Illegal Immigrants and Sanctuary Cities

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One of the principles of the founding of America is that government and law itself can become oppressive. Patriots resisted tyrannical laws such as unjust search and seizure, unfair taxation, denying citizens of their property or God-given rights, or a variety of other things which our Federal, State, and Local governments do or attempt to do nearly every day somewhere. I don’t have a problem with a principled opposition to injustice. We should all throw our voice and efforts behind that and it is un-American to remain silent in the face of injustice. What I do have a problem with is hypocrisy. Such hypocrisy is now apparent in the Sanctuary City program harboring illegal immigrants.

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Jurisdictions, such as Texas and Florida, (unable to return illegal immigrants outside the US by Federal Law,) have resorted to sending those who have crossed the border illegally to self-proclaimed Sanctuaries who have claimed sanctimoniously that they will harbor such illegals against “unfair” attempts to enforce properly constituted legal authority of federal immigration law. Except, the cities most often making those claims are relatively unaffected by the massive border crossing and now, when presented with an “opportunity” to help illegals by the Governors of Florida and Texas these hypocrites are responding angrily that those states would send “these people” to them. Even saying that it is akin to the holocaust, (apparently they have never actually studied the holocaust or they wouldn’t make such a ridiculous statement.)

From the standpoint of the border states dealing with this massive influx it is much cheaper for them to rent a tour bus, and present illegals with money, food, temporary shelter, and an all-expense paid trip to the city of their choice (with signed waiver and a map or “welcome packet” for the city in question,) then it is to fund all of the infrastructures that would be necessary to support them. Further, no state or city on the border should be expected to bear the burden of care and assimilation of so many border crossers just because of Federal refusal to enforce Border and Immigration Laws. It is much better to disperse the cost among some 560 states, counties, and cities that have proclaimed themselves sanctuaries.

This tendency to bypass legal authority is a problem in itself that undermines the rule of law and spreads contempt for our legal system and government. Without respect for law and order, those who advocate government solutions to our problems will find that the government is less and less capable of implementing any solutions whatsoever.

If it is a national policy of the Federal Government to allow these illegally admitted aliens into the nation without proper medical screening or processing then the consequences need to be dispersed nationally and not simply born by the states into which most of these people cross. When the President refuses to enforce Federal law he violates the very “social contract” of government upon which our nation was founded and the Sanctuary Cities that advocate open borders and actively interfere with Federal enforcement of immigration law are the most logical cities to bear the brunt of these policies. As such we should have Federal assistance in transporting these ‘aliens’ to the Sanctuary Cities and states that have invited them to stay.

Let me be clear, the use of the military to disperse illegal aliens throughout the country is unconscionable and because they are lying to us about their actions we don’t know what the circumstances are in this transport except that they are doing it surreptitiously and illegally. By contrast, the states of Texas and Florida are taking such actions openly and only sending them to jurisdictions that have announced that they welcome illegal aliens and that they desire to be “sanctuaries” for them. Being a sanctuary isn’t just about virtue signaling and saying the right things, it’s about “walking the walk” and doing what is necessary to welcome the people that they claim to welcome, finding them the housing, jobs, and medical care that they need and supporting their “open borders” policies with their money, effort, and time.

I for one would gladly donate to either build a wall to help enforce immigration law or if we are going to have open borders, to help ensure people are transported to the communities who have invited them in and promised to protect and support them. Where else would they be better off but in the cities of the compassionate and loving people who invite them in the first place? Unfortunately, my house has only two bedrooms and they are occupied by my family but some people who advocate open borders have very large houses with many bedrooms and some even have estates where these illegal immigrants could pitch tents and stay. Such wealthy persons could easily afford to rent porta-potties and provide subsistence-level food for them while they helped them find work – or they could employ them on their estates. President Biden himself said these illegal immigrants are a good thing and asked that without them who would clean our toilets or do our gardening? Well, in my family we have never been able to afford maids or gardeners and we did it ourselves but those who welcome open borders need such low-cost labor. Unfortunately, having worked for immigration, I know that many of these wealthy advocates of open borders keep illegal servants in conditions that, while they may be better than they endured in the third world, are not up to American standards. I would think that this hypocrisy would bother the compassionate people among us, but I guess if you avoid looking at the results of the policies you support then you don’t have to be bothered by reality.

It is a fact that the border states cannot assimilate such a large influx of illegal aliens, they simply don’t have the resources. It is also a fact that the residents of those states should not be solely responsible for paying for what is a national policy. It is further, a fact that there are organizations (supported by some of the elite and large corporations,) of this country that are facilitating these illegal caravans by paying for food, medical care, transportation, and by providing legal instruction as to how to circumvent American law in their efforts to get “cheap labor” into the country. Such labor is cheaper for them because they don’t have to pay all of the insurance and taxes connected with people who are “not legally here” as they would for American citizens that are “legally here” and whose pay is tracked and must be reported to the IRS.

It is not compassionate to have open borders but to not pay for the medical care, transportation, job training, and education necessary for these illegal immigrants to fit in.

And let’s be clear, whether the nation chooses to enforce border regulations and laws or not, does not change the fact that these people are breaking the law by crossing into the United States illegally. It is not people who are illegal it is their willful violation of law that makes their status illegal. The very definition of a criminal is someone who intentionally violates the law. Therefore every immigrant who doesn’t present themselves legally at a port of entry, and then comply with our immigration laws and court appearances, is an illegal alien engaging in criminal activity. Period.

As it stands, in Texas and Florida, asking if people would like to go to these cities, getting their signed permission, giving them food and a little money for the journey, and paying entirely for their transport to these Sanctuary Cities are more moral and compassionate than those who advocate open borders but do nothing to help these people once they arrive.

“…illegal immigration has resulted in a spike in crime that affects the safety of American Citizens, not surprising when hundreds of thousands walk into the United States without audit or criminal background checks. The vast majority of crimes committed by illegal aliens are state and local offenses, thus hard to total on a national basis. But often in matters of fraud, drug dealing, and smuggling, criminality becomes a federal matter. Currently, the United States is suffering an epidemic of federal offenses committed by noncitizen residents. In fact, in 2019 it was announced that 64 percent of all arrests by all federal authorities are of noncitizens, here both legally and illegally, although they comprise just 14 to 17 percent of the US population – a figure that may even undercount non-citizen residents. In 2018, 26 percent of all federal inmates were either legal or illegal aliens. — Even more disturbing, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Fiscal Year 2019 Enforcement and Removal Operations Report noted that there were twenty-five hundred illegal aliens charged with murder (for murders committed up to 2019). In 2018 (the latest year counted), 9,049 suspects in total were arrested in the United States for homicide. Enforcement and Removal Operations in 2019 “issued 165,487 detainers for aliens with criminal histories including more than 56,000 assaults, 14,500 sex crimes, 5,000 robberies, 2,500 homicides, and 2,500 kidnappings.” — These statistics represent staggering costs to citizens for law enforcement, legal fees, and prison costs associated with tens of thousands of aliens who enter the United States illegally, then proceed to cause mayhem for their hosts. Again, citizens expect non-citizens who enter and exit their country to follow the same laws that they do. If citizens were to violate these laws, they would expect to be punished in a way that noncitizens sometimes are not.

Victor Davis Hansen, The Dying Citizen, p. 91-92.

Citizens who break the law don’t have Sanctuary Cities to go to for refuge and extending all the free services enjoyed by American Citizens to illegal aliens undermines citizenship and requires hard-working, tax-paying citizens to pay for those who have no legal right to be here. This is an injustice and if the costs of illegals are to be borne by this country it should be borne by those people who believe in open borders and those sanctuary cities that are extending protection to illegal aliens and no one else. It is immoral for citizens of these sanctuaries to make other people pay for their opinions especially if they are going to complain if these illegals come to their city or neighborhood. No one should allow anyone to support illegal immigration without them volunteering to pay their share of the 110 Billion in costs. Which, if divided among the 80 million or so who voted for President Biden means that each of these voters should pay 137,500$ a year to support their decision. “Come on in! My neighbor will pay for it!” Is unconscionable and the opposite of compassionate. Such hypocrisy should not be tolerated and must be challenged by everyone who believes in justice.

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