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We Now Live In a Totalitarian State – Much of Western Civilization has Fallen. Not to a Dictatorship But to a Totalitarian Bureaucracy and choking web regulation that Controls Every Aspect of Our Lives and Commerce. Our Freedom and Free Enterprise is Being Slowly Strangled to Death.

Due to several factors, I have been unable to reach my site to update it. I apologize to any who have come here and not found new material. I was writing but I could not post it, now my scheduled posts have been pre-empted by this one. I was unable to post not through any problem of my own but because the bureaucracy and web of entanglements erected to “protect me” have actually been created in such a way that there is a stranglehold that stifles my efforts and cut me off from my own website, “for my protection.” My attempt to create a new option for inquiring minds, a new business to promote education, and a new choice for people who have had enough of the false dichotomy of left vs. right, must now fight against a bureaucratic resistance that is not actively opposing what I am doing rather, it is opposing anything new as possibly being “unsafe.” Our “safety first” culture has reached a point where it stifles economy, culture, communication, life, livelihood, and even thought.

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I apologize for the length here but bear with me here, this may be the most important idea for us to understand in our time. It is complex and has many components and its cumulative effect will destroy everything good about us and may have already destroyed our educational system and culture.

This problem doesn’t affect those with enough money so the elite don’t even acknowledge it exists and they busily work to make it worse. People like that blindly support those in power and tell themselves everything is great. Nor does it affect the large business and multi-national companies who can pay the price the government and political special interests levy upon everyone in our societies as the cost for doing business. Were I rich, I could hire lawyers, technicians, and advertising personnel to work out all the details and allow me to simply produce the material that is my area of expertise? And I never would have had this issue. Be aware that the examples I give are just drops of water in an endless sea of decisions and bureaucracy. What examples have you encountered? Share them in the comments and let’s see how big this is.

This doesn’t only affect me and my website. Modern America has restricted many areas of opportunity. While there are still people who can start a business in their garage and make millions there are other fields that have been so regulated that they now require such an extensive network of “experts” to successfully navigate the deathly choking regulations and “protections” that exist that the “big boys” don’t have to worry about competition because they have built a tanglefoot network of regulations that protect their profession from anyone who won’t or can’t “pay the price of admission.” Again, it affects the poor and powerless the most. These regulations may have been created with good intentions but, as the saying goes, “The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions.”

Yeah, I use a lot of wise sayings. Because they are everywhere relevant. This one means that things that we do as people, although we may mean well, can have very negative consequences. It can make life “hell” for others. In this case, the “safeguards” do more to stop entrepreneurs, charities, and new businesses from being successful than they actually “protect” anyone. And it is unnecessary because people who know who they are and who are mentally healthy can pass through life safely and make their own decisions. They have “agency.” By agency, I mean that they can make their own decisions and decide what is best for themselves. Generally, we know best what we need because we are the only one who is with us all day/every day.

This tendency to deny people’s right to make their own decisions is characteristic of totalitarian societies such as communist and fascist governments. We now, in the west, have erected totalitarian bureaucracies that remove our “agency.” They, in effect, have decided that they are smarter than we are and know what we need to do every day and in every way to “live a happy and healthy life.” But do they? Can they? How could anyone make all these decisions for others who live a thousand miles away in very different circumstances? But no one in our government makes all our decisions. We don’t have a dictator we’re free. We don’t have a dictator. But that doesn’t mean we are free. Every agency and bureaucrat makes decisions that, when these thousands of small decisions are all put together, have big consequences and control every aspect of our lives. That is what totalitarian means. It is when government affects every aspect; the entire totality of our lives.

This became even more readily apparent in many of the methods used to deal with the recent health crisis, they were mandated by “experts” in the health field who had no idea what their measures would do to the economy, mental health, child development, education, and fragile small businesses because it wasn’t their area. They did what too often happens these days in that certain arrogant officials are given control because there is a problem but because they only know their one small area of study and are clueless about how the whole system works they are clueless as to the harm they do. Apparently, they never learned humility, or the warning contained in the phrase that “The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

Taken together, over so many areas and so many different fields of endeavor, these methods have choked the life out of the American economy, decisions that make sense in isolation; intended to fix one problem, create a dozen other problems because the rules are not well thought out. No problem, we will make a dozen more rules that are not well thought out. And the problem multiplies inexorably, strangling American businesses and opportunities, and has made the lives of the poor and middle classes “hell.” But the upper middle class and elite who holds the reins of power and have the money and time to work for special interest groups have no clue about the extent of harm that they do to the common person. The cumulative effect is choking America.

When I was a pastor there was a small cafe that tried to open in a small town so that people didn’t have to go elsewhere to sit and have a cup of coffee or get lunch. It was the only place to eat in town, the only other option was to drive miles away to another town. Some people think that everyone who owns a business is rich as if they get to keep all the money they take in. This shows they do not understand anything about economics or business and that their school failed to teach them anything practical. This owner, after paying all of her licensing, taxes, and other requirements actually took home LESS money than did her waitress and her cook who both made minimum wage. All this because expenses and the licensing fees, taxes, and other aspects of the bureaucracy sucked up all of her profits and left her with practically nothing. After a year of struggle, she did what others had done before her who had tried to open and operate that cafe. She gave up and went to work for a large company that could deal with the bureaucracy, waste mega-dollars and time, and still stay in business.

In my experience this past week, the “automatic” protections that AT&T has put in place to protect me from possible “spam” sites saw my new site, which had little or no history (because it was new,) as a possible threat so it blocked it. This happened once before. I spent days on the phone, on online chats, and exchanging emails with “customer service” I kept track of what it took because it was “for business.” I spent 12 hours total dealing with customer service people who too often were working off the same script as the people I had talked to previously who had failed to help me – because it wasn’t in their script. Repeatedly, like machines, they went through the same ineffectual steps over and over again. They either had no initiative or no experience to handle my problem. I finally got someone who could listen to my problem, understand it, identify it, and fix it and they did so within a couple of minutes after I explained my problem. Would that they were the first person I talked to. What I didn’t know is that this “feature” designed to protect me from dangerous sites, was capable of “turning itself on.” It turned itself on again and, once more I was cut off from SabersEdge.Online. This time I asked her to tell me exactly what she did to fix the problem and she told me how to fix it. “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, teach them how to fish and you feed them for the rest of your life.” Now I know how to fix it. Carolina returned to me my “agency” so that now I can take care of the problem myself.

Everywhere, in a thousand little ways, the government and businesses are stealing our agency and making decisions for us. It works “most” of the time. And because of that, they don’t care that it makes life hell for others who have interests that don’t blindly follow the crowd. Today, in many places, we are not even allowed to defend our own life. If we are attacked, fight to survive, and live then we are charged with wrong-doing and have to prove in court that we were “justified” in fighting to stay alive. ANY society, that is so convoluted that you can be arrested for exercising your instinct for survival is a society that is so antithetical to basic biology, nature, and natural law that it is doomed. Because, while we may be able to avoid justice in the convoluted legal systems of modern nations we cannot long avoid the consequences of violating the laws of nature. The 4th Amendment ensures that we are secure in our homes, our papers, and our possessions but bureaucratic laws have denied us those rights in thousands of ways from the Patriot Act to Administrative Law. Both can strip us of our rights and our presumption of innocence at the whim of the government. Farmers are told that the government owns their land and crops and can control them as they will. But it is not just farmers. The government can now enter our house and take anything from us and the best we can do is hire a lawyer and try to get it back (if the government didn’t destroy it in the process). This type of behavior is specifically listed in the Declaration of Independence as to why Americans rebelled against England, but we have now created the very government that our founders rebelled to gain freedom from. They had refused to serve saying that such governments made “slaves” of their people. So, we freed one race in 1865 and transformed every one of every race into wage slaves who, if the government or a mega-corporation decides, are no longer to be granted the rights promised in our constitution and Bill of Rights. But we have been too long educated to be slaves and we no longer demand freedom. ( See Who Stole Your Education? Who Stole Your Education? Were You Educated or Indoctrinated? – SabersEdge )

Totalitarian societies always explain this in the same way, “It is for your protection” or for “the good of the whole.” But they can never give us clear evidence or statements that prove that we do, indeed, need that protection, and the history of the last 60 years demonstrates it is NOT for the good of the whole because in the last hundred years we have constructed a society that is markedly less free and less safe than it was for our forefathers. Increasingly, we have to employ a lawyer to even demand an explanation of why they are denying our rights or to prove that the government policies and regulations are causing harm. Then they kick in the Four Dog Defense to protect themselves. It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that the government is not interested in justice. It will refuse to admit it was wrong and fight individual citizens in court hoping to bankrupt them and get them to drop the case because they cannot afford to pay the ongoing legal fees. Why the government is free to waste millions of tax dollars it stole from the people to tie up our quest for fairness and justice in court and deny us fair resolution. This is just one more facet of the tyranny our government exerts (see also Propaganda, Lies, Corruption, and Misinformation – SabersEdge )

Beyond this malfeasance, the laws created to protect the consumer have been revealed to protect “big business” from the competition. Laws “to protect the consumer” may sound good but they require bureaucratic paperwork, compliance, and licensing that new businesses and people who have exciting new ideas cannot afford to pay for. So society loses out on these ideas. Unless they are “bought out” by a large corporation that thinks they can re-work the idea for a quick buck. Meanwhile big, established, mega-corps keep a battery of lawyers on payroll to navigate, and spend the time dealing with the legal and bureaucratic stranglehold the government has put on nearly every field of endeavor, every business, and even our options for recreation, leisure, and what type of light bulbs we can use to regulate us into oblivion. In every case, “subject matter experts” who represent the big businesses who have “made it” have “helped” government make regulations and, in so doing have constructed a strangling web of entanglements that prevent any new competition from rising to challenge their dominance. If you look at government agencies they are administered by a web of bureaucrats that have ties to special interests or big business (like environmental groups, big pharma, big tech, or the arms industry.) The Food and Drug Administration (and other three-letter agencies,) now have boards of directors that look like a whose who of big business interests as their boards and key positions are filled with former execs of the very businesses they are supposed to regulate. And, these reps from mega food corporations have spent decades creating a web of regulations to choke out the family farmer and allow them to take more control of their industry. Even though the natural foods we used to eat were better for us than the processed, empty food we eat now. Like the Dept of Education which has caused American test scores to drop every year of its existence in education, in nearly every field bureaucrats choke out American creativity and possibility “for the people.” But the road to hell is paved by good intentions and so, it seems, is the road to tyranny.

We Americans have been so eager to avoid a king or a dictator that we didn’t realize that we were building a totalitarian state that would, in their hundreds of thousands of cumulative laws and regulations control every aspect of our lives, limit our freedom, and create administrative law which presumes we are guilty until we prove our innocence, and removes our personal “agency” and the responsibility which we must all take for our own lives and actions. All this, as they insist they are trying to “take care of us.” Doing it by limiting our freedoms, our options, what we can read, what we can think, what we can say, what we can do, what we can buy, what types of products we can use, and, even what we are allowed to do with the things that we own. There is a Roman proverb: “Live your own life, for you must die your own death.” But in our Western Nations, and many others, too often we are no longer allowed to make our own decisions to live our own lives as we see fit. This is not freedom but too many people who have fled to this country from stifling dictatorships think they are free because the police are not kicking in doors and killing the inhabitants of homes or apartments. Yet they are in some big cities. But it doesn’t get in the news unless it is a white cop and a black victim. Then it fits the narrative of the four companies that have managed to own over 90% of our media and fits how they want to manipulate us.

Again, I apologize for the length but this problem has been growing since we formed our government and a problem that has grown over two hundred years can not be explained in a single page. That is why the founders made it hard to pass laws. We bypassed these safeguards by creating “regulations” that didn’t have to be debated and passed by our representatives but are created by bureaucrats who don’t answer to us. Another aspect of tyranny and yet another point listed in the Declaration of Independence explains why real Americans once rebelled to win their freedom. Freedom that generations later we have already lost leaving it to future generations to have to rebel again to win it back. Hopefully, they can do so by rebelling in elections through the ballot box. But history has repeatedly shown that tyrants won’t give up their power willingly, in fact, they will kill or unlawfully imprison people to keep it. I believe we are seeing this today.

Your life is important. Don’t give it up to “experts” just because they tell you you don’t know anything and “can’t fight city hall” or “the man.” Don’t give up your agency to people who are far away and have never even driven down your street or seen your block, just because they work in an agency. I have worked for the government most of my adult life. They are not some great, wise, mass of “experts” that know better than we do. They are just people who make mistakes as we do. Only their mistakes can ruin whole businesses, cause thousands of deaths, and destroy acres of land and they are protected in their hubris and arrogance by lawyers hired with our tax dollars. The whole concept of America is a government of, by, and for the people, and our whole nation was built on the idea that the people are more powerful than the government and can make their own decisions for their own lives better than someone thousands of miles away who have never lived in their neighborhood or, in some cases, have never even had to get gas, go to the grocery store, do dishes, fix dinner, do laundry, or pick up their own room because they have their servants do it. We now live in a totalitarian bureaucracy that is run by the elite and they have no idea of how real Americans live and work. Your life is more important to YOU than it is to anyone in your government and you need to take it back. As the sign in my cube used to read, “Together we bargain, Alone we Beg.” Join SabersEdge Association and support us together we will make a difference. The Cavalry is coming to save America. Mount up, draw sabers, and ride with us. ( TROOPER’s ASSEMBLE The Cavalry Is Coming! Mount Up and Ride With Us – SabersEdge )

I discovered this video after writing this and have now added it to this post. I apologize to those who read this before and missed it:


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