Aggression and Why is There War in Ukraine?

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What is the deal with the War in Ukraine? Maybe why is there a War in Ukraine and what about Tucker Carlson and Putin/Russia and their interview? Right now, a lot of people are talking about the interview with Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin, but no one is really talking about what Vladimir Putin may have said or if he actually had reasons to invade Ukraine and/or Crimea. It should be clear to anyone but a toddler that you cannot accomplish peace if you don’t know what one side in the war wants but since the war started, we have lived in a censored country where we have great difficulty getting ANY information out of Russia (at least if our VPN admits that we are American.)

I did hear that Tucker gave (what I consider,) a very accurate description of America and the state of our news services, when he said that most American journalists don’t really ask questions to find out information. The purpose is to leave the viewer thinking that the interviewer is a “good person” and the interviewee is a “bad person” or that both people are “good people” and not to provide actual information or truth.

That is a paraphrase of what Tucker said, but it seems to me that it is a good description of all American “information” services. They are not so much news as “morality plays” to tell us what we are supposed to think. Check it yourself! How many adjectives are used in any statement you hear on the news (assuming your school told you what adjectives are – if not look it up, or better yet, read Elements of Style by Strunk and White. I am not being paid to be your grammar teacher. Our taxes already paid for that, and we got ripped off!) I knew that my youngest son had learned the most important thing I could teach him in home schooling when I shut off a news program and asked him “What was wrong with that ‘news’ report?” And he told me that they had told him not what had happened but what to think about what happened.

Maybe that is why everyone seems to be bad-mouthing Tucker’s interview. HIS purpose was to provide information about Vladimir Putin and not simply to validate himself. Unless it is to validate himself as an actual journalist…they are so rare these days and NONE of them can truly act freely in mainstream media. It was, from what I am hearing, an actual journalistic interview. But is this enough reason to so malign the interview before anyone has even heard it? No, it isn’t. So, we have to assume that the “powers that be” have a vested interest in we knowing as little as possible about the whats, whys, and wherefores concerning the War in Ukraine. Why do you think that would be?

Honestly, I don’t know. I will, perhaps see why they don’t want us to know after I know what it is that they want us to know. I will get back to you on that later.

One thing I do know, however, is that Putin is the person our media seems to be artificially transforming into the “HITLER” of our age. (I find that interesting when the real threat is China and Xi…it’s almost like some people have been “bought off” or “bribed” by the more powerful entity to not look their way or talk about them.) People are, after all, easier to control if they can be made to fear an enemy and Russia is handy. At this moment I have not watched the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin, and I don’t know what it said.

However, I what do know is that people who observed Americans at the Nurnberg Trials of Nazis after World War II were amazed at how ignorant and misinformed Americans were about Nazi Germany and the structure of their society. That was because they, like me for most of my life, were treated with American Propaganda films about that regime in historical and “news” clips. I don’t say this to defend Hitler, I say it to indite American media then and now.

Americans learned about Nazis from one of the few people who probably killed more people than Hitler. Edward Bernays, who wrote the book Propaganda published in 1928 was the “father” of American advertising and propaganda. [for more information, see also Twisted Public Relations Propaganda and Your Life – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; Twisting Media and Meaning – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; Hitler, Beyond Evil and Tyranny – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; and, Hitler, Beyond Evil and Tyranny – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth. ] Bernays is the person who, as a hireling of the tobacco industry, developed the propaganda model that for decades sold us cancer sticks by telling us that “most Doctors smoked Lucky Strikes,” and convinced decades of Americans that the ALARMIST thinking about cigarette tobacco was a lie and that cigarettes were “all American.” He also was the great mind behind teaching us that Hitler was EVIL. Even people who believe that no one can be totally GOOD or EVIL believes that Hitler was EVIL. THAT is how effective his propaganda is. I say he was responsible for killing more people because of the millions, my father included, who died from lung cancer due to smoking. But hey, they made billions of dollars off of that campaign! Some believe it was worth it. In fact, the same people who are now lying to us about the Ukraine are the ones who believed it was worth it.

This propaganda machine, greatly enhanced, is now telling us that Russia is the epitome of evil and the Ukraine is the epitome of innocence. Neither is true. But we are told, we must send billions to Ukraine even while we supposedly don’t have the money to update our aging infrastructure or close our border or take care of drug addicts and homeless lining the streets of our cities? If you are one of those who have started to think that something is wrong with that then you are not alone.

I, on the other hand, do not have a powerful propaganda network behind me or advertising. I only get help when you share my articles with friends or recommend my site too them. So please, Freedom Troopers, help us (as a famous cavalry commander once said,) “ride to the sound of the guns” and keep us in the fight, by recommending us to two of your friends. Thanks.

Consider now how the same propaganda machine that turned on Nazi Germany and indited them for concentration camps and killing 6 million Jews completely ignored the violence and hundreds of thousands executed by Stalin’s court system, the 20 million Ukrainians and others starved by Stalin, and the perfecting of concentration camps in their Gulags, the loading of political prisoners onto barges and then sinking them in the Baltic Sea, all of which were completely ignored by our propaganda machine which sent over a billion dollars of aid in adjusted dollars to Stalin. They even branded this brutal dictator as a family friend, calling him “Uncle Joe.”

I find it difficult to write this because I have always believed we were the good guys. Patton baulked at the injustice of it all and how we were turning all of Eastern Europe over to Stalin’s brutal regime. But Patton was killed, supposedly accidentally. I think he overdosed on honesty and even then, the system couldn’t take it. This is a disease that still is a problem for our government, in fact it has gotten worse so that even if you were in Washington D.C. on January 6th you might be in trouble, even if you are not overdosing on honesty. Patton had even said we should turn the German war machine around and fight communism with it, (I would really like to get a copy of Patton’s diary.) This is an idea, joining together to fight communism that the Germans had even suggested to us, because they recognized communism as a mutual enemy.

Note, again, I am not saying Nazis were good. But our ally Soviet Russia was no better.

This is not a black and white issue of Good vs. Evil. America was founded for good. But for a very long time evil has been gnawing at the roots of the tree of Liberty.

Diana West has more about the corruption of our government by Communists and Soviet agents in the book American Betrayal, the Secret Assault on Our Nations Character. This book is hard for me to read because, as I said, I have always believed Americans were the good guys. We have done more good, I believe, than many other nations have combined. Our people are good and decent folk. Yet, today, the corruption has spread so far that it is becoming apparent to most Americans. Unfortunately, I have found out that the corruption ran far deeper and goes back farther than I ever imagined. [For more on this see: Active Measures – The Subversion of the Good – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; Don’t Be Fooled About Conspiracy Theories! – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; ]

As I said, I haven’t seen this much maligned interview, but I have read Russian and Soviet History and I know that for hundreds of years the Russian Empire has had a basic “red line” that always caused war. If the US State Department realizes this basic fact of history than we are the ones who caused the Ukraine War and our government is on the side of evil and not good. If the State Department doesn’t realize this then they are too stupid to be in charge and our government is the epitome of ignorance and we are still acting on the side of evil. Why do I say that? Here are the facts:

In 2014, out of the 2,484,769 people living in the Crimea 1,492,000 were actually Russian and spoke Russian as their first language and not Ukrainian. Only 344,000 of the people living in Crimea were Ukrainian, that is only 15.7% and the rest of the population were from other areas that Soviet Russia had controlled.

Remember Crimea and the Ukraine were part of the Soviet Union up until 1991 when the Ukraine declared independence from USSR. That is not the first time they tried to declare independence, they also tried in 1918 when Finland also declared independence. Perhaps Stalin remembered that when he starved millions of Ukrainians in the 1920s and 30s. Ukraine is (or was,) made up of 77.8 percent ethnic Ukrainians and 17.3% Russian. In the population itself 67.5% actually spoke Ukrainian and 29.6% spoke Russian. Insisting that Ukrainian and not Russian be taught in Ukrainian schools adversely affected a third of the nation in a nation that was PART of Soviet USSR about 30 years ago! In fact, Russian was the official language of Ukraine for nearly 80 years. When Putin invaded Ukraine there was a lot of hullabaloo about the Ukrainians stopped Russia before they took Kyev, the capital. I have no doubt they would have been more than happy to completely overrun all of Ukraine but initially he seized the areas that had predominantly Russian speaking peoples in them. The FIRST offer of peace was right after this when he offered to end hostilities if he annexed the areas that were majority inhabited by Russians (such as Crimea.) We must grant that historically these areas have been part of the Ukraine but they were Russian for hundreds of years.

We convinced the Ukraine that they should repudiate their treaty with Russia. This is the action that started the whole crisis in that region. Not the Ukraine War but it set the stage for it with the invasion of Crimea.

The treaty I am talking about is the treaty that was the precondition for Ukrainian independence. That was the Treaty that allowed the Russian Navy use and access to Sevastopol, their only deep-water naval port in the Black Sea. Sevastopol is in Crimea in what was formerly the Ukraine and will probably never be in the Ukraine again – Russia already tried once to allow Ukrainian control of Sevastopol and rely on a Treaty for access and America and Britain convinced Ukraine to put an end to that (probably ignorantly thinking it was an “easy win” to get Russia out of the Black Sea. If so, the US State Department should make everyone read a “World History” book before they hire anyone. For hundreds of years this has been a red-line for Russian leaders and they have at my check just since the 1500s have fought over 40 wars to keep access to this Crimean port. Russian leaders from the Czars and Czarina Catherine, to the communist premiers, to the presidents of Russia have historically all insisted on maintaining access to 3 deepwater ports for their navy. Sevastapol in the Black Sea, St. Petersburg/Leningrad in the Baltic Sea, and Vladivostok in the Pacific. If the US State Department didn’t know this, they are too stupid for words, if they did know this, they started the Ukraine War.

This should not be new information to us, In the mid 1800s US General George Brinton McClellan, later commander and father of one of the greatest fighting machines in American History called the United States Army of the Potomac in the American Civil War, went to the Ukraine as an observer to view the first “modern” war over Sevastopol and Crimea between Russia and Turkey, England, and France. England and France thought they could back Turkey and deny Russian access to the Black Sea for their fleet even then. If you don’t know how that went let me remind you that the poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” with the line “ours was but to do and die” is written about that war where Russia was fighting to maintain their access to the Black Sea for their deep-water fleet. It was not the last war. They also fought World War I against Turkey, Germany, and Austia-Hungary to maintain their influence around the Black Sea, Japan in the Russo-Japanese War to maintain the security of Vladivostok, and World War II to maintain control of all three ports.

As usual the summary in Wikipedia is a summary of Left-leaning worldview mentioning the Russian violation of treaty but not mentioning the Ukrainian violation of treaty nor mentioning Ukrainian acts of marginalization of Russians living in Ukraine (such as removing the Russian language from schools and everything else in Ukraine – since Americans generally haven’t been taught squat about ANYTHING of value in American Public Schools for almost 50 years I will assume you may not know that the Ukraine for most of its history has been an integral part of the Russian Empire. So Ukrainian independence is something like one of the original 13 colonies declaring independence and then passing laws against anyone who is descended from anyone from any of the other colonies who might be living in their newly found country. Ukrainians HAVE been badly misused by Russia. One of the latest incidents was the 20 million Ukrainians who starved to death because the Communist Regime in Moscow chose to starve them. That was before World War II. Somehow, we chose to make Russia one of the Good Guys in World War II despite the fact that they helped start it. We constantly hear of the German invasion of Poland in World War II but it was actually the Soviet and Nazi invasion of Poland that started World War II and Germany probably wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t signed the Russo-German Non-Aggression pact that gave Russia a third of Poland and all of the Baltic States and several other areas in exchange for a peace treaty. Most Americans still don’t know that Russia killed way more Russians than Hitler killed Jews or that Communism is responsible for AT LEAST 100 million murders/exterminations/executions in the 20th Century. In fact, Ukrainians originally sided with the Nazis when Germany invaded in World War II because Russia had treated them so poorly. But the Nazis blew it and persecuted the Ukrainians as well.

Any fool should know this. Russian History is not my forte and I even know this. The very best the US State Department can plead is that they are not evil because they did not realize this and that makes them stupid and a “useful idiot” of the forces of evil. None of these situations put the US in a good light because there is absolutely no way a tiny country like Ukraine would defy the largest country in the world, Russia, if we had not put them up to it and promised we would help them.

Americans have been told what to think not how to think for some time. This is not the country the Founding Fathers intended and has been sliding away from Liberty at least since 1830, even Jefferson was bothered by it in his lifetime. Fortunately, many Americans still believe in the dream of Liberty and Justice for All and we can build on that and use it to restore our liberty if we stand up for honesty and freedom.

I don’t know for sure how many times Russia has offered Peace to the Ukraine but last year I DO know that it was the US State Department and United Kingdom that said NO and cancelled the peace deal. They told the leaders of the Ukraine that if they made peace then the UK and US would stop all the flow of money to the Ukraine and there is no way the Ukraine can rebuild their country without our help. So we have perpetuated a war that eventually will depopulate the Ukraine and it is doing so rapidly. Currently, there is a great deal of hullabaloo about Russia invading Europe. However, Russia is the largest country in the World it doesn’t need resources it exports them. And it is Europe that Russian resources it is not the other way around. Further, is Putin really a threat to Europe when he requested that Russia be a part of Nato? He was ready to commit to joining together to defend Europe, is he really a threat? Or is he a threat to the narrative we have used for over 50 years making Russia our enemy and excuse for.. well, almost everything?

Originally Russia took Crimea and secured its port in Sevastopol. It then built a huge bridge across the strait of the Bay of Azov to supply its military base in Sevastopol and forces in Crimea. However, Ukrainian terrorists/freedom fighters kept sabotaging the bridge and endangering supply lines. Then Russia invaded Ukraine. Why?

I posted on Fakebook that I believed it was to seize a secure land supply route for its forces in Crimea. I believe, bottom line, Putin wanted the area south of the Dneipr river where it curves to the West from that area back to Mother Russia. That would ensure their hold on the port since the treaty with Ukraine failed to do so because Ukraine welched on that agreement.

Of course, in the game of international politics you need to invade more than you want so you can give something back, so he invaded a larger area. You always do that so that you can negotiate the areas you don’t really want away. So Putin, when he wanted to secure Crimea invaded all of Ukraine. I believe his best deal of all deals was getting Russian control of everything East of the Dneipr river because it would give him a very defendable border for the Eastern part of Russia.

So, when he attacked Kyev, in my view, he didn’t try all that hard. I watched it closely in real time. Actually, I noticed that the Russian Army can only advance along major highways. Apparently, they don’t have the maintenance and spare parts to keep their army rolling across country. That takes a toll on equipment. Even so, I think they pretty much ran out of steam by the time they reached the Dneipr river. Their morale was low, their supply was inconsistent, and their command and control was spotty. So maybe he was hoping to get all of Ukraine and keep it. But I don’t think he really expected that. Maybe he did but I don’t think so.

So, when he went to the negotiation table, assuming he didn’t expect to conquer all of Ukraine his first grab was everything East of the Dneipr for the border and that would include the supply route to Crimea.

If that was refused his next negotiating point, he would request the Don Bass region which held the greatest concentration of Russian speaking citizens and the area South and East of the Dneipr where it turns sharply west that would include his surety of supply route to his naval base.

If he couldn’t do that then, his final negotiating line would be the area South of the Dneipr and east back to Russia. Indeed, the Russian army was pushed back all over but it was not pushed out of the area South and Eastward from where the Dneipr turns west that gives him a guaranteed and secure hold on Crimea. The Russian army fought fiercely for this area, and it still holds it today. This is his final negotiating line.

I don’t think it is reasonable to expect him to leave Crimea. He tried that once and it didn’t work. Russia doesn’t generally make the same mistake twice in history. I don’t think he will accept anything but a guaranteed overland supply route to Crimea because he tried that with the bridge over the Azov strait and that didn’t work because it was sabotaged by Ukraine. (Okay, I am not saying Putin is Gandalf, but he is determined.)

So that is his final negotiating line. Demanding anything else is a statement that the US wants a perpetual war or the destruction of Russia. Russia has proven very difficult to topple in history and I don’t think Putin is in danger of losing power. He was KGB and he understands the underhanded power games and how they work.

As a final note we need to consider that the Ukraine used to provide 40% of the worlds grain. It no longer does because of war. Even if the war ends there are not all the farmers there used to be and Ukraine is hopelessly crippled economically. The only ones who are benefiting by the continuation of the war in Ukraine is the US Military Industrial Complex and those who believe that the World should only support less than half of what we have now. Because the starvation that is going to occur because of this war should make those who believe the world is overpopulated happy because between that and the declining birth rate the Human population on Earth is going to be radically declining in the next 20 years. I haven’t talked about that because there is so much to talk about, but it is true.

The war in Ukraine is illogical and serves no one unless they want to depopulate the world through starvation and destabilize the international community. About 20 years ago the Club of Rome said the West needs to reduce its population by at least two thirds. What happens when psychopaths and narcissists are in power, and they believe that the population must be reduced by any means necessary? Perhaps you get a perpetual war in the Ukraine and the other large grain and food producing regions (the US and Europe,) have their food production radically depleted by Green Energy programs, corporate mismanagement, punitive taxation, destruction of hundreds of thousands of meat-producing animals in a single year, and mysterious fires of food production facilities in other nations? Mass Starvation in the Third World. That would only be significant if the elites didn’t care about population as individuals or unique creations of a loving God and only saw them as numbers to be reduced, “So the population is reduced by how much? Has it disrupted my stock portfolio? Invest in mortuaries!”

But we are talking about Putin and the interview by Tucker Carlson and the situation in Ukraine….I will let you know what I found out about the Putin interview that no one except Elon Musk will let you watch in its unedited totality. Why is that do you suppose?

Don’t give up. Our hope is in humanities deep yearning for freedom.

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  1. I saw this by Forbes which talks about both Ukraine and the Border Crisis in Congress. It is said that Rand Paul has spoken the truth in Congress to all the lies, at least since the Vaccine/Covid Crisis, and the majority in the House and Senate and the Blackrock owned media ignore him. Does Blackrock own America and not just our media? Here is the video TRUTH TO POWER!

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