In Critical Times We Must Stand For Justice

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Justice Is Our Responsibility No-One Elses – Now Is The Time.

It has been said that in daily life we should train one’s mind and body in a spirit of humility and honor so that, in critical times, you may unite body, mind, and spirit to be devoted utterly to the cause of justice.* In case you are not paying attention, look around. Now is the critical time. But we all have in our veins the blood of heroes and the DNA of survivors has been passed down through our ancestors to us.

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We Must Enter the Fight

“But what is the fight?” I hear you ask. It is not surprising that so many don’t even realize there is a fight when they rely on media owned by the very people who have created the world’s problems. They don’t realize we are already in a fight for survival in a world on the brink of chaos. But keep reading SabersEdge and find a path through this with us. It is not a conservative solution of just going back to where we were. Because where we were got us to where we are. And it’s not the Neo-Conservative solution of turning our lives over to mega-corporations and the wealthy experts to form a one-world government of the greedy to rule a “paradise” of conspicuous consumption for the ignorant, the deluded, and the brainwashed. And it’s not the leftist solution which is, oh… the leftist solution is essentially the same as the Neo-Con solution but they with the caveat that they trust the rich, who control our governments, to ensure that Green Energy and climate change are in the safe hands of those very same experts who created this mess in the first place. It’s not surprising the solutions of the left and right look so similar when the people with money are funding both of them.

The fight is to wrest power from the hands of these megalomaniacs and myth-makers who have polluted the planet, are starving millions, destroying food, and have stolen our rights, and our children’s education. It is a fight for the future. While they are relying on their media to ensure we don’t know that people are struggling against them already; hoping that we don’t even notice we are in a fight for survival that requires power to change hands from the self-satisfied powers that have ruled the powerful nations of the Earth back to the people.

Do you see a pattern here? The people who created the problem are promising to save us if we trust them. Those who only follow “reputable media” only hear that view because so many sources censor every dissenting view as misinformation checked by “independent” fact-checkers. All major media outlets are owned by the rich and powerful and therefore protect their interests. They prefer that we argue among ourselves whether Fox or CNN and MSNBC or one of the legacy news sources is better when the truth is that 90% of the media in this country is owned by only four companies (fact-checkers will point out 90% is a lie – without telling you that the percentage is actually higher and I was rounding it off.) But if you look at these “independent” fact-checkers identities you will find most are the same journalists and editors who are feeding you the lies in the first place.

I am reminded of Dr. Campbell of England being censored and declared false, after a careful presentation of government-produced data, by “independent” fact-checkers who were all journalists and not a medical degree among them. Likewise the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, Dr. Malone was silenced by non-medical “fact-checkers” when he questioned statements by the government and authorities. For years I have tried to point out the “inconvenient truths” that weren’t being covered in mass media on my Facebook account. I cut through the spin and lies by digging out the truth garnered from watching news put out from several nations, multiple reports, and data, filtered through my training in military intelligence and lifetime of government service to those who would listen. But so much of my research and analysis was silenced in recent years, so I built the SabersEdge Association and this website of SabersEdge.Online because people need to know the information that is being willfully kept from them by the rich who own and operate their media. SabersEdge is for those who will no longer live by lies and want the truth that is out there.

But Aren’t We To Listen to the Experts?

We are only meant to listen to the experts the rich approve of. The ones that reinforce “the message” of these corporate-owned media and government pets. In my life, I have watched news go from giving an unemotional presentation of both sides of an issue to only producing propaganda and using emotion-packed words that predispose you to think “their” way about whatever they are talking about. And all too many people seem to be falling for it. Or they were. Now the lies are so egregious and the effects so severe people are waking up.

“Just buy Teslas”? That reveals their mindset. The poor people don’t matter to them at all. The people who are struggling to feed their families and keep their homes are advised by these “compassionate” people to get a loan and buy a $50,000 vehicle so they don’t have to pay for high gas costs and then the “compassionate” congratulate themselves they are “saving” the planet?

“It’s necessary to save the future.” Claims Thanos, Hitler, Lenin, and every other megalomaniac in history. And it is what the radical left is saying today. The natural result of these policies, so nicely dressed up to sound good with official words, is an implementation that means mass famine and death. Meanwhile, the comfortable, arrogant, “enlightened” folk are happy to pay higher prices doing their part to save the world as people die. All the while simultaneously frequenting media that blocks and censors videos and accounts which would show them the deadly, violent, and poignant struggles of those around the world who are unsuccessfully struggling to survive the policies and people that they are keeping in power.

If all this seems like hyperbole you haven’t been paying attention. But even if you are paying attention, as I have said, you must be aware of where you are getting your information from and who is paying for that message. If I have been too subtle let me be clear: All of the major news networks that are considered legacy media are owned by the millionaires, billionaires, and elites who are behind the World Economic Forum and the “Great Reset,” “globalism” on their terms, and other things that they prefer we think are “conspiracy theory.” But we are no longer following for it. Thus the meme:

Anyone who checks out the World Economic Forum and the sayings of the rich and powerful and translates them into simple English realizes the danger we are in. See the explanation of Jordan Peterson’s video at the end of this post as just one of the voices calling them out on their insanity. But, like lemmings, the world is rushing to obey even if they mean running off a cliff. Instead of saving the environment, they are giving total control to the governments and “experts” who made the world like it is in the first place. Trusting the people who broke it to fix it.

Unfortunately, history has shown us over and over again what happens when the comfortable ignore the hungry and say, in effect, “let them eat cake.” The starving revolt as they did in the horribly violent French Revolution. The rich, supported by the media and governments they own are bringing us into chaos.

But SabersEdge is looking for a way through this chaos and out of it. Could there possibly, in our lifetime, be a more critical time for us to stand up, resist, and make a difference? I don’t see how. What the hell are we waiting for?

Many of us have played games where we battling evil to save the world. First person shooters, or fantasy games where we are battling monsters to save the world. Yet the monsters are real, they are wealthy and protected by the stormtroopers of the Empire. The world needs “rebels” and heroes now! Is there any greater evil than philosophies, dogmas, and fanatics who claim to be saving the planet while daily working for the extermination of hundreds of millions of poor and suffering around the world? Is there a better cause to save yourself for?

NO! Together We Are Strong and We Can Defeat the Criminals Who Built This Mess!

The scriptures say: “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness as an ever-flowing stream.” while the Gospel of Luke says we must all “speak the truth in love.” Finally, the Psalms tell us that if the watchman sees the enemy approaching and does not alert the city the deaths of those in the city will be upon the heads of the watchman and not the people themselves. Meanwhile, if that same watchman does alert the city and no one responds their deaths are on their own heads and God will hold the Watchman blameless. Meanwhile, the Romans had another saying so long ago. Magna et Veritas, Et Praevalabit. The truth is mighty and will prevail!

In daily life train one’s mind and body in a spirit of humility and honor so that, in critical times, you may unite body, mind, and spirit to be devoted utterly to the cause of justice.*

These quotes explain, more than anything, the raison d’etre for SabersEdge Association. Join us in the causes of Justice and ignore the attempts to turn us against one another and waste our lives in petty bickering. There are major issues to be solved and it is only together that we can build a future for all of us that is worth living in. Send this blog to someone who is looking to build that future and make a difference.

* Next blog I will tell you where this quote came from.

Jordan Peterson’s Video Illustrating Much The Same Point. I was encouraged when I saw someone else saying, essentially the same thing. And he brought the receipts!

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