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“Don’t believe everything you see on TV.” My Dad used to say. “Or that you see on your phone or computer,” I would add. My Dad was born in 1919 and in his life, he went from seeing cheese delivered to his home by a horse-drawn dairy wagon to seeing men on the moon, the space shuttle, and the international space station. But critical thinking is something that every father should have taught their children because the world lies to us and we need to seek the truth.

Welcome Freedom Troopers to another installment of What Your Father Should Have Taught You. We will touch on the failing of education and both mal-information and mis-information, and the lies our society tells us in this article and, hopefully, it will allow you to be better equipped to sort out the truth from the lies that our society is feeding you to manipulate your fears and your actions. As Naomi Wolf once said, “conspiracy theory” was a phrase invented by intelligence agencies to protect the government narrative. “It used to be called ‘critical thinking’ or ‘investigative journalism.’”

Many have said that there is a problem with the level of ignorance of young people in Western World. This is not entirely the fault of our people – you know some of the same people who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan? They have not only been robbed by the billions of tax dollars stolen from them and wasted on a poorly executed public education; the US, in particularly, has done very poorly educating their youth. A person cannot be learned today if they relied solely on public education in the US. (As I am using Learned it is pronounced Learn – ed – this is an old use of the word that today is normally just called “educated”.) I use the word “learn-ed” because they have been educated but are not learned (learn-ed). They are not learned because we have abandoned the basic fundamentals of a classical education and produced a mass produced education system that is intended, INTENDED, to produce a mediocre product suitable only to be a cog in the industrial and commercial wheel of a globalist capitalist machine. Education used to be about getting a mind and person to bloom and thrive and not just to “fit in.”

Hey Freedom Troopers, I know many of you have read my articles on the problems with modern education but not all of you were with us for the “Awaken the Lions” series. You can read those here: Part 1 – The World Built In the Last 150 Years Is Broken – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; Part 2- Our System is Broken – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; Part 3 – Awaken the Lions! Fixing A Toxic System – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth; and you can see my solutions to the problem of mis-education and mal-education. If I had the money, or if my sister were still alive, we could have started a private school for patriots on a semi-military discipline model. Hopefully, someone will do that to provide structure for those who grew up in unstructured schools and families. You can join us on X/Twitter Daniel Saber @SabersEdge1 as well as here. Welcome Freedom Troopers as you draw your saber and cut away the lies so you can see the truth and share it with others. As Crusaders used to say, “God and my Right” (as in my own strong right arm and weapon,) will get me through.

The problem today is, as I have said people are not learned. People used to become learned through the education process [see my articles on Awaken the Lions about education and maleducation or our public schools: Part 1 – The World Built In the Last 150 Years Is Broken – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; Part 2- Our System is Broken – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; Part 3 – Awaken the Lions! Fixing A Toxic System – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth;.] This mal-education is not the fault of the people but the administrators and the half-baked ideas that have been implemented in schools that have not produced results. [You can also read: Who Stole Your Education? Were You Indoctrinated in Ignorance? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; there are other articles on this matter and they can be found by searching “Education” in the search function on the site.

So many of our problems are produced by the level of ignorance in history, culture, and human physical relationships. These relationships and elements of culture have persisted for thousands of years because they work and, in some cases they are hard-wired into our sex differences. As Jordan Peterson often points out the country that has been the best at egalitarianism and eliminating social conditioning has been Sweden and Sweden has some of the largest differences in male and female behavior. When left to their own preferences women choose lower paying service jobs and men do the harder and more dangerous and demanding jobs. Today’s ignorance of the difference of male and female (and many other facts,) is to be blamed on the mal-education they received that has lied to them about so many things. As Tim Pool noted, you can see the difference in male and female behavior in his chickens! Are they socially conditioned for the male to stand guard over the hens? No! My first wife was with my father watching the deer in an enclosure at our cabin when we came home for leave. As I was walking up the trail after tying the boat I heard her say of a buck that had just walked into the clearing to ward his females “Oh look! He walks just like Daniel! Like he owns the place.” For the first time we have 2 male cats. I used to think that cats ran and hid while dogs patrolled and guarded a house. NO! Our two boys run to the window at any sound to see what is up. They split up and guard my wife and I when we are doing different things and they meet us at the door when we come home. They are ever alert and investigate any sound. It is the difference between male and female that I was observing and NOT the difference between cats and dogs (up till now all our cats had been female.)

I was always amazed at the total ignorance of young actresses who knew nothing of anything that had happened before they were born and who said, “Finally, there is a woman lead in a movie.” I grew up with strong women on TV in the 60s and 70s. Apparently these actresses made movies but they have never watched any, from Joan of Arc with Ingrid Bergman, to Mrs. Barkely in the Big Valley, to Alice in Resident Evil and Sigourney Weaver in the Aliens movies, not to mention Wonder Woman, Isis, Black Widow, and other comic book heroines I grew up with! Most of what you hear of a “patriarchy” and how society was before you were born is an out and out lie spawned by amoral people with their own agenda! And their agenda is not to help you! See also: Blood and Courage, The Heroes We Grew Up With – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth

[ See also: It’s Always Been About Lies and Control – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; and It’s Always Been About Lies and Control, Pt. II – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

Another problem with today’s society, exacerbated by mal-education is a high degree of neuroticism in today’s society that makes too many feel offended at nearly everything. This is a psychological problem of those who are having an emotional breakdown over some issue and not so much the isolated idea or event that they are taking out of context. Indeed, the studies showing the difference in mental health between conservatives and leftists is telling.

Those suffering from neuroticism have too often not sought help from competent mental health professionals for the injuries they have had (or perceive to have had,) in their youth. Coupled with the idea that not all psychologists or counselors are competent compounds the problem (I encourage you to shop around and find a councilor you can relate to and does not have their own issues they are trying to work out in their practice. To organize society solely to cater to the most fragile and disturbed is to create a society geared to failure and dis-solution. [ See also: Becoming the Person You Were Created To Be – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth and Never Give Up! Reaching Our Potential – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth; ]

As I said mal-education can not be blamed on the youth any more than we can blame them for the family situation they grew up in! They didn’t design and run our factory/assembly education system, and the children didn’t choose divorce. (Although it is true that a whole world of information is at their finger tips if they knew how to research it and get past algorithms that feed them nonsense – but again, research skills must be taught – if you would like us to talk about those let me know in the comments).

Too many trust the society today and end up believing the many lies that have become prominent in our society. Lies that are easily refuted by facts and understanding but too few of the voices are providing this. There are also many videos I have watched that try to cover issues but either they have not been taught good research skills or they have only a superficial knowledge of their subject matter. As my Dad used to say, “Don’t believe everything you see on TV (or your computer.) Ask questions.”

One of the problems I have is when people embrace philosophies based in nihilism and beliefs (that if followed to their logical conclusion,) would kill millions or even billions of people. Those who believe we need to reduce the population to half is a case in point. I don’t trust anyone who wants to kill half the people of the world (or who would be happy if they just died out,) especially when they won’t “lead by example” as the army used to say and remove themselves first – leftists always want someone else to “do the dying for them” or to “pay the bills” for what they want done.

These people always want others to pay the price for their ideas. The people who destroy art and attack society with the Stop Oil fanatics still persist in using their phones, computers, and a myriad of other plastics. Plastics are produced using oil primarily. Further they, as individuals use more power (generally produced by fossil fuels,) and consume more goods and quick microwavable meals (delivered to stores by trucks and consuming the very fossil fuels they want to ban,) using much much more energy than entire families used in a week of existence in the recent past. But they don’t do things to reduce their own usage because those things are inconvenient and make all sorts of excuses for themselves that they don’t allow others to make.

I remember the young lady who was talking about how we needed to put recycling barrels in the work area so people could recycle and reduce waste. I said, “Why don’t we encourage people to keep a box under their desk. Throw their recyclables in there and then take them home every Friday and put them with their own recycle bins.” – “No one would do that!” she was quick to say. “I do.” I responded. “Yeah right!” shc scoffed. “No, he really does. I see him leave with the bag of recycled cans every week,” several people spoke up for me. She harumphed and went back to feeding her infant in the disposable diapers with a plastic disposable bottle as she drank her bottled water from another plastic bottle. I used 32 ounce cups I picked up at Movie theaters and reused the cups over and over filling them at work or on the way to work. But then, I believe in walking the walk and not just talking a good game.

When I was first assigned to the CI office in NJ we were driving to MID headquarters at New York and as we drove down the New Jersey Turnpike approaching NYC I saw some mountains in the distance. I said, “I didn’t know there were mountains in this part of New Jersey.” – “There aren’t.” my Captain said. As we got closer I saw the bulldozers on them. They were piles of garbage…mountains of garbage thrown away by all the people in NYC. When I was young the fire deparments would race out to the landfill to put out fires because the garbage in the landfill was decaying and breaking down. That generated heat. Then they decided they could stop the fires by using bulldozers to compress all the air and moisture out of the trash so that it would be a giant compost pile. The result is that we are creating mountains of our garbage that will never go through the natural process of decay and returning the elements and minerals in the garbage back to the earth. While Archaeologists in a thousand years may delight in sorting through all our garbage it is not environmentally friendly to produce mountains of garbage. Especially not by throwing away all of the plastic packaging modern society uses and wastes. We used to get milk and pop in glass bottles, then we would return the bottles, they would be washed and sterilized and used again. But that cost corporations money! It was much cheaper for them to just use plastic! In the same way they told us “save the trees by using plastic grocery bags” that too was a lie. Trees regrow naturally. Plastic just gathers in landfills and the oceans and kills wildlife. However, it gave the oil industry more profits!

We used to have a word for people who said one thing and did another. It was and is called hypocrisy and the society I grew up in didn’t tolerate or excuse hypocrites because hypocrisy reveals that a person really doesn’t believe the words coming out of their own mouths. They are just talking and doing things to “look good” to others. It is a very superficial way to live. And superficiality, before the days of social media, was highly frowned upon. Today, young people seem to excuse it. Instead of striving for an ideal they dismiss failure as “everybody does it.”

I am criticizing environmental movements and news today as superficial but I am saying this as a person who was a leader in Ecology Now at the university and whose children got so tired of composting, gardening, and recycling that they still sometimes complain about all the recycle bins or carrying out and dumping a stinky bucket of recycled kitchen scraps every few days. My only son who lives at home still is not happy about “taking out the compost” or “stirring the compost pile with a pitchfork.

Pro-Tip: If you do compost, by the way, buy worms and add them to your compost and garden. The house I live in now the soil is so horrible that it won’t grow anything but we produce compostable waste purely by living our lives and that compost, and fallen leaves, put together are slowly converting my garden area to good soil.

With my father I have literally planted hundreds of trees. My father loved trees and he worked for a man who believed in foresting the edges of his land to construct wind breaks and make it more appealing. I spent many days driving a tractor as a kid as my dad dropped baby trees into the furrow made and then walked back with in to close the furrow and stamp the dirt down around the young seedlings. Your carbon footprint would be irrelevant if you planted a tree for every person in your family and one for your cars and one for your household usage. It would not be a problem because tree EAT carbon dioxide and plants need this to live. Unfortunately, as most real environmental specialists have pointed out we are on the verge of a carbon desert where there is not enough carbon for the plants we have. In the last decade, fortunately, carbon emissions have increased and there has been a greening of the earth as a result as plants and trees hungrily gobble up the carbon dioxide in the air. Planting trees and fighting deforestation were some of the efforts of real environmentalists before large corporate donors began manipulating the movement with their dollars.

I may not have good soil but, thanks to my father, I know how to make it good. You are not a victim of your circumstances if you choose not to be. Probably the most important lesson my father ever taught me. We all have what is called “agency” and that is the ability to choose our own actions and reactions to the cards we have been dealt. We are never served by whining and hoping someone rescues us.

Walking the Walk and not relying on others to tell me things is why I have this site Freedom Troopers.

Again, I realize that many sincere and heart felt actions are taken by people out of gross ignorance to reality and they have been manipulated by people with agendas. People who know better but who have no moral structure to restrain themselves…Greta Thunberg is a wonderful example of a seemingly (at least somewhat,) sincere activist who is living and acting on both misinformation and on mal-information. (Despite her staged video events I think she actually believes much of what she says.)

Misinformation is wrong but mal-information are actual lies that are promulgated as truth. We sometimes identify the people who do this as psychopaths.. and they will destroy anything and everything if they perceive that it gives them an advantage. Next time we will talk about the video “The Twelve Lies of Our Society” narrated by Kevin Sorbo.

Until then, don’t believe everything your told and read for yourself (and read original documents whenever possible don’t rely on someone else to give you a summary of what “they” thought was important. That is why I never buy “abridged” books. I want to know what people have “left out” when they present me “what is important.” In fact, I have found some very interesting and significant things by reading material that “the experts” chose to “leave out” of their own histories or texts.

Until next time Freedom Troopers, keep your saber of truth sharp and cut through the lies to the truth as you ride to the sound of trouble, wherever you find it – or be ready if it finds you.

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