I Have Changed My Mind About Trump and Elections

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I have watched news shows, editorials, and read articles about Trump and politics for years. Yet, I am now noticing that every major Democratic Candidate has a series of allegations regarding financial fraud, business, and quid pro quo that hint at major investigations. However, I have seen major investigations follow Donald Trump for over a decade and the only thing they can come up with are a few misdemeanor charges, that generally don’t even include jail time, regarding some business expenses. Oh, and those charges have exceeded their statute of limitations so, legally, they cannot even be charged in our court system…if our courts were just.

Why is this?

Why do Democratic candidates seem to be surrounded with shadowy allegations of wrongdoing that are never prosecuted and for more almost 8 years Trump has been surrounded by investigations that have spent literally millions of our tax dollars to gather evidence that have only proved that the allegations were false. Worse than that, they have shown that the false allegations themselves (regarding the one about Russian collusion and others surrounding those frakkin’ lies,) originated from key players in the Democratic Party.

Now I am not saying Republicans are saints. But at least they pretend to be the good guys and to do things legally. For most of the decades that I have been alive I have repeatedly seen that even the rumors of wrongdoing (unproven charges!) have resulted in the crash of the campaigns of Republican candidates and charges against Democrats go un-investigated or ignored. This has gone on, for most of you, since before you were born.

In the last decade or so I have seen powerful democratic Senators and Congressman retire or die. One was a black man who was heralded for all he did for the poor (despite the fact that through front companies he owned real estate businesses that were accused of “paying off” health and welfare inspectors in his slum leaning tenements.) Another was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and his eulogy was given by President Clinton. But apparently facts don’t matter to Democratic voters. They like good words but don’t care about what really happens. And, when it comes to words if what they say is not popular they just change the meaning to something that works for them. As an investigator, it looks to me like the whole system and both the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee are corrupt to the core.

When I was in Junior High and High School my Social Studies teachers had a section of class called “current events” and we had to contribute to that discussion or our grade would be effected. It was intended, and for my account it worked, to get students to pay attention to the news and what was happening in the world.

Let me tell you a story that started back then and didn’t end for a couple decades after – fortunately, I paid attention to details. In the late 1970s there was a Democratic congressman from the Carolinas (I don’t remember if it was North or South Carolina,) there were awful rumors of an affair between him and his young and beautiful secretary (he was married with kids.) There was a lot of “smoke” indicating that there may be actually a fire there. When his secretary mysteriously disappeared during the investigation it was so suspicious that congress kicked him out of congress because the entire affair (no pun intended,) made all congressmen look bad. He was kicked out of congress in disgrace. That doesn’t happen very often because our politicians are not easily disgraced. Things that would make normal citizens hide their face in shame doesn’t seem to bother most of them at all.

A year after he was kicked out I noticed that he was re-elected and ultimately (I believe,) he became a Senator but in any event he had a long and storied history representing the people of the Carolinas. It was after he retired from law-making, had died, and a construtction company was digging up a parking lot that this congressman’s construction company had poured, that they finally found the bones of his secretary. Apparently, someone had buried them in a parking lot the day before this congressman’s construction company had poured the concrete for the parking lot.

Oh, investigators suspected some trouble. They even tried to have the parking lot dug up. However, lawyers blocked it in court because there was “not enough evidence” to warrant the expense.

What got me most was that not only were these allegations known to voters but that the Democratic voters completely ignored them. Do they even know who they are voting for or do they just look for the D and vote for any murderer whose name happens to be listed there?

Had this happened to a Republican the rumors alone (at least in the 1970s) would have been enough to end the man’s career.

This is the problem.

Republicans seem to care about wrongdoing and they want justice. Democrats, although they talk about it a lot, they don’t back up their talk with their votes. I remember a Republican in an interview. He said Democrats what to vote in new programs and new spending plans that claim to do a lot “for the poor.” But when Republicans talk about checking to ensure the money from these programs is actually helping the poor only “some” Democrats are interested in those investigations but most are not. Ensuring that the money actually goes to the poor is not as important to them as having their name in the headlines “doing” something.


To Be rather than to seem. That is a foreign idea to American Politics and, from my experience, especially the Democrats, where they prefer to SEEM to be something rather than actually BE. Some entire families seem to live in this way. It doesn’t matter what they really are as long as they look good to the neighbors. Maybe that’s where Democratic voters come from.

Now I have been both Democrat and Republican in my life. Lately, I have found both parties to be lacking in integrity and effectiveness. Democrats don’t even pretend to make sense any more and most Republicans are cowards who support the status quo that got them their position. They all seem to talk a lot and not do anything and I refuse to vote for anyone who is all talk…I am still trying to live down voting for Michael Dukakis…but we all make mistakes. At the time I was overly influenced by the lies that I knew his opponent was spreading regarding international politics and relations (because at the time I had access to TOP SECRET SCI access in a SCIF,) and while I THOUGHT Dukakis may be a liar I KNEW that his opponent George H. W. Bush was not being honest with the nation.

I could not stay Democrat very long because, as I have said, I expect those I vote for to actually produce results and the Democrats time and again seemed to be all talk. Oh, they talked a good game and said all the nice things that sounded good but none of them seemed to mean it – or they were so incompetent they couldn’t deliver. But they did have good ads and propaganda something that Republicans seem completely clueless about.

One thing recent history, evidence of quid pro quo, money laundering in election campaigns, and what I see as large scale fraud around the Clinton’s charitable organizations (not to mention their critics and informers having a bad habit of turning up dead – having allegedly committed suicide by shooting themselves twice in the back of the head…or hanging themselves after shooting themselves twice in the chest with a shotgun…if you have never looked into these matters I tell you as a criminal investigator those are NOT suicides – whatever a corrupt judge or coroner may have ruled,) has led me to believe that while Republicans may be corrupt no one who is long associated with the Democratic machine can avoid corruption. All together, the corruption of our “leaders” both elected and appointed in Washington are so corrupt we need someone who is capable of coming in and doing a wholesale house-cleaning to clear out “established” swamp dwellers.

The only one I see who may do this is Trump. Last time he was ineffective but he was the best President in my 62 year life span that actually did keep his campaign promises and the ones he couldn’t keep he tried to. That is impressive because I have lived through 15 Presidential terms of office and the one I am currently experiencing is the worst I have seen in my life. Congratulations President Carter you have finally been delivered from the Worst President in my Lifetime Seat. I have never seen an administration as incompetent and corrupt as the Biden Administration and that is saying something. You have to remember that President Carter was attacked by a Rabbit and had to be defended by the Secret Service. It’s hard to get more incompetent than that. Carter was fishing, you would think he could have hit it with an oar. But fortunately the Secret Service is armed and could protect our President from killer rabbits with “big sharp teeth” as Monty Python and the Holy Grail once said. Our current President can’t even sit on a bicycle or make it up a flight of stairs or find his way off a stage without help. Again, elected by Democratic voters.

I am beginning to doubt that any Democrat could be elected in a fair election by a one person one vote ballot in which suspicious mail in ballots were all thrown out and where “ballot harvesting” was illegal. From what I have seen in the past ten to 15 years this is their standard operating procedure. Then there is that town where supposedly EVERYONE voted for Barack Obama. I don’t know about you but it is hard to have a Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner where EVERYONE is voting for the same candidate but we are expected to believe an entire town did? Where was this systemic racism in that town? I thought every white person was racist and most of this town was white. Of course, that trope was killed by Obama in the first months of his Presidency, before someone talked to him and told him he had to support the narrative. I remember him being asked about rascism in America right after he was elected President and he responded,

“Well, actually, I was a black man BEFORE I was elected President.”

I loved that he said this, clearly what the interviewer wanted was for him to go off about rascism. However, it didn’t last and he quickly changed his tune. Most people today don’t remember the panic that spread through all the organizations that made their money on “racial issues” until they decided that the election of a Black President, against all common sense and evidence, had nothing to do with the rascism in American. Well if you don’t allow facts to impinge upon your beliefs then you are not living in the same world that the rest of us have to live in. But it is not just politics that is corrupt today.

This is the world we now live in and it is not going to change unless we all become involved in local, state, and Federal elections and hold our judges, prosecutors, and politicians accountable for their decisions. I must confess that most of my life I voted only in National Elections. I just wasn’t concerned with local issues. But it is local prosecutors and judges who are prosecuting demonstrators in front of abortion clinics, people defending their home and family from intruders, and NOT prosecuting violent criminals, corrupt politicians, and ANTIFA terrorists. I now know how important those elections for judges and prosecutors and other state representatives now are. You can bet I will be voting, from now on, in ALL local elections and I will be looking at the voting record and conviction records of the judges and proscecutors just as much as I pay attention to national politicians and presidents.

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