Is Dr. Fauci the New Mengele?

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What if a Biowarfare Attack on the West Killed Millions and we could identify the Doctor who was responsible?

Dr. Fauci has one of the shadiest career histories in the United States, from the AIDS scare to Beaglegate, apparently lying to congress, dismissing deaths due to gain of function research and the Covid crisis. Most recently, there is growing evidence that Dr. Fauci appears to have been complicit in killing 7.7 million people by funding gain of function research. He has no remorse. And if he ever claims to have remorse he is a liar who is only trying to save himself. This is what psychopaths and sociopaths do. He repeatedly has said, under oath, that if people die because of gain of function research it would still be worth it because they had gained knowledge. Let us be clear, “gain of function” research is the same research that is used to produce bio-weapons. Well, they did and he has joined the list of those complicit in the mass murder. He may not have done it directly but neither did Hitler kill people directly. Hitler is accused of killing 6 million Jews while Fauci killed at least 7.7 million people worldwide through the Covid virus and still, others are unable to work because of the damage that the covid pandemic and the government response wrecked upon their health and livelihood. [For more see: ]

He is a menace to people and beagles, as shown by the Daily Mail, US Congress, and other agencies and media outlets:

We need to be clear, that 7.7 million people are the deaths recorded to be from Covid and do NOT include the people who committed suicide because of the isolation produced by the Fauci-driven government response, experimental vaccines, lockdowns, and forced isolation. They also do not include those un-numbered millions who had their health ruined because they were unable to get timely medical aid and treatment because of the lock-downs and subsequently died or became disabled nor does it include those who died or had their lives ruined because they lost their job or their small business. {For other problems see: ]

As always the people who hate transparency and truth; believing, like Bernays, that people need to be controlled and that public awareness is treasonous, and who also believe that government malfeasance should be protected by secrecy and lies will hate this post and research. I will include some of my easily accessible sources and prior articles that contain more evidence throughout and at the end of this article. Although as a young soldier and new counterintelligence agent, I agreed with Churchill – what I saw behind the public scenes of government woke me up to the danger and I now totally disagree with Churchill when he said that truth is precious and must be defended by a bodyguard of lies. I do not think that a free Republic can be maintained in an environment where media, and government lies and propaganda strangle the truth. That truth must prevail. [See also: ]

I have sworn to “preserve and protect the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” and that oath had no expiration. When I reached a point where I daily worked behind the public facade of our government and saw glimpses of the inner workings I came to understand the most dangerous enemies to the United States Constitution and ideals in the Declaration of Independence were not in the Kremlin but on Wall Street, and in Washington D.C. – the greatest enemies to freedom lie in the propaganda of traitors in government, leftists, banksters, and high tech and military-industrial, pharmaceutical, and food industry robber barons who had no integrity and only sought greater money and power. The United States government spent millions of dollars training me in investigation, intelligence analysis, interrogation, and other skills that allowed me to see what was going on in other countries and identify attempts to subvert our government and our allies. I am now using those skills in service of you and liberty! Increasingly, veterans feel betrayed by our government and society (and rightly so – their sacrifice today is not for liberty but for the military-industrial complex and power politics,) but I remind them they were never sworn to the government. They were sworn to properly constituted authority and a government that has turned its back on our founding ideals and Constitution is NOT a properly constituted authority. It is a treasonous usurper of the ideals and foundations upon which this government and Western Society were built. I am not naive. I realize we have not lived up to those ideals well. But we cannot throw out our ideals and the beautiful foundations of Western Civilization because our leaders betrayed us. Many people today say, “Communism has never really been tried” but I say what we are seeing today is not because of the failings of Western Civilization they are from failing to live up to the ideals of Western Civilization. It was Western Civilization that gave minorities and women the greatest rights they have ever seen in the world, it was the West that began the war against slavery, human trafficking, and corruption that is still prevalent in the greater part of the world. I get no support from any institution or business and have no overlords that I must obey so my analysis is free of the spin and corporate/government control exerted upon mass media. You will get the truth as I see it, real and unvarnished. Anyone dedicated to the red or blue will hate me and my research in turn because I am neither red nor blue but red, white, and blue in my analysis. [For more about the war on truth see: ]

First a bit of history and context. I am not a scientist but I have over 18 hours of college-level science classes and I have read books on virology and viral research and done a deep dive into the phenomena or plagues and diseases for other purposes. I was also the NBC NCO in my cavalry squadron and in charge of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare training in my unit. In 2020, I analyzed the evidence and posted my results on Facebook that I believed, based upon my professional analysis as an intelligence agent and trained investigator, that the virus was an engineered virus that escaped from the Wuhan Lab and that NIH had supported that research. Facebook slapped all manner of misinformation and warnings on it and ultimately they deleted it. That is just one example of why I created this website. Now, three years later it comes out that my initial analysis – far ahead of the public realization – was the correct one. I was not alone. Other intelligence-trained analysts had that conclusion at about the same time I did. The difference is I collect my information from open sources and analyze it on my own and make it available to you as close to real-time as I am able within the constraints of my job. Intelligence officers create a report from classified information, create a classified report, and you never hear about it, because that is their job. I cannot claim to always be right, but they are not either. Repeatedly, my analysis has been years ahead of the public admission of the same information. So, Freedom Troopers, if you want to know what is happening and what is going to happen stay here and get it here first. [ see also: ]

I can only post what I can do in my spare time because I have a full-time job in private security. Someday, I will have the support to give you the benefit of my training on a full-time basis. Until then, I try to keep up with posts 3 times a week but I cannot consider this a job when it doesn’t produce the income to support me. This is more “the system’s” fault than anyone else. I have been systematically denied forms of monetization that others have available to them because “my blogs do not follow accepted consensus” as Google informed me. It is censorship from the powerful who control the algorithms and the avenues of monetization to suppress views and evidence they don’t want to be known. If you spread the word about SabersEdge.Online we can overcome it by networking. Until then, I apologize for the delays this week but I am fighting some form of fever and as my parents taught me, the best thing to do when you feel ill is to sleep and let your body heal itself. So when I have not been working I have been sleeping. When this can replace the job I use to feed my family and pay my bills this will have my primary effort. [See also: ]

Back to the murder of millions by a false narrative. A narrative pushed by Fauci and others that misdirected and suppressed information that was always available to those who knew where to look but were inaccessible to all but those who were actively digging for it. This was authored by the same man who tried to spread fear of AIDS and insisted that everyone would get AIDS from toilet seats in the 70s and 80s even after it was determined that the virus did not live long enough outside of the body to be transmissible that way. This is also the man who conducted horrific experiments on living animals and, as mentioned above, repeatedly testified that if people died because of “gain of function” research it would be worth it for science’s sake. He is a modern Joseph Mengele (the Nazi doctor who conducted deadly and horrific experiments on “condemned criminals”,) a sociopathic doctor with no remorse for the suffering of others. The 7.7 million killed by his support of gain of function research and the tens of millions who died and had their lives and businesses destroyed by the lockdowns and fear that he spread are all on his, and his cohorts, heads. He demonstrably lied to congress repeatedly, exhibiting multiple pieces of evidence of deception in his speech and manner and he needs to be brought to justice on behalf of all those who died and whose lives he has ruined. Only then will the psychopathic and sociopathic scientists who proceed without regard to the risks to humanity feel some restraint upon their gambling with the lives of billions. Currently, rumors are spreading of more terrors being produced by bio-labs that will have a much higher mortality rate than covid. [See also: and its preceding article: ]

And, let’s be clear. None of this would have happened without bio-genetic manipulation of the virus. There was no indication that this bat virus was or ever would evolve to be dangerous to humans if the Wuhan Lab had not grafted on the elements necessary for humans to catch this. The furin cleavage site that they use is like a fingerprint that reveals their CCP military-run lab as being the perpetrator and China too must be held responsible. I think that an attack on the Western World that killed millions is quite a bit more heinous than Pearl Harbor or September 11th. Just because it was not accompanied by explosions does not mean it was not an act of war…it was probably the most deadly bio-warfare attack by a country in modern times. Why are the media and government covering up for China, Fauci, and his sociopathic cohorts? Where are the people who will bring these to justice? Where are the leaders with cohones and principles? [See also: ]

And don’t whine to me about World War III. We are already in it. Just because, for Americans, it is a biological, cyber, economic, and political war does not mean we are not yet fighting. I guarantee you we are. The weakness produced by the Biden Administration probably has made a “hot war” inevitable and his pathetic foreign policy has only managed to ensure that when it occurs Russia will be on China’s side instead of ours. Our geriatric leaders don’t seem to understand that the Soviet Union is gone and Russia’s interests now lie closer to America and Europe than they do China and the communist nations. Yet, with every decision, Biden has driven China and Russia closer together. This is the problem with emotional, uninformed votes that vote “against something” rather than “for something.” As I have said, even Democratic strategists said that Biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue in the last 50 years. So we elect him, or at least we were told that we did, to the premier foreign policy-wielding position of the free world? We are in serious trouble and we need leaders and citizens who are willing to stand up for their families and their country’s future. It should start with demanding justice for the millions killed or ruined in the fiasco of the bio-warfare-spawned Covid attack and our totalitarian response to it. [ See also: ]

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