Is the Nature of Male and Female Unclear?

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Let’s talk a minute about the basic human organism. It is, after all, who we are. And if we don’t have a clear idea of who we are than we are well and truly frakked. So say we all.

This is not a deviation from my discussion of communism but since Neo-Marxists of today continue the Marxian tradition of warping science to their own purposes let us clarify what is clear and true. Also, we must remember that according to Marxist doctrine any idea, group, or force that undermines the existent society and government is its friend. Its purpose is to destroy everything that is so it can create a new utopia – or so they believe. Because of their goal they will lie, cheat, steal, and kill as all of it is a small price to pay for paradise. What better way to undermine society than to call into question one of the most basic building blocks of every society on earth, human and animal, the concept of male and female.

At some point, we will talk of Foucault’s fantasies which are so important to the modern Neo-Marxist and nihilist agendas. All of these will be aberrations that do not survive the test of time because lies can not long endure as an ordering principle of humanity. They collapse after tens, scores, or at most a couple hundred years. Which is but a blip in the timeline of the history of humanity. That is why any ideology which promulgates lies must burn books, suppress truth, and ensure that its adherents are not capable of looking backward into history to test the hypotheses presented – just as modern Neo-Marxists and other Nihilists are doing.

As in all mammals, there are gender differences and science, at least science that is real and not operating in service of an ideology or myth, is clear on this. It is interesting to me that the very people who accuse others of being science deniers regarding climate change themselves have given rise to a fad that denies the undeniable and established scientific fact of existence: that most advanced life is divided into male and female. And ALL mammals are so divided. (There is a one in millions aberration that occurs in some but the difference between a male and female is clear even before a child is born and it occurs in such a large majority of cases there is little to no point in discussing the exceptions unless you have a political dogma and deny science as a source of knowledge.)

Nature, as in everything, is key. That is the scientific reality and the denial of scientific reality indicates people and ideas that are stuck in the mid-twentieth century with the unisex ideas that predominated psychology and sociology then. Ideas which science has since utterly debunked. However, the writings are still out there and anyone who reads them, and doesn’t bother to check the biological and genetic studies that analyzed those theories they can, and have, think they are still valid. That is the problem with too much psychology and sociology (as well as other “experts”) they know their own field but fail to look at other fields of knowledge that could prove or disprove those theories.

I remember reading a book about a psychologist who went through college in the 60s. It was entitled: The Alchemy of Love and Lust. She, like me, was educated with a unisex idea that anyone could do anything and that gender roles were socially conditioned. She wrote: I was determined that my sons would be raised in a more enlightened manner. They would play with dolls. They did play with dolls. My boys used them as weapons. It was then I realized that there was more to male and female activities than just social norms. That is why I wrote this book. To examine the chemistry of hormones and chemicals that affect our sexual and mental development and their effects. she started out immersed in an idea of sociology that was popular in the 60s. That there is no real difference between genders except having kids. This idea has resurfaced over 40 years later but is no more true now than it was then.

In some ways, the science of the 1700s and 1800s had a step up because those scientists were multi-field generalists. they were curious about everything! I was talking to a nurse last week about the medical field, she noted that in the older days, there were general practitioners that would take in all the information and then refer people to specialists as needed and coordinate the information provided by the specialists. Now the specialists are all in different offices and no generalists coordinate information. Therefore important health information is lost between them. This happens in every field, not just in the medical and psychology fields. We have built a world governed by experts. Reality, however, is an organic system in that all parts interact in a mutually dependent whole. No wonder we make such dramatic mistakes when we don’t come together to seek the truth.

Although the philosophies of the last couple thousand years have put a lot of emphasis on the mind they did not know to understand conclusively that the minds (as well as the bodies,) of men and women develop differently. Some of their development is determined by environment – social conditioning (we learn a great deal through imitating others learning masculine and female social roles by observing our parents, and also our social environment in both our family and surrounding society, which all affects our ability to learn, to trust, and to cooperate.) Likewise nutrition (it is clear that poor nutrition adversely affects mental and emotional development just as good nutrition facilitates it,) the lack of food also has social factors and, if not augmented by an environment of care, love, and demonstrated affection it can make a person more anti-social. There are other factors and we won’t try to go through them all for they are too numerous to innumerate in this blog. Suffice it to say that everything we experience becomes a part of us in one way or another. Another key factor is our bodies themselves. Hormones determine whether our brain develops in a predominantly male or female manner and not only the brain but how the body develops is noticeably different. So different in fact, that the bones of a dead person can be exhumed centuries later and the archaeologists can determine whether that person was male or female just by examining the skeletal remains. Clearly males and females are not the same and what causes their difference is not just environmental.

In males and females from birth through puberty (even before birth,) there are already differences between men and women that allow you to determine what sex they are. This is not a guess. You can live and a thousand years later they can dig up your bones and, no matter how you are identified, the archaeologist can tell you whether your bones belonged to a man or a woman, a boy or a girl. Despite clear differences in body and brain development, and clear differences across societies and species in male and female general actions and behavior there are science deniers out there who will tell you there is no clear difference between the sexes. As said before this is an old, and dis-proven idea of the past.

That is key. The difference between males and females is clear and scientific. That clarity is scientific and, as stated, apparent even before birth. As always, some ideologies and dogmas desire to deny science, and some scientists who seek to primarily serve their ideologies instead of honestly inquiring and advance knowledge (which would make them anti-science scientists,) can be found who will deny well-founded research and knowledge. Today this exceptional fantasy gets an unprecedented amount of airplay and some, otherwise intelligent people, are being taught that doctors look at a newborn and “guess” as to whether it will be male or female. An utterly unscientific heresy that modern science deniers are promulgating. No one would have attempted such unabashed lies to a generation that was well grounded in reality and nature but that leaves millions who have lived all their lives in cities and raised in government dominated child care at a disadvantage today – cut off from nature and any grounding in reality.

However, an understanding of reality reveals that life is, and always has been, a struggle to survive. Because the West has grown so rich and powerful this truth is obscured by the relative safety of our society and civilization. But it is as true now as it was for the cavemen. Anyone who has been in a war zone or major natural disaster knows that the veneer of civilization is thin and often will not last beyond three missed meals. In any struggle to survive and thrive an organism cannot afford to be self-deluded, as our society today seems to be. If you don’t view life and living realistically then your chances of survival diminish drastically. There are people today, some of them in power, who claim to believe the world would be better off without humanity and the world is overpopulated. I say the “claim” to believe that because every one of them if they believed it, would have it within their power to remove from the earth one person. Yet they do not do it. Instead, their idea is to remove you because they consider themselves to be more important and, somehow that is unclear, to be necessary for the survival of the species. Yet they think the species is a curse. Their very continued existence proves they are liars and don’t really believe that, instead they are nihilists who seek to destroy.

As I said, if you want to pull out the building blocks of civilization so that it collapses and needs to be rebuilt what better way than to remove the most basic building block of all: Male and Female? A basic concept so universal that it is in every mammalian species and embedded in the very nature of every language but English. Only English-speaking people could make sense of “gender neutral” when, in other languages, gender affects the very ending of words and the nature of the words themselves. The rest of the world should laugh it off the stage – as it deserves to be.

I believe we should learn to live in harmony with nature. If we can, I believe, that it will increase our chances of survival – both individually and as a species. I also believe we need to be on other worlds and, since our government has dramatically failed to do that for us perhaps Elon Musk will do what he can to ensure our survival as a species, male and female.

The binary nature of our species is one of those things that both science and the Bible agree on. Maybe they are more right than an unscientific fad based on Neo-Marxist dogma.

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