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Surely you have better things to do on the 4th of July Weekend than read my blog. However, on the off chance that someone happens by I want to take time to talk about what we have lost in our country and how we can get it back. We cannot win if we just react to the enemy. We have to hold true to our values. The values that made Western Civilization great.

This isn’t capitalism or free enterprise. Those are useful tools for prosperity however they don’t build civilization. Civilization is composed of our values. Modern values are sickeningly, maddeningly, and immorally radically materialistic. Hedonism, free sex, money, power, and selfishness are not values but they are what we have left after the Leftists have taken away the values of an education based in the classics and the philosophy, history, and stories of Rome, Germania, Nordic Europe, and the Bible upon which all of Western Civilization was built. And God is not a creation of Christianity – that is another lie you’ve been told.

Wait, I hear you say, what of science? Our power is built on knowledge and science. There would be know science if monks, priests, and philosophers hadn’t wanted to know more about the creator of the universe and why we are here. The whole exploration of science began to discover what we could discover of the creator by studying His Creation. (No what of Rome? What of it. Epectetus was a Greek philosopher. Graeco-Roman philosophers did indeed make fun of the gods. Educated people didn’t believe in them. Most philosophers considered God self-evident. That is why Jefferson referred to “Nature’s God” because that bypassed any argument of which God are we talking about? The one who created everything…that one…don’t care what you want to call it. [See also: ofNaturesGod.com – That In Which We Live, Move, and Have Our Being ]

As you know, Freedom Troopers, I use the theme of the United States Cavalry on this blog. I used to watch a lot of movies and nature shows with my Dad and he like horses, dogs, Westerns, and Cavalry movies. So I grew up with John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Clint Eastwood, Chuck Connors, Ronald Reagan, and others; all who played cavalrymen in movies as well as being prominent in war movies and Westerns. So, it was not too surprising when I graduated High School and joined the US Cavalry. Later, perhaps remembering Jack Webb in the DI, I went to Drill Sergeant Academy at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

I think the Cavalry gives us a paradigm to rally around as we resist the doom facing our country. And it is that serious. We, or our children, will see the dominos falling on the collapse of Western Civilization and the greatest civilization the world has ever seen or it will see us lead a resurgence of Western Values that refortifies the good things in our heritage for another thousand years. But we first have to recognize we have enemies who are salivating because they sense our destruction may be at hand.

Take a moment to recommend us to someone who needs to see our message it would help us out a lot. I am looking at ways to monetize this sight to pay the bills but, rest assured, I will never sell your information to anyone, nor will I allow it to be collected, the most you will see is ads to help me defray expenses.

First, let us look at what he have lost just in my lifetime. Leftists made their intention clear. [ See Active Measures – The Subversion of the Good – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth and also Admitted Goals of Marxists in America – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

We have been told today that expert and “kinder and gentler” voices can build a kinder world. Maybe we should consider that the world we had where were all safe was the product of 4000 years of trial in error and that maybe we should have considered that before we made a world where we care more about the rights of criminals than the safety of victims, and pretend male and female is a social construct – when it literally exists in every animal and human community on the planet. We are being lied to by people who want to destroy us. Let’s stop letting fools and liars take advantage of us.

When I was growing up and we were in a restaurant or store we were quiet and polite. Not out of fear but because we knew right from wrong. True, if we used profanity, my mom kept a small bar of ivory soap to wash our mouth out with soap and if we acted out my dad’s hand would go to his belt and he would say, “Do I need to take my belt off?” Unfortunately, the children we used to see scream and throw tantrums in the grocery store while their parents ignored them have now grown to adulthood. But they also fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. So there are two extremes. My sons, veterans of Iraq, grew up with both parents in their life (although we were divorced,) and I remember the manager of a McDonalds come up to me and saying, “I just have to remark on how well behaved your children are. It’s really a pleasure to see that in this day and age.” [That was in the late 1980s. And, although I never used my belt on my kids (once or twice I did swat their rear a single time to get their attention. Once I had it then we were able to talk.) I see all over that Millennials are supposedly unreliable, but my youngest son has never missed a day of work except when he caught Covid a couple months ago. Technically, I am a boomer, but I was born so late into my family I was a latch-key kid and most of my experiences were those of Gen-Xers…but my parents were the WWII generation. We like to talk about generations, but each generation is made of individuals, and mileage my vary. Take each person as an individual and beware of putting them in boxes they might not fit into. That’s why I say Leftists rather than Democrats or some other grouping. Not everyone who votes for them, or even marches with them, is necessarily a true believer. We all have to take responsibility for ourselves. I do believe that a lot of people in the more recent generations got cheated. If you were dealt a raw deal in your family or by your education read my section on What Your Father Should Have Taught You to teach you what I learned that you may have been shorted.

“Yeah, well you want to go back to that?” Beat by a belt or getting your mouth washed out with soap? Let me be clear, I would much rather go back to having my Dad, a World War II Veteran, come into my room and spank my butt with his belt, when I had it coming, or have to drink several glasses of water to get the taste of soap out of my mouth every day if it meant we no longer allowed the screwed-up nation we live in today continue without doing anything. People pretend today as if everything in the past was horrible. That is the progressive lie – that everything is getting better, and we have nothing to learn from the past. Those are just two of the lies they use to destroy our culture.

Consider this. When I was a kid, we had the run of the neighborhood. We were turned out of the house and told to be back as soon as the streetlights came on. If we skinned our knee the first aid kit was in the bathroom; we were to find our parents if we had an accident, and a bone was showing. We had no helicopter parents who hovered over us trying to protect us. Our parents raised us so we could survive in the world without them. When I broke my leg playing with friends at a park 2 miles from home, I rode my bike home two miles because we didn’t have cell phones to call our folks. I don’t remember anyone attacked, molested, or missing in my neighborhood. When I was growing up police weren’t storm troopers using “the law enforcement model” spearheaded by Kansas City in the 80s police followed the “protect and serve” or “community service” model that saw neighborhood patrols where cops knew their community and vice versa. If you needed help, from a missing child to a cat stuck in a tree you could flag down a police officer and they would help you.

My father kept his keys in the car and we usually didn’t bother locking the door to our house at night because everyone felt safe in their neighborhood.

In fact, the door to our cabin didn’t even have a lock and our furniture, microwave, radios, TV, etc. were never stolen. No one broke in or vandalized things. Of course, that was backward Nebraska. I had a friend from Pennsylvania come visit after we returned from the Cav in Europe. He had a bag of groceries and was walking to the door. “Hold on let me get the lock,” I said and ran ahead. He stopped and I took my toe and slid the brick we used to keep the screen door from blowing open aside. “OK, now you can go in.” “You don’t have a lock? Don’t things get stolen?” To which I replied, “Why would they take our stuff it’s not theirs?” He just shook his head. He was, after all, from a more “advanced” part of the country.

Now my dad, did have a shotgun in the hall closet of our house but that wasn’t why we felt safe. The rifle was there for ducks and squirrels not because we needed to defend the homestead from rapists, home invaders, or mentally unstable criminals wondering the streets because our politicians were too cowardly to deal with them.

Today, however, my weapons are ready to defend my homestead. My sons, my wife, and my grandkids, know how to use weapons safely and they all know that if someone breaks into the house that it is stupid to assume they won’t hurt you. The world I grew up in is gone. As our founders said, if “someone will deprive you of your purse you must assume they will deprive you of your life.”

It’s time to say no to the experts. They failed…miserably.

Which is more compassionate? Creating a world where children are so fragile and weak that they need medication in grade school and cannot read or even sit still in class? Or being able to tell your kids “come back when the street lights turn on” and knowing that they would be relatively safe.

We have a world made by what we used to call “commies” and “bleeding heart liberals” and now we are over-run with barbarians who don’t know how to live under “the rule of law.”

We have children who don’t know right from wrong – because we have lost our values and are scared to teach them.

I talk with kids today who seem to think the America of the 60s was an armed camp. In a debate with Matt Taibi and Douglas Murray an idiot Leftist reporter suggested the in the days of Walter Kronkite no one talked to Jews, Blacks, or Women. “Listen you sanctimonius idiot,” I wanted to say, “I grew up with Walter Kronkite on TV and I also grew up listening to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Brezhnev, Arab-Israeli War, The Shah, and nearly anyone else you can think of on TV as well. Because news wasn’t controlled by idealogues who only talked to their own group. There were only three networks and they tried to appeal to everyone they could and that meant they really did have to try to be “fair and balanced” and not just pay lip service to it.” But I guess the race riots and the anti-war demonstrations make better viewing in “history” class but that was just stuff that you would see on TV sometimes in the big cities and the truth doesn’t help the Leftist narrative. In my neighborhood we all played in my friend James yard because his little brother was in diapers and couldn’t leave the yard. The cities in America have always been crappy. (Even in the American Civil War there were draft riots in New York City were they opposed being drafted in the Union Army. The “good free people” of the North lynched blacks because “the war against slavery and the draft was their fault…but even then it was white Christians who helped the blacks in New York City to escape the godless mobs. You know they were godless because they were drunk and protestants in 1800s America didn’t drink and didn’t play cards.) The American Civil War ended the balance between states and the Federal government and we are told the myth that was a good thing. General Lee, whose father was General Washington’s cavalry officer, told it truly:

Remember, what I said about the Ten Commandments? One of the goals of Communists in the 1950s was to remove the ten commandments from every state house and every school. Guess they did that pretty good. Some people blindly babble about infringing on religious freedom but the Ten Commandments are largely the basis of Western Society and fit pretty well in Rome (except the No other Gods before me” part,) still respect for the Divinity, respect for the nation, respect for parents, don’t steal, don’t screw your neighbors wife, don’t fantasize about screwing your neighbors wife, don’t lie, and don’t want to take your neighbors stuff. That is the basis of every stable society in history.

I posted in other places about stated goals of Communism, and how the reason you can’t fight these liars on the issues is because the Issue is never the issue the issue is always the revolution. They don’t engage in politics, law, or even discussions honestly because their only goal is destruction. Oh, they claim it is compassion, and many weak brained, big-hearted people have believed them but take a moment and look around.

How’s that workin out for you?

Removing the basic underpinnings of our society, including the stability of a two-parent household (thanks feminism and an unfair judicial system,) has destroyed this country. Weak politicians elected by a weak willed and immoral citizenry paved the way, and its time we stand up and stop it. That’s where the cavalry comes in and it’s where YOU come in Freedom Troopers. We need to face these troubles with the spirit of the cavalry. As Errol Flynn says in “They Died With Their Boots On” :


We can fight this decay and stop the coming dark age by reclaiming our values and the values of a classical education [see also Who Stole Your Education? Were You Indoctrinated in Ignorance? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth and The World Built In the Last 150 Years Is Broken – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth and Awaken the Lions! Have We Been Domesticated? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth]. I’m not talking about the antiquated teaching methods of recital and memorization, although they do have their place. Remember, I am not only a Drill Sergeant, but I went to teacher’s college to be a social studies teacher until my practicum experience convinced me High School was broken (jack of all trades kinda guy although I prefer the term Rennaissance Man). The method isn’t what I’m talking about but the classical foundation of our culture. Concentrating on writing, math, and science sure as hell won’t fix it. Only if we teach the classics and people learn where the values of our society come from can we fix this.

“To Be Fair…” No more of that shit. If you haven’t figured it out yet maybe you are a little slow but the enemy has no intention of fighting fair. For Over a hundred years Leftists have used our free and open society against us. They couldn’t make much headway as long as people knew the Declaration of Independence, the writings of the founding fathers, Thomas Paine, Mill, Marcus Aurelius, Henry David Thoreau, Abraham Lincoln, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

People talk as if everything in the past was bad but that’s just more lies. Just like the lies and myths of colonization. In nearly every case the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations that used to be the British Empire are richer than their neighbors who weren’t part of the empire. The myth’s about colonization can’t effectively explain why these nations continue to remain in the commonwealth if their experience was so bad.

Likewise, the suppression of truth and the revision of history is a crime against humanity.

It seems today that no one wants to say that the blacks who were brought to America by slaves generally have a much better standard of living than those who live today in Africa. You won’t find many teachers today who even know, let alone will teach, that Abraham Lincoln’s plan was to free the slaves and send them back to Africa. That is where Liberia came from, it was bought by America to resettle the freed slaves but they didn’t want to go. “We’re Americans,” Frederick Douglas and a delegation of black leaders told Abraham Lincoln in the 1860s. “This is our country.” Instead, we are told that the suffering of the blacks is due to slavery. That avoids the truth that over 80% of black families in the early 1900s (over 50 years after slavery,) were two parent households. It was only after the Leftist socialist policies to “help” the blacks began that the black family began to disintegrate.

America, like the black family, can no longer afford the “help” of Leftist government policies.

You have been lied to again and again so let’s stop talking about “being fair” because they have not been fair with you and if we don’t draw a line and say not only “no farther” but we are retaking lost ground and people are going to experience consequences for their actions; only then will we have any chance of creating a world where our children can be safe again.

Its not only the black family that the “compassionate” leftist policies have destroyed.

The Japanese didn’t invade America because Admiral Yamamoto said there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass because all America was armed…more people had guns at nearly any other period of US history than today but here were no school shootings. Why? When I was growing up teens would go to school with their rifles in the gun racks in their pickups so they could hunt after school. There were no shootings. Why? Because we had a stable society and a common culture then.

Interesting how we have trouble finding data on how many school shooters were on “medication” or how many were raised by single mothers. We have a penitentiary in my town…just a few blocks away by the Fort actually. I asked a guard what’s happening today, and he said, “single mother’s.” I thought the conversation was interesting, but I need data. Data indicates that there is, indeed, something wrong with some kids raised in single mother households. Kids raised in single mother homes have a higher crime rate and arrest rate, higher drop-out rate, and make less money than those in two parent homes. That’s not two surprising. My folks taught me both men and women are essential in a family because they look at things differently. What was truly surprising is that the income, arrest, violence, and crime rates for kids raised by single fathers looked more like two parent homes than like single mother homes. I think I know why that is but we can’t address that here. I am working on that one.

Also, the Communist myth that crime occurs because people are poor or oppressed is widely accepted today, without any good evidence. Sandy Ocasio Cortez (if she really cared about colonialism wouldn’t see change her name away from that of a Spanish Conquistador who destroyed the Aztecs?) who tried to say that mobs were stealing TV’s, phones, and make up in Chicago’s flash mobs because “they were hungry.”

The point is that the communists met their goals in destroying our family relationships and their goals in destroying so much more.

All this is straight from Karl Marx. But not everyone who espouses these are Marxists. Many are what the Marxists themselves call useful idiots. People who are duped with good sounding words to help them tear down the society that they have targeted. [See Active Measures – The Subversion of the Good – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

No one has personal responsibility they teach. Everyone is a victim. Sound familiar?

All the problems of the world are caused by religion and capitalism/colonization. I have written before about being careful about adopting a simplistic conspiracy theory to make all your decisions on but that is exactly what Leftists do. As if they were going to eat the cell phones they stole or as if burning cars got them food. When people were hungry in old Britain they were arrested stealing food for their family.

It’s time we treated these liars like the disingenuous destroyers of civilization that they are or recognize that they are useful idiots who are either too stupid or too brainwashed to see reason. the issues they raise are not real. They are destractions to tear at the fabric of society. “Saving Democracy” to them means ushering in the communist workers paradise. That is why they riot in France when free elections that vote the way they didn’t want. “Saving Democracy” is another slogan that means nothing to them – at least nothing to the true Leftists.

I used to think that everyone could be made to see reason with a good argument but if that was true armies would have died out long ago. The truth is they only argue to help tear down the society and cause good people to doubt. When that doesn’t work then they shout down their opponents or do whatever they can to silence them or to keep them from even talking. IT was Churchill who said, “The next time Fascists resurface they will disguise themselves as anti-fascist.” Sixty years later…enter: ANTIFA.

Speaking of Armies how about the Cavalry? How does the Cavalry help us face this constantly morphing Hydra?

This is what happened to Hitler. He faced Communists with their own tactics because he knew only force could meet force. Schopenhauer once said that Ford was the Primus Occupans. A Primary element. That is why nothing else can overcome it. You cannot reason with force, or appeal to its better nature. That is a myth. Once force is unleashed it must be matched and overcome. We need to appeal to it on its own terms or it will devour us. We may not like it but that is a truth proven over and over again throughout history. That is why the murderous, violent, and intimidating Marxists have only been successfully overcome in nations where they have an established foothold by fascists. The fascists met them with their own power. God-willing we can avoid our Republic falling to a dictatorship like Italy, Romania, Spain, and Germany did when they were fighting their communist enemies. Only nations who have had significant external military and economic aid (like from America,) have been able to defeat communism without having to meet them with their own violence – and America isn’t coming to our aid…unless it is a resurgence of the ideals of the founders.

We are facing, and have been for over a hundred years a world destroying philosophy [Marxism] exacerbated by cowardice, weakness, and the gullibility of weak-willed politicians our Republics have been weakened. The spread of democracy has allowed poison-tongued liars to manipulate the masses even as our founders warned us it would if we ever spread our suffrage so far that we became a democracy instead of a Republic. they new well that every Democracy died, and died quickly and chaotically. Today, we get to live through the Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times.”

Marxism is destroying our world and our deviation from our Republics principles is facilitating it. They WANT to destroy our world, it isn’t an accident. Remember, Marx favorite quote up above was from the very mouth of Satan: “Everything that exists deserves to perish.” That’s everything. Including your children, parents, and grand-children as well as your favorite game store or restaurant and if that doesn’t wake you up then there may indeed be no help. It is long past time where we need the Cavalry to come riding over the hill with bugles blaring.

Freedom Troopers, as members of freedoms cavalry your job is to defend the best parts of Western Civilization and our our freedoms from an unyielding onslaught that is killing us one compromise at a time.

Maybe you aren’t in a position to defeat our enemy. That’s cool. The cavalry almost always fights outnumbered, but we’re still expected to win. If you cannot defeat the enemy right off, don’t give up. We have other options. First, you must find and close with your enemy and let them know you are there and they can no longer act with impunity. When you stand up so will others and you can gather your own squad of Freedom Troopers to act in your own town to make a difference. The enemy must be able to do nothing where they can escape your watchful eye and vigilance. Once you find and contact the enemy than you must slow, confuse, impede, block, repulse, block, or do anything else you can to defeat the enemies intentions whether in political debate, talk at the water-cooler, or in court or public demonstration. Remember evil loves the darkness and hates to be exposed for who they are.

As for anything good. The very foundations of Western Civilization, the family, honor, morality, truth, honesty, valor, pietas [see ] patriotism, faith, education, and philosophy you must screen, guard, defend, cover and protect our ideals, our comrades, and any allies fighting the same foe…even if we don’t agree with them on everything. And, because we are cavalrymen we do it with a style, dash, aggressiveness, and panache that others just don’t have.

Today, we are allowing millions into the US and into Europe who are barabarians. They have not lived in a country where the rule of law reigned, they don’t respect law and authority, and they are constantly rebellious burning, throwing rocks and poop, bombs, and makeshift explosives and firebombs, smashing and destroying and the media lies and describes the riots that hospitalized or killed over two hundred police officers as “peaceful.” Don’t be controlled by the liars. Keep your values close, your weapons clean and ready, and don’t be gullible. Remember the mission of the cavalry and take it upon yourself to form your own Freedom Squads of Freedom Troopers into some new Sons of Liberty. A Liberty Corp that won’t allow all that we have to slide into the dustbin of history just because a theif, and a liar, calls you rascist or deplorable. We know we aren’t racist…and if you are…get over it.

In America its not our skin color its our ideals. The ideals founded in the Declaration and the Writings of Thomas Paine and Jeffeson, as well as the writings of the Bible, Marcus Aurelius, Epectetus, Seneca, Cato, and nearly every tail of heroism ever told.

Freedom Troopers, cavalry troopers are ready to do whatever it takes any time anywhere. When I was stationed in Germany during the “cold war” (interesting how every year people died in that, including every year people being shot trying to flee from Communist countries, not to mention the Red Brigade and other communist backed terrorist groups – and Islamic terrorists that were killing Americans, Europeans, South Americans, Africans, and Asians. It was only “cold” for some,) we had an impossible mission but we trained for it regularly and it was the mission we were assigned. This mission to save our civilization is not too much for us. And it is in the Spirit of the Cavalry.

Freedom Troopers. I think we need the Spirit of the Cavalry if we are going to save civilization. Over and over again in history the cavalry has been given “impossible” missions and we did it anyway. At Gettysburg, the 1st US Cavalry Division delayed the entire Confederate Army until the Union Army could reach the field. We need to engage, delay, confuse, and stop the enemy, until the rest of America and the West wake up and take to the field. That is the way. That is why I need you and why I call you Freedom Troopers.

Yes, I really think it is that dramatic.

We may think that our foe is powerful and huge but the whole idea of America and our militia system was that of a swarm. England had the biggest army and the biggest navy and the richest country. But they were swarmed by the hive of militia and even a powerful animal can be brought down by a swarm of stings.

Before the communists started lying to our children, we ALL knew that no one was perfect. It’s the communists who spread the lie that heroes needed to be perfect because they knew they could tear them all down if that was the standard. Marx told his followers to make us try to live up to our ideals until we become discouraged. But that won’t happen if we keep our eyes on our goal, our heroes, and our ideals, rather than on our failures. My sons know that a hero is someone who has overcome his own faults and despite his own weaknesses he or she stood for what was right and made a difference in their family, their community, and their nation. No matter the odds. A hero is the one who acts when others shuffle their feet and look around for someone else. You can be the hero. All you have to do is choose to be one.

The hero may fall. But he gets up again. We are not alone. Not only other Americans today but Washington, John Paul Jones, Winfield Scott, Patton, Eisenhower, and everyone who once fought for liberty and to preserve our freedoms will stand with us. Let’s hope we can defeat them with Truth, lawfare, speaking truth to power, and refusing to give up. A battle without resorting to arms. But if there is no other way to preserve our country then we have sworn to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies foreign and domestic. I believe that if we are not naive and foolish that right makes might and we will come through. We revere the Stars and Stripes and bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

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