The Truth of Thanksgiving

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Hello Freedom Troopers of SabersEdge Association and everyone else. Happy Thanksgiving to a confused world. Wow. Youtube’s Search about Thanksgiving produces pages of misinformation about revisionist history and the whitewashing of the thanksgiving storytelling about a hypocritical celebration of tyranny called Thanksgiving. The odd thing is that there IS a revisionist history about Thanksgiving that we all need to be aware of. It is the story that misrepresents the Pilgrims, ignores Squanto’s story, and re-writes history in a Marxist Socialist construction of a diatribe against colonialism and domination that has nothing to do with the first thanksgiving. In fact, at every turn, every complaint about America comes from the times that we failed to live up to the ideals espoused by the first settlers and the Declaration of Independence. Ironically, too many Americans, educated to be historically ignorant (by a corrupt and twisted system,) blindly accept the revisionist presentations of Thanksgiving and the faults of the founding fathers, and the supposed hypocrisy of America ignoring the fact that we were the first nation founded on the idea that the rights of individuals were equal to or superior to the rights of the government. That their rights came not from the fiat of government but from God. In nearly every example where young people are complaining about the failures of America I could point them NOT to the Declaration of Independence, nor the original Constitution, nor the writings of and papers of the founders, but to many ill-conceived and pernicious amendments to our constitution that were not as well thought out and far-thinking as the original document.

I say they weren’t as far-thinking but perhaps they were. The amendments after the Civil War, while not entirely espoused by evil status quo totalitarian counter-revolutionaries of our powerful intellectual and economic oligarchic elite, fundamentally changed this nation from a Jeffersonian Republic to a centralized Republic that consolidated power in the hands of Washington D.C., the Federal Government, banks, and large corporations (at the time manufactures and railroads.) We traded the horror of chattel slavery to remake the ideals of a free Jeffersonian Republic into a centralized American Empire where work was done not my chattel slaves but by wage slaves of every color. In fact, the early Republicans opened the floodgates to bring in almost triple the amount of immigrants of previous years to fill the cities (not with much needed diversity,) but with European and Asian immigrants who were desperate and would feed the machine with their labor as the wage slaves during the worst parts of the robber baron era of capitalism.

(Here is an Amazing Story at how the ideals and faith upon which our culture is based reigned in and transformed one of the worst manifestations of greed by realizing the power and meaning of our ideals:

Now, before you throw things. Capitalism is the best engine to promote human freedom, spread the wealth, and pull entire nations out of poverty that has ever existed. But, what I call Amoral Capitalism is an unrestrained capitalism that embraces nothing but money, materialism, and consumerism. For generations, this was kept under control by our culture and Judeo-Christian and Roman moral foundations (the Pietas I spoke of here: The culture of morality was taught in strong families that ate together and talked around the dinner table, in churches, and in a classical education where people were taught to read and to think through reading the classics of the Romans such as Tacitus, Marcus Aurelius, Cato, and Cicero, (and so many others,) and Greeks such as Socrates and Thucydides. At every turn, we communicated to our children the meaning of the founding documents and thus communicated our ideals to new generations.

Public Education controlled by a centralized government (although it sounded like a good idea at the time) turns out to have been one of the catalyst killing our freedom and our culture. (See: for more info.) We shouldn’t be surprised. America is a rebel people. America’s ideals are rebellious, independent, and free. All my life the Confederate Naval Ensign (wrongly referred to as the Rebel Battle Flag) was used in this way. It was a statement that “I am an American! I will NOT do what you say just because you tell me to do it!” (I realize that with much propaganda it has come to mean something else but when I made a wrong turn and ended up amid a KKK parade and rally in Louisville in the 1970s it was not the Rebel Flag they carried it was the American flag they waved everywhere. And it has always been that way as the KKK tried to hide their racism behind their self-proclaimed patriotism. The Rebel flag represented either Southern Heritage and courage against indomitable odds or it represented defiance against authority. This is why our Public Education, media, and the other tools of the Consumerist Materialist Oligarchy that now dominates the US had to destroy that symbol. They have lied that the appearance of the Battle Flag in Southern states’ flags was in opposition to the Civil Rights Movement. Do you know your dates? The Civil Rights marches were in the 1960s – this IS the same time the changes to the flags occurred. But they were NOT a tool to suppress blacks they were in response to the President’s call for every state who was involved in the US War Between the States to find some way to commemorate all of the lives that were lost (of every color) in a terrible war that ended slavery and, paradoxically set the foundations for ended our freedom as well. The 1960’s may ONLY be important in Communist elitist history as the Civil Rights Movement but historically it is also 100 years after the start of the Civil War and the President noted in his speech that we were in danger of losing the memory of the war and all its horrors and we needed to erect monuments to the conflict so that future generations would be warned of the brave men who died and the cities that were utterly destroyed because of that war. So that it would NEVER happen again.

Despite all of this hypocrisy and undermining of America’s ideals, we ARE the greatest nation the world has ever seen. The people who complain of systemic racism, sexism, and a multitude of other -isms would be well advised to travel the world (and by that I DON’T mean traveling and never leaving the luxury hotel area of a dangerous country,) and see how the majority of the world lives because most of the world lives in various levels of misery and oppression that come, not from colonialism, but from current oppressive regimes that are happy to use colonialism to distract from their malfeasance. The problem, of course, is that people who have grown up believing all these lies of American injustice and oppression have tried to bicycle, hike, or otherwise travel through some of the countries that are ACTUALLY racist, sexist, anti-LGBT+, and they have died or disappeared because of their naivete. I remember seeing a video of a young couple traveling to Iran and sending back videos saying “These people are not our enemies! They are nice just like us!” Unfortunately, I later saw the couple’s pictures among a list of CIA spies arrested by Iran and threatened with execution. They had been confused by the media propaganda. We don’t hate Persians. The current government of Iran hates America and our lifestyle. Had the media been honest about this how many more would be alive today and not unwittingly ventured into horribly dangerous areas? (See )

But we are alive. And that brings me to what I wanted to say when I sat down to write this (before I found all the battery of misinformation and the rewriting of history. We have so much to be thankful for.

We live in the greatest nation ever conceived. A nation of, by, and for the people. Students used to know that this was the American Experiment. To see if a people could govern themselves and from our example, Republics have sprung up all over the world based on either our constitution or a constitutional monarchic parliamentary model such as England. But even so, this is not the norm for the planet. If we don’t keep our eye on the things we should be thankful for. If we forget the ideals upon which this nation was founded with the pietas and morality of our forefathers as a foundation, then we will usher in a time of unprecedented tyranny and darkness envisioned in 1984, Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, and other cyber-dystopias that would be the WEF’s dream world. A careful reading of their website reveals that these are the type of worlds they are trying to build for us. A dream for them where they eat their Waygu Beef at 50$ a pound and we common folks eat soy and bugs. We have a limited window for stopping this dark vision. But we can only do it by being aware of the problems but holding fast to the foundations of freedom, liberty, and individual value that is the heritage of the Western World.

Let’s use this Thanksgiving to rebuild family ties, remember the blessings of being an American, and recognize the challenges we have yet to overcome. Challenges that are, unfortunately, multiplying rapidly.

If you are unclear as to the differences between a Jeffersonian Republic and the image that created before, during, and after the Civil War you can watch this video. I don’t post it to debate the cause of the Civil War. Rather, it is one of the better contrasts of the Jeffersonian vs. the Lincolnian ideas of the nature of our country. And, it does outline what the Confederate leaders thought they were fighting for – defending the ideals of America (and they did not mean slavery – although they did mean State’s Rights which did allow them to continue slavery – it is NOT why they fought. Millions of Americans would not have rebelled to protect slavery. To protect the Constitution…that is another matter. The Confederate Constitution is very very close to the original. )

One of the things we have to be thankful for (OK 2 counting Morgan Freeman of course it uses a young woman when Mr. Freeman would get me to click on it sooner.):

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