Snow White and the Man Who Killed Disney

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Snow White and The Man Who Killed Disney –

Disney used to be an American Icon. It was the home of our most innocent dreams and a haven of safe, family-friendly entertainment. Its name was synonymous with the magic of storytelling and the power of dreams. But Disney is in trouble. It has been struggling for a while but it recently lost 79 Billion in market capital. All this as many of its properties, from movies to theme parks, continue to experience unprecedented losses and lack of popular support equaling a loss of money.

As the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger undoubtedly brought financial success and expansion to the company raising its value from around 48 billion to 257 Billion at its height in American dollars. However, on a closer examination, we find that his pursuit of profit and change in the direction of Disney properties may have come at the cost of the thematic dream that made Disney an iconic brand and American byword. Let’s delve into how Bob Iger’s decisions led to the dilution and betrayal of Disney’s thematic dream and what could have been done to safeguard the legacy of Walt Disney.

Understanding the Dream of Walt Disney

In the end, Walt Disney wanted to make the world a better and more positive place. He saw hope for the future revolving around strong families and stimulating the imagination of children to wonder and creativity as he knew that these children would grow up and build the positive future he envisioned.

Walt Disney always regarded Micky Mouse as a kind of alter ego as the little guy who was always put upon but made it in the end. “If at first, you don’t succeed try try again.” He viewed Snow White as the epitome of his achievements and a blueprint for his other films all of which were all about how the hero or heroine must accept responsibility for his or herself, come to terms with the struggles of life by slaying the dragon or overcoming the evil witch, marrying and establishing a family and living happily ever after. Thus tying in with the core values of Western Civilization as foundational while striving for the future.

But more than that. These are not only the values of Western Civilization they are the only values that ensure the continued existence of humanity, civilization, art, philosophy, and everything else positive that we have achieved and if everyone embraced this task perhaps we could defeat the dragons that plague our society.

How much of that reflects the Disney of today?

Let’s look at the latest fiasco and today’s Snow White and how much it is out of touch with the themes of Disney – the antithesis of his apogee of creativity.

Disney has adopted the empty rhetoric of caring that characterizes modern leftists. This empty rhetoric of caring is betrayed by their actions and this can be seen around Snow White and the Seven Magical People. Apparently, they changed the name and canceled the dwarves out of concern for people with dwarfism and, in so doing, denied seven magical jobs and career-building experiences, to people with dwarfism – who have limited opportunities in movies to begin with.

As for Dwarves, they are mythical creatures. Because people with dwarfism remind people of these mythical creatures so their condition was named after the myth. People with dwarfism are called dwarves but they are not mythical creatures they are men and women; the movie was never about Snow White and 7 People with Dwarfism. While people with dwarfism may have been confused for “real dwarves” long ago they did not inspire these tales. People with dwarfism do not “spring from the Earth” as Gimli said in Lord of the Rings. They are born the way all humans are.

I recently saw a talk show where Piers Morgan and a Disney rep were talking about excluding actors with dwarfism from the roles in a major Disney movie. The reason for this was that Peter Dinklage commented that he found the title offensive, as he has dwarfism. Yet, he is one of the most famous people with dwarfism in today’s society precisely because of his cinematic portrayal of someone with dwarfism in Game of Thrones. So Disney, now ever vigilant to “defend the rights of the oppressed” canceled the “dwarves” thus denying seven actors with dwarfism what could have been one of the best career-building roles of their life. That is the left’s compassion.

Although Both Piers and the rep both insisted they were concerned with the rights of those with dwarfism the guest persistently attacked Piers for his stance and adherence to “unfeeling” and “patriarchal” attitudes as Piers repeatedly attacked the guest for his superficial rhetoric of caring that actually had denied seven people with dwarfism from getting roles in a major Disney movie. Neither of them was there to have a discussion they were only there to attack the person with opposing views.

However, there were supposed to be three people in the interview. One of them happened to be the only person who actually had dwarfism and whose opinion probably should have been heard. However, they never let him talk.

In their arrogance both Piers and the Disney rep never letting the dwarf actor speak. This is a trait of the fanatics on both sides of the culture war and normal people are caught in the middle. They repeatedly traded barbs with each other cutting the actor off or speaking over him over and over again. He repeatedly assumed a bemused smile as he was never able to finish a sentence. No doubt he was used to being “talked over” because of his short stature (no pun intended – I noticed it when doing the edit.) I thought this was ironic since they were refusing to let the man who actually HAD dwarfism have a voice as they argued over the rights of people with dwarfism!

This is endemic to our sick society today. LET THEM SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! Repeatedly, white leftists shout down and cancel icons like Aunt Gemima and Native American symbols wiping out all references to their traditional culture as they insist they are “caring” about them but who are not themselves present in these demonstrations and actions. As the Leftists canceled various “indian” symbols I remember interviewers asking multiple Native American chiefs what they thought. They all seemed to like that they were remembered in those institutions. That is the last time I remember the media actually asking the people they were “helping.” I guess they didn’t get the answer they wanted so they stopped asking. It is all a cheap grasp for a societal status and moral turpitude without having to do the internal work to actually develop morality, real status, or moral turpitude. And they don’t care who they have to walk over to demonstrate their “compassion”! Like the poor man who never got to finish a sentence.

In this case they repeatedly cut off a man with dwarfism and marginalized him in their argument over his rights and was symbolic of the entire social justice movement.

But from what he did get into the conversation he seemed disappointed that others, in speaking for his community, had denied him and other actors the opportunity to try out for these acting jobs. This is the empty travesty and tragedy of modern DEI and “compassion.” As it rolls forward in its crusade its wheels crush the very communities they purport to protect metaphorically repeating the destruction of armies of both sides in the historical crusades that burned and killed the communities they battled over. And Disney has sided with these destroyers of society.

This is exactly opposite of the vision of Walt Disney. They have turned Disney upside down.

Note again, this is not a race! It is a condition. People with dwarfism can have children who are “full sized.” Eliminating “the seven dwarves” only hurts the chances of actors with dwarfism. Actors who cannot easily play “full sized rolls.” If they really wanted to help people with dwarfism they would add to the positive image of Dwarves built upon by the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and rename Dopey and Sleepy into something more positive. The original tale never named the dwarves anyway.

Another thing is using a darker-skinned beauty to portray Snow White. As my son said, “Wasn’t she called Snow White because her skin was as white as snow?” It was. Despite the fact the actress is very beautiful she is not the Snow White of a North European fairy tale.

This is all just a symptomatic of their entire attitude. They are more interested in placating the verbal Leftist fanatical minority than in preserving the customer goodwill that had made Disney great in the first place, or even in actually helping a minority community.

This is just one example but every beloved property touched by Disney or its connected companies (Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disneyland, etc.) has seen similar treatment. Next, Disney War, Part Two of Snow White and the Man Who Killed Disney where we look at the financial decay and other problems of Disneycorp.


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