are always encouraged to leave a comment.

As you follow the news on this issue there are some key names that may keep occurring and you should know who they are: The Governor of Texas Greg Abbot; Lt. Governor Dan Patrick; Texas Border Czar Mike Banks; Adjutant General of the Texas Military Department Major General Thomas Suelzer; and Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McGraw.

You can get updates directly from the Texas Governor’s office here: Office of the Texas Governor | Greg Abbott and that will let you know clearly what is happening on the Texas end. And the Border Patrol Union maintains a page and “X” with information as well. The White House is sending out confusing information and they seem to be clouding their actions behind a veil of double-speak and euphemism. This situation has been going on since the beginning of the Biden Administration. He has used the Border Patrol like the welcome wagon to process illegals entering the country, but they have not been screening them to stop terrorists, criminals, or people with dangerous tropical diseases.

I remember speaking to a friend of my cousin who was completely clueless and seemed to take pride in it. She said there was no threat from disease because her kids were vaccinated. I told her that they were only vaccinated for disease that was common in America and that when I worked in Immigration I had a list of 20 diseases that applicants had to be screened for before they could enter into the United States. Diseases that I thought had gone out with the advent of modern medicine. I learned you cannot eliminate diseases. They are always lurking out there somewhere. She refused to believe there was anything her kids weren’t vaccinated for. I tried to remind her that you have to get shots when you travel overseas because they have different diseases but her ignorance was part of her normalcy bias and she wrapped her ignorance around herself and her family so she didn’t have to deal with it. The Western World has eliminated a lot of deadly diseases like Small-Pox, diphtheria, the plague, yellow fever, and many more but the diseases still hung on in parts of the Third World so we had to screen people who wanted to come into America to keep Americans safe from disease as well as crime.

I noted the other day the media talking about strange tropical diseases that have been appearing in American cities and, because mainstream media cannot say that it is from illegal immigrants they made the utterly stupid statement that it was due to global warming. If you know anything about disease they need a vector they don’t just miraculously appear out of nowhere just because it is warmer out; most likely it was brought by someone from an area where the tropical disease was still prevalent.

They will never blame their open borders policy for rising crime, disease, or violence but, Freedom Troopers, you will know the truth.

With 6 million people entering America illegally in the last couple years – think about that a minute, that is a number of people larger than 30 of our states in the Union! – think about that. Most of the states in America have less people in them than have poured across our border in the last few years! That is indeed an invasion. It gets worse when you realize that it is estimated by some that there are more than 20 million illegals now in the United States and there are only 3 states in the Union larger (CA, TX, FL) than the total estimated population of illegals in the country. Regardless whether most are good people we know that some of them are not. In addition, it breeds a lack of respect for all laws for the government itself to choose to ignore immigration laws. Someone out there is trying to fundamentally undermine America and American ideology, and that is NOT a good thing; unless you support tyranny and oppression.

We have been made vulnerable not only to disease but violent criminals and even known terrorists that have been filmed crossing our border. Below is a video about Operation Lone Star that will give you an example of how Texas is actively trying to thwart the cartels and other enemies seeking to harm America.

Iran, Russia, and China would be foolish to not take this opportunity of their largest enemy having unguarded borders to not insert terrorists, subversive agents, seditious agents, or out and out special forces operatives to attack infrastructure of America. There is a 900% spike in Chinese immigrants crossing our southern border and I have seen videos that show immigrants stopped and standing at parade rest (any soldier knows what I am talking about – anytime you see someone standing like that and waiting you know it is a soldier because most don’t stand like that. In this video (which I can no longer find on the internet there were about 2 squads of soldiers standing in line waiting.) A squad of special forces soldiers trained in sabotage, assassination, and other mayhem is an addition to this country that we don’t need and Texas (and NOT our Federal Government,) is trying to stop it. Here is a video showing the route and crossing used by so many people. There are even cartoons showing people how to get to the US and cross the border.

Anyone notice attacks on our power grid in Washington and South Carolina last year? How about inordinate number of fires throughout America that have disrupted food processing and distribution. The media has tried to play these things off as “minor random incidents” but I have noticed a pattern. Food processing plants do not randomly have catastrophic fires weds and thurs mornings between 2 and 4 in the morning as most of these sites did, that is not a coincidence that is a pattern. We already have enemy saboteurs acting against us as well as cyberwarfare – following the largest bio-warfare attack in history a couple years ago it is quite likely that history will record that we are already in World War III and we just haven’t officially noticed because there are no large armies in the field.

Now BlackScoutSurvival is not a trained analyst but he is alert to things and has a fair network to get his information from, he is spot on in this episode. And then there is the known terrorist that just happened to be filmed by an independent journalist; we have no way of knowing how many more are out there out of the 6 million. We wouldn’t know about this guy if there just didn’t happen to be someone there with a camera. 1 chance out of 6 million and again there is no way we can have a clue how many are here. And no one in the news or government has even mentioned it:

On May 8, 2023, Governor Gregg Abbot announced the formation of the Texas Tactical Border Force in preparation of the Biden Administrations ending of Title 42 and the resulting flood of illegal immigrants that would pour over the border. The tactical border forcer was made up of specially trained personnel of the Texas National Guard and law enforcement officers and were deployed to hot spots along the border where they would be most needed. The force included increased drones, blackhawk helicopters, and C-130 transport planes to ferry personnel and equipment to wear they were most needed. You can find out more about this effort here:

Under Operation Lone Star “Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), and the Texas National Guard continue to work together to secure the border; stop the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and people into Texas; and prevent, detect, and interdict transnational criminal activity between ports of entry” [from the Texas Governor’s statement of 26 January.]

Also, the Border Patrol does not seem to be on the side of Biden. Let me share with you some of the tweets from the Border Patrol’s Union on behalf of our border guards. When the news first came about the standoff the Border Patrol Union posted this:

“Rank-and file BP agents are not going to start arresting TX NG members for following their LAWFUL orders. That’s fake news. TX NG and rank-and-file BP agents work together and respect each other’s jobs. Period. If TX NG members have LAWFUL orders, then they have to carry out those orders. TX NG members realize that rank-and-file BP agents have their orders as well. Lawful orders, no matter how unpopular or distasteful amongst rank-and-file agents, must be followed. Unlawful orders (as determined by competent legal counsel and not what some outhouse lawyer behind a keyboard says) will not be followed. Rank-and-file BP agents appreciate and respect what TX has been doing to defend their state in the midst of this catastrophe that the Biden Admin has unleashed on America. We want to be perfectly clear, there is no fight between rank-and-file BP agents and the TX NG, Gov. Abott, or TX DPS. It may make flashy headlines, but it simply isn’t true.”

“Don’t worry Americans. Biden’s looking out for you. To enhance your safety, security and well-being he released another 6,000 illegal aliens into your neighborhoods yesterday. Dependable ID, health screening and criminal record checks? Nope. But don’t worry, because he isn’t.”

And then:

“Remember when Biden viciously made false criminal allegations in public and brought the entire federal govt down on a few BP agents for a bunch of made-up crap so he could send a message to all agents and appease his radical activist base? We remember.”

“Joe Biden zealously protects his open border by bringing the full weight of the federal govt down on anyone who dares to try securing any part of it, no matter how small. Facts don’t lie.”

“As you read this garbage from CNN it will help if you also believe unicorns are real. For example, they use phrases like “…record migration across the Western Hemisphere” as a pathetic way to try to justify Biden’s immigration catastrophe. The current border disaster was singlehandedly caused by…you guessed it…Joe Biden.”

“Illegal immigration started going off the charts on Biden’s first day in office. There was no magical new situation around the world that caused it. Biden’s immigration policies caused it.”

“Trump did not prohibit anyone from claiming asylum. He followed the law. But he wisely didn’t release asylum claimants into the US to immediately reward them like Biden did. Trump reduced fraud, Biden caused fraud and border crime to rise to historic levels. The vast majority of those that cross our borders illegally to claim asylum do not show up to their final court date. They simply disappear. So really, all Biden has managed to do is eradicate any semblance of a functional border, import millions of illegal aliens (costing taxpayers billions) and left a huge mess for another administration to clean up while he’s sitting on the beach in Delaware eating ice cream. CNN isn’t “news”, it’s straight up propaganda.”

Later they posted: “As long as Biden remains in office the thugs in charge of the criminal cartels have full control of our border. They move the chess pieces around and direct all the traffic, making billions. Meanwhile, Biden plays checkers, spending billions of your tax dollars to allow it. and finally, “Joe Biden turned another 6,500 illegal aliens loose into your neighborhoods yesterday. No reliable ID, background checks or health checks. + 715 known escapes. + untold number who escape detection. Mass releases…day, after day, after day. And he isn’t going to stop.”

And one hour before this article was posted the tweeted (or X’d) this:

“The new propaganda tactic of the open border crowd is to find a single spot on or near our massive border that is currently peaceful, take a picture of a deer or a river flowing, and definitively state, “What border disaster? Look how peaceful it is!” Next they’ll photoshop a unicorn grazing on lollipops near the Rio Grande and use it for a children’s book, “Our Peaceful Border”. The border is thousands of miles long. Cartel thugs control the areas of activity. The same open border radicals would have you believe nobody is coming in undetected while BP agents are tied up processing millions of Biden’s “asylum” claimants, which often leaves hundreds of miles of border completely un-patrolled. Open border propagandists depend on lemmings to jump off the cliff for them. Don’t be a lemming.”

After all this talk about the Biden Administration lets here something uplifting from Thomas Jefferson:

Governor Abbott had a hand carried letter delivered to Joe Biden regarding the situation at the border. Now, it may be he did that just to be sure the President got it and he didn’t think registered mail was sufficient. But what interested me about this had to do with international relations law and custom. When one state/country sends an ultimatum to another state/country it is a formal letter that both sides already know the contents of. They know the contents because it is usually about issues they have been arguing about for some time. According to international law and custom if you hand the letter to the head of the other government or their rep and they ignore it, refuse to accept it, or read it and give you know comment then it is equivalent to stating that the two states/countries are now at war.

I am curious as to if Governor Abbot of the State of Texas was thinking about this custom when he had a hand carried letter/ultimatum brought to the President of the United States. Was this a way of saying that Texas may be ready to reclaim its existence as an independent country? Do I think the Administration in the White House was smart enough to make such a connection? No I do not. Do I think Texas might have been smart enough to use this method because of the symbolism or two states on the brink of war in international relations…possibly. The hand carried letter was delivered to the Biden Administration which can be found here with a copy of the Ordnance of Secession from 1861. I thought it was interesting that both documents accused the United States Government of not protecting the citizens and property of Texas. You can view both documents here I put in bold what I thought was significant: Don’t Mess With Texas – Civil War in America – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth

But do I think this is the start of a new Civil War? Like those who sat on the hills overlooking Manassas at the first Civil War break out your picnic baskets and popcorn and watch the show. War will only come from this incident if the Biden Administration makes a major miscalculation and acts in manner that is incompetent, bumbling, and utterly clueless. I think the Biden Administration is better at “lawfare” than “warfare” and perhaps it is for that reason they may truly bungle it and cause shooting. But not only is the Texas National Guard and the U.S. Border Patrol against the Biden Administration more than half of the states of the Union are ranged against the government in Washington D.C., further there have been tweets that soldiers on active duty have been openly talking of deserting and joining Texas if a war does start…that should cause the Biden Administration a great deal of pause…unless they want a war. If so then there would be no doubt they don’t care about any of us, the Constitution, or the country but are destroying it purposefully so that the communists can use the turmoil to seize power.

Joe Biden has made it clear that citizens with rifles cannot fight the government, you need F-15’s and tanks, he said in a speech. In 1775 American militia started a fight with the greatest military power on Earth and won. Biden, and Nadler may feel that citizens with guns are no match for the military (if the military follows their orders to slaughter civilians.) But I would like to point out there were tens of thousands of Afghans with rifles in a country of 41 million. They had no planes, no tanks, no high tech gobbledy gook and after 20 years the greatest military power in the world packed up and left having been unable to ever secure the entire country of Afghanistan from tribesmen with rifles. The United States has a population 333 million and an estimated 30% of people report owning guns; about 71-80 million people admitting they have guns to a pollster. However a university study compared answers on surveys and found that another 30% of people in the survey answered nearly identically to the population that admitted to owning guns. This means that around 60% of Americans own firearms up to a possibility of 162 million armed citizens. The United States military was unable to pacify a backward country of only 41 million where nearly half the country supported freedom. How are they going to be able to pacify over 160 million citizens with guns when they cannot use their most devastating weapons without causing casualties in women and children that are staggering to behold. (continued below.)

I have several black friends where I work. A couple asked me one night what was the real deal with the Confederate flag. I told them that what people call the confederate flag is actually just the Battle Flag that was originally used by the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia because the real Confederate Flag looked too much like the US Flag. They had 3 stripes and 13 stars. They said originally that when the left the United States they took the stripes and stars they were entitled to. 3 of the Southern states were among the 13 colonies so it had 3 stripes, and they counted the 13 states that had representation in the Confederate legislature (including Missouri and Kentucky.) I pulled out my wallet which had a Confederate Battle Flag on it. I have had one of these since I was in grade school and I don’t know anyone who used the flag who used to to belittle black people. In fact, at a Klan rally in Louisville I accidently drove into the midst of the only flags I saw were the American flag. Everyone I know who ever had a Confederate flag in their room, on their wall, or on a flag-pole used it to mean that “no one is going to tell me what to do…I will make up my own mind and do my own thing.” The flag said basically, “Don’t mess with me and don’t expect me to do what you say just because you think your important.” There are an awful lot of people who fly that flag as a way of citing they will not follow the herd. I also said that some of the people I know who flew that battle flag were black. Here is the best known one (who I, unfortunately, do not know:

H.K. Edgerton honors his grandfather who fought for the Confederacy and was given a medal for bravery.

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  1. Rand Paul speaks truth to power on this issue of the Southern Border invasion. We also see from other news that the government has finally admitted what we noted here months and months ago that foreign soldiers of hostile nations are crossing into the US through our Southern Border – presumably to act as agent saboteurs to foment chaos and insurrection.

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