Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

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You can’t turn on the news without reports of supply shortages, food shortages, market crashes, and civil unrest (such as peaceful demonstrations that burn down buildings, smash windows, and destroy mom-and-pop businesses in large cities. There are even allegations that we are seeing the first stages of the end of the world. OK. If you like. But people have been predicting the apocalypse since 70 AD. It hasn’t come yet and, if you believe in the Bible, not all of the signs in there have been fulfilled. It may be the four horsemen are loose, war, pestilence, famine, and death. But when have those things not been present on earth? It IS going to get worse in the coming years and if you have done nothing to get ready you may well have a very hard time or even die.

We all will die. We have no choice in that. That is one thing we all have in common. Everyone who is born will die. Our only real choice is how we will live and how we will face our death.

What are you going to do about it? Sit down and cry? Draw the curtains and peek out hoping that someone is coming to save you. Complain “Poor poor pitiful me! I am a perpetual victim and have no agency for my own life!” That seems to be what our society is telling us to do. It tells you you can do nothing and you have no power. Some spend so much time fearing death that they never truly live. Fear runs their life.

That is the way of sheep. They are driven by fear. I don’t have time for sheep so if you are one of the sheeple feel free to leave.

Note you are not one of the sheep just for complaining. You are a sheep if you curl up in a ball and do nothing or if you flee in panic. There is a saying that soldiers aren’t happy unless they are complaining. I had a commander say to me once “Dan, it’s not a problem when your troops are complaining. But you might want to worry if they stop.” This tells a truth about fighters. They may complain. They may even get knocked down. But then they get back up and move on toward the objective; because if you feel pain it means you are not dead yet and where there is life there is hope.

(I am saying that with the full knowledge that if you were one of the sheeple you would have run from this sight long ago and stood afar off pointing and babbling about conspiracies – to keep from reading anything that might disturb your normalcy bias.) SabersEdge is and always has been for the lions and eagles of our society. You are among the Lions and Eagles.

As I have often said I am not a conservative. Conservatives want to go back to something we had before. Yet I feel that what we had before brought us here. And we are not in a good place. No, we couldn’t go back even if we wanted too and it is the silence of conservatives that allowed the Leftists to destroy our society.

There is an old song that was on Leonard Nimoy’s (Spock) Album. It was a song about Hobbits:

Hobbits are peace lovin folks you know

They’re never in a hurry and they take things slow

They don’t like to travel away from home

They just want to eat and be left alone.

The thing is that while Hobbits were just minding their own business in the shire the fate of the world was being decided for them – and they had no input as a people because they were too busy keeping to themselves. Their entire world would have been destroyed and they wouldn’t have noticed until the enemy was breathing down their throats because they were “minding their own business.” It is generally accepted that the hobbits were the common Englishman focusing on day-to-day life and missing the big picture – but doing so happily and contentedly. As Sauron grew in power.

This attitude infected America when our schools failed to teach students that freedom and liberty are EVERYONE’s business. No, I would want to be a conservative. The conservatives have let the leftists destroy our country one piece at a time, one small victory at a time until we no longer live in a free country. We have always had leftists. The Communist Manifesto was written before the American Civil War! The difference is we had patriots (rather than conservatives,) who opposed the loss of freedom. As we lost patriotism and replaced it with anemic conservativism that just wanted to be “left alone” and mind its own business liberty and freedom began to die. Now we live in a country where Homeland Security sites people who honor the constitution, veterans, and those who fly historical flags, or disagree with government propaganda, as potential terrorists. It seems the Tories have gained dominance and most people in this country are supporting the tyrants, or are complicit in their silence.

Societies fall all the time and ours has all the signs of a decaying and dying civilization. It is not the end of the world but a time of change and opportunity. The question is what kind of world will the lions and eagles build for the future? It is the lions and eagles such as those at SabersEdge that will persevere and who will fight their way into a new future. Hopefully, they will be able to preserve the things that worked in the past to form the foundation for the future.

There is an old Norse proverb:

Eagles should show their claws, even when dying.

Never give up, never surrender. I for one will show my claws no matter what happens; no matter how bad it gets. And I encourage you to do the same.

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