Our Society is Looney Tunes

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Is Our Society Looney Tunes?

When I was young we watched Looney Tunes cartoons all the time. Then, some woke idiot decided they were too violent and (despite all historical and anthropological evidence that shows that all primates are violent,) if we stopped exposing our kids to violence in cartoons we would no longer have a violent society. So, how is that working for ya? I counter that perhaps they actually provided part of the cultural fabric that helped hold our society together.

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Like so many other unsubstantiated ideas that are rampant in our society today, someone got this bright idea, and the government, media, and other “progressives” jumped on it without gathering any data to see if it was true. In fact, the data they did gather indicated that cartoon violence had no effect on children but that real violence – violence that they saw (or believed they saw,) from “news” did indeed cause them to play with more violent toys. Despite studies, as they still do today, progressives continued as if their ideas were true and ignored all scientific results to the contrary.

This all started when a group of “scholars” and “experts” (among them Dr. Spock who was a child psychologist that advised everyone how to raise their kids – although he had none,) came up with ideas that – even when I was a teen – sounded wonky to me. Our society in the 70s became obsessed with experts who were often light on experience but heavy on ideas. They believed our society made us violent and if we could just remove those violent cartoons, games, and other influences our children would not grow up violent and we would all live together in peace and harmony.

Such scholars are themselves, in my opinion, looney tunes. If you study history you will find that every couple hundred years people come to the fore in society who believe that humans are “perfectly” and that if we only were more understanding, more generous, or more…something…everyone would be perfect little angels. Over and over again in history (in the past often led by religious “do-gooders” who didn’t believe in humanity as “fallen” or in “original sin,” would lead the way,) in trying to form a “perfect society.” It has always failed and always will fail because humans are, well…human.

It is clear that they have no, or at least an idealized and unrealistic, understanding of human behavior. Humans are primates. Primates are territorial and violent. All of them from the smallest monkeys to the Silverback Gorilla. They are used to making violent displays to scare off opponents (just as human governments are adept at “saber-rattling”) but they will back up their display with violence if they feel they need to.

I grew up being told that animals don’t hunt and kill each other and that only humans did that. This is untrue. All primates do that. Gorillas and chimps and even small monkeys have been recorded as not only attacking others but of one group attacking another group and then permanently taking over and occupying their territory and then, like all primates, setting up border guards to guard their new territory against intruders. Removing cartoons, video games, or guns is not the problem. Humans are.

If people don’t have a structured society with community values and principled enforcement their society has always torn itself apart and we are doing that today.

All you have to do is watch children watch old Bugs Bunny or Yosemite Sam cartoons. They are not disturbed by violence, they laugh and giggle. No one taught them to do that. It’s instinctive. Its progressives with an unrealistic view of humanity that is bothered by it not the children. Now if violence is realistic children will, indeed, be disturbed because they are not stupid – just young. But we seem to be able to understand that cartoon violence is not real.

Looney Tunes taught us great classics of music of our culture, it made fun of aspects of our culture ‘misinterpreting” things or taking figurative things literally and vice versa.

One example that came to me about how they shaped our society was in the cartoon the Wolf and the Sheep Dog. For the whole cartoon, the wolf would prey on the sheep and try to disable to blow up the sheepdog so he could get his mutton. The sheepdog always won and got the sheep back. After “all day” of fighting with one another the end-of-day horn would sound and the two would stop in mid-fight and go “Oh, it’s quitting time.” They would stop fighting one another and go to the time clock and “clock out.” In this process, they would talk to each other for the first time. “See you tomorrow Charlie.” “By John, you say hi to the wife and kids for me.” “Will do Charlie, you take care of yourself. I’ll get you tomorrow though.” “Yeah, sure.”

Am I the only one who notices that this cartoon, in a few minutes, not only taught children classical music, but that people went to work during the day, went home at quitting time to be with their families, and that even people who disagreed violently could still be friends? And have you noticed that people today don’t seem to know any of these things? Especially, they have lost Western Civilization’s enlightened ability to disagree civilly and remain friends. The stories of the Civil War are replete with Generals of the various sides meeting and renewing their friendships before or after fighting the battles. But today we have lost this key feature of our society and have become characterized by the communist fanaticism which demands the murder or re-education of opponents.

When we took the old Looney Tunes away from our kids we also took away all of these lessons. Now they are all stupid and don’t teach the practical lessons that used to permeate our entertainment because the idiots in charge today don’t read and were not educated in the culture that built our society and allowed it to function smoothly. The lessons today do not build our society, they are tearing it apart.

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