Is China Preparing to Attack Taiwan in the Next Year?

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An unexpected event happened last week that will go un-noticed by people who aren’t trained in analysis. That is that Cathay Bank gave congressional investigators the information regarding President Biden and his son’s bank accounts. They also pledged to cooperate with the US Congress because they are subject to the FTC as part of the stock exchange. Is this an act to weaken the US Government before the CCP attacks Taiwan?

This is going to be largely speculation based on my knowledge of Communist machinations from the Cold War and my immediate question as to why China would risk compromising someone they may have compromised and who is in an important position in government? This was the answer I came up with. While they (Cathay Bank) claimed to not be connected to the Chinese government anyone who understands the Chinese communist system knows that is just blowing smoke. Anyone who acted in Cathay Bank in a manner that was disliked by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) would immediately have their family become victims of the state police. (While some people deny this they are either ignorant and refuse to listen to the testimony of those who have defected from China and other Communist countries, (these are people that the Communists themselves refer to as “useful idiots.” see Subversion or they are active agents of the Communist government and out and out lying to you. That is how they work.

There is a major problem for the average American in the understanding of communism. Americans tend to feel that people are good and have similar values to them but Communists reject all moral restraints and count as good anything that will help them establish Communist rule. They have said this over and over again (just as Hitler said he was going to reconquer all of the lands taken from Germany after WWI – but no one listened to him either.)

It is, perhaps, one more event meant to polarize and separate us against each other. That is, afterall, the Communist strategy for toppling governments. To Divide and Conquer is a time honored strategy. If you get your enemy to fight among themselves you can destroy them easily. What would be more divisive than impeachment or total compromise of the US President?

“In other words, all levels of society were being forced into the opposing camps of two antagonistic classes…” p. 70, The Naked Communist.

It was during the riots of 2021 that occurred throughout the US that I sat in my chair watching the news clips and pointed out to my wife and son “There, see him! He is a trained agitator. He is not like the others in the crowd. He has received training as an agent provocateur.” I didn’t keep track of how many trained agitators I spotted but if I could see them then other agents who work in Intelligence, FBI, CIA, OSI, NIS, and the 902nd MI Group could all see it to. Why they did not speak up and let the people know that Communist agitators were attempting to stir up unrest in the US I cannot say. However, I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that President Obama appointed a life-long American Communist to be the head of the CIA for the 8 years of his Presidency. He also presided over the systematic retirement of any general who was not politically leaning toward the left in the US military as well. We lost a lot of good generals in those 8 years, more generals retired during his term than I have ever seen during a single president’s term. But then also, Obama’s campaign donations were handled by a finance company with links to the CCP as well and its headquarters overseas in communist China. We’ll never know if anything untoward happened in that process because there is no transparency there. In keeping with that Obama proclaimed he would have the most transparent government ever yet he had one of the most opaque regimes I have seen in my lifetime. All of this has been in the news but, for some reason no one in Intelligence has given a report of what all of these implications might mean to the US Congress. Why not? See the comment about a known communist sympathizer being appointed to head the CIA for 8 years (you can purge a lot of loyal Americans in 8 years. See also: if you missed it above.)

Let’s get back to Cathay Bank. If this were a criminal organization then I would say that the “crime family” has decided that the Biden’s are of no more real use to them. Therefore, they are going to feed them to the wolves as a way of eliminating someone who has become a liability for them. That’s if the CCP was a crime family. But its not. It is a Communist government. So why would a government do that?

We already know that Tik Tok in China is an educational resource that teaches the children of China to help them in academic pursuits. However, the Tik Tok in countries that China has listed as targets or enemies (several generals and CCP officials have identified the US as an enemy with whom the CCP already considers itself to be at war with – check out 5th Generation Warfare if you don’t understand that concept.) So, we are a target of the CCP and an enemy. Therefore, they will be trying to undermine, subvert, and confuse American political response – for instance by using trained agitators to stir up civil unrest in our cities and using Tik Tok to subvert and depress our children and youth. So, why would a government undermine the US President at this time?

I believe that it is because the CCP has identified this is going to be the best time to attack Taiwan and destroy the Nationalist Chinese Government of China (which is currently exiled to Taiwan where the US helped it retreat to after WWII.) China states (at least 6 times a year,) that it considers China to be ONE country and that Taiwan (despite their refusal to submit to Communist rule,) is part of Communist China. They also make it clear (several times a year,) that they are willing to use military force to conquer Taiwan. The United States has treaties binding us to defend Taiwan if that should happen and Biden has indicated he will support those treaty obligations.

This is why the news keeps track of when China sends warplanes over Taiwan or warships into its immediate waters.

I think that China now sees that its best chance to conquer Taiwan in President Xi’s lifetime (something that he has stated is his chief goal as President for Life of the Chinese Communist Party CCP,) is during the confused and ineffective Biden administration. Whoever is elected in place of Biden, whether it is Gabbard, Trump, DeSantis, Pompeo or someone else they are likely to be more effective, organized, and determined than the Biden administration. So they need to move against Taiwan before a new President takes command in 2025. If you wanted to conquer Taiwan would you try it during a Biden administration or risk trying it during a Trump, DeSantis, or Pompeo administration?

China can see that the Biden administration is in trouble. Its ratings are showing record lows in polls and the CCP can read those polls as well as we can. So it is weak. If they reveal information that the Biden “crime family” is further compromised by illegal and unethical interactions (I mean beyond the unethical and illegal operations Biden has already admitted to on National Television,) with the Chinese government they will further destroy any remaining effectiveness that administration might have in responding to war.

Consider this. If they CCP/Cathay Bank reveal information that the Biden administration is compromised in its relations with China, (for instance maybe that the Biden’s received cash in their accounts about the same time they sold our oil reserve to China, or made other decisions in China’s favor and were rewarded with cash immediately before or after such actions, then what will that say about how much we can trust the Biden administration’s decision making in a war with China? Would you want to send your kids to war under a fully compromised President? The American intelligence agencies and military (as well as Congress and the public,) will also be wondering, is the Biden administration acting in our best interests in its response or is it just going through motions so that China can take Taiwan – setting us up for defeat? If Biden chooses not to fight, is that because he is following the orders of Xi or protecting American kids? Even if he does fight is he only committing enough forces so that it looks like we are fighting but he has been ordered to not use enough force to actually stop China? We will have no way of knowing the answer to ANY of these questions but such uncertainty is deadly in a wartime scenario. IF the CCP/Cathay Bank reveals that Biden and his government is engaged in criminal and unethical behavior they will further destroy the effectiveness of the weakest president of the US that I have ever seen in my several decades of life. (Again, this is not surprising when the Democratic advisors during the 2016 Election said that Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every international issue for the last 50 years. Of course, that was when they were sure Biden would not be the one to win the election and they could actually speak the truth. Biden has been utterly stupid when it comes to international issues and he has not made a single decision that I have agreed with in the last 40 years!) Can you name an international policy he came up with or touted that was a good idea?

Perhaps, without quite realizing it, Marx was setting out to create a race of human beings conditioned to think like criminals. – p.30 The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen

I started by saying that if the CCP was a criminal organization it would be sending a message that the Biden’s were no longer useful to the crime organization and other criminal elements could now attack them with impunity.

Marxist Man has convinced himself that nothing is evil which answers the call of expediency. He has released himself from all the confining restraints of honor and ethics which mankind has previously tried to use as a basis for harmonious human relations. p. 31, The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen

However, anyone who understands Communist governments they will know that, for whatever reason, Communist governments act the same way as organized crime and has done so repeatedly throughout history to the point where some political scientists have asserted that Communist governments ARE criminal organizations.

“We therefore reject every attempt to impose on us any moral dogma what-ever” – Friederich Engels, Handbook of Marxism, p. 249.

Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Communists have no morals and refuse to be bound by any morals of society. They have insisted on this since 1848 and when Karl Marx published his writings yet people still manage to be “surprised” when they act without morals or betray their agreements. Such people, who ignore what every influential communist has said since Marx (that they reject all moral judgments and frameworks,) should not make government decisions in a world that contains the Communist threat (especially when Communism has said no Communist government is safe until the whole world is communist and their armies duty is to subvert and overthrow all non-communist governments in the world. This is not my opinion about what Communists see their duty as. This is their words both spoken and written repeatedly over the last two centuries.

“With him, (the communist) the end justifies the means. Whether his tactics be ‘legal’ or ‘moral’ or not, does not concern him, so long as they are effective. He knows that the laws as well as the current code of morals are made by his mortal enemies [government, religion, and the family]…Consequently, he ignores them insofar as he is able, and it, suits his purposes. He proposes to develop, regardless of capitalist conceptions of ‘legality,’ ‘fairness,’ ‘right,’ etc. a greater power than his capitalist enemies have…”

William Z. Foster (an American Marxist) in his book Syndicalism, p.9

[The Marxist] is probably the most insecure of all men in his feelings. Since he believes himself to be an accidental phenomena in a purposeless universe, he has an insatiable appetite to bring all things under his total domination. He admits that until this is done he cannot feel secure. Not only must he conquer the human race, but he has assigned himself the task of conquering matter, conquering space, and conquering all the forces of cosmic reality so as to bring order out of natural chaos.” – p. 31, The Naked Communist.

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  1. I’m intrigued could you go more into the communits machinations of the cold war and how they are represented more strongly in modern society? I feel like that could be a good talking point would it also be possible to go into detail on the difference between the subvertive communits and the marxists in our society?

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